Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ravan's Sister

Ravan’s Sister Somtiti (Surpanakha)

How uplifted soul, Rishi soul, soul of Suns Ram was! Having come here he again uplifted the world and fragmented the ego of Ravan and then fixed the limits, boundaries. He is accused of cutting the nose of Ravan’s sister Somtiti. This one action even a general Kshatriya can not perform. It one is possible that he told insulting words to her and considering these worlds insult cutting nose was told to this incident.

Name of Ravan’s sister was Somtiti. She came to Dandak forest for wandering. She wished that she should choose Ram her husband. Ram said, I am already married. Choose your husband to Laxman.”  This one statement of him was of course according to the situation. Laxman said to her, “If there is any mother, father or brother of  you, say them for your marriage. We are very young, trivial Kshatriya sons. Why do you come to us? We are unable to arrange your marriage.” And in anger this one too said, “Are your parents died?” When he spoke it, she felt insulted. She had ego of her brother Ravan and her nation a lot. For the insult she herself cut her nose. And she made a conspiracy and made it so that her insult might be known to her family and may destroy both of them. She made so great conspiracy to destroy both of them but her own family destroyed instead.

According to Manu Maharaj and some mantras of Vedas it is described that ‘If a devkanya (girl) declines on persistency and when it become impossible to be performed she uses to perform this kind of act.

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Anubhav Sharma

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  1. Surpanakha's real name was Somtiti. She was a rakshasi of only name. She was a girl like found now-a-days not a dangerous, having long teeth and horns rakshasi. Those persons were of misconduct that is why were called Rakshas, Daitya. Actually who fulfills the need of only his own body is called Daytya (Dehposhak).