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While writing, Maharishi Balmeeki said that Lord Ram when got exile, it was not any fault of mother Kaikeyi. It was order of Rishis and Munis(sages). In his childhood, Vashishtha Muni told Ram, “O Ram! This one Ravana who is being a devil, who has arisen anarchy, lawlessness, you will have to conquer him and there you need to spread your culture. Bheel and Dravidas who lived in dense forests, Lord Ram owned, accepted them and after owning he lead so much fine, beautiful path because mother Kaikei had said that he must have development well everywhere. There was no fault of mother Kaikei. Vashishtha, Vishvamitra, devine sage Narad, Som and Lomash etc. made her decided it. This was the thinking of Rishis, Munis, Brahmins.

There were great scientists like Nal, Neel with Ram. There was a great scientist like Laxman with him. Help of Rishis, Munis he generally got as Bharadwaj, Anveshni Rishi, Pakush Rishi, Pippalad, Kraketu etc. use to help him at appropriate time. Bheelni was a contemporary very great scientist. By devotion of Ram she had remembrance of very high beauties and crafts. After owning, accepting as own and by advising with Rishi-Munis Lord Ram fought with Ravana and conquered.


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