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Purification of Mind by Sita

Purification of Mind by Sita

Because of erring once Sita said to Ram, "O Prabhu! Let us not perform yaga.
He said, "O Site! These words are not dignifying your mouth. Because this mouth of yours, this too is an alter, speaking dirty words are not dignifying you. O Devi! We need to perform Yaga because it is a supreme work of a human being. Laxman said, "Mother! Why did you tell it today? I could not know it." At that time Sita thought. Some food from palace of Maharaja Nishad was sent to which Sita ate. In Nishad's house that food was sent from house of a goldsmith where yajna was never performed. Attacking by this thought Sita did not take any food for approximately five days. Having passed his life with only water, on sixth day she took food and purify his mind (thinking power). To purify his/her mind, likewise, is called a great yajna.

Resolveful Sita

It covered the night. Ram and Laxman were taking rest having made their bed to mountains. To the place of these three a lion came in this dense forest. Mohter Sita thought, "I myself wife of Ram, it is not my law to awaken him. If I will awaken Laxman, he is just like son. It is the rule of dependency that we should not awake who is there in deep sleep. Now should I be a sinner or should become the food of lion myself. So Sita said with the feeling of goddess, "O lion! This I know that we have taken shelter in your place. This one forest, is your house, but it is not your virtue that to the guests who have come to your home, you make your food. This is not your lionship." Like it, when sita prayed by heart, sense organs as well as mind collectively with deep feeling, it made an effect on the sub conscience of the lion. Maharishi Balmeeki has told, "The lion then left the way and approached to the other path."

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