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Goswami Tulsidas

Goswami Tulsidaas

When the Yavans (Muhammadans) destroyed all the great schools, then Goswami Tulsidaas came here. He did several actions here and delivered knowledge a little. That poor was not so prudent but his poetry was great. Because of charmful poetry (stanza writing) the society accepted his delivered tasks.  Spreading of religion also took place.

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Anubhav Sharma

(Will be declared as Bhavaanand in Future and Ramanujam in Past] )

(Declared by an unknown inspiration just like Shringi Rishi)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mahaatma Muhammad : Part - 2

Mahaatma Muhammad

In future age it happened that followers of Muhammad attacked this land of India and got victory. Here their reign began. What was acted in that reign I don't want to describe that speech full of disgust. I want to explain you a little that their character, their history show it if they might not have anarchy(arajakta), there were no cause of their departure from here.

What these Yavans did? Snatching the dignity of Mothers (mothers/sisters/daughters/wives of others) making their own effect was their work. The custom of their nation went on. There was not a single Emperor in their dynasty who had been scholar/hermit. who had tried to make the nation  uplifted with his insight to learning. If rest is concerned they reigned for too much long time. Why it was so? It's reasons are the same what we find in modern age. On some places, conflict of languages, at any other place conflict of humanity. Hark! when society becomes selfish, human being use to be dependent certainly. If a human being has his own culture (Sanskriti in actual) , no cause of any kind appears that may demolish our scholasticism.

See here, in the very beginning the followers of Muhammad brought a selfish person Mohammad Gauri. The book made by Muhammad has only one echo and that is 'who do not follow me, kill him.' Have you ever fancied these words? No, Never. Muhammad gave them only a single lesson. Actually, he performed some modifying tasks even. But he gave a statement "who does not accept, look him with the sight of a 'Kaafir' and hatred." What is the reason of it specifically? Non completeness of thoughts and religion. Where religion has non completeness, the feelings do not match. Where feelings, thoughts do not match selfishness does not end. How can the humanity have existence there? Muhammad taught only a lesson, "Be nationalist today, protect the nation." He did not consider the religion as general (with broad mindedness), he considered nation as general. The wars are fighted on the boarders now-a-days with the very feeling of broadness of nation. They all have the voice of Muhammad with them. The selfish persons did not understand their duty well as well as their actions. At any place a person is being killed, and at any other place other is busy in the use of his wealth and worldly things. A mother's dignity is being snatched and other mother is busy in worldly pleasure. The age which further came, when Yavans came here, then as Muhammad married thirteen times, similarly followers of his thoughts, what they acted, moved the world to the lowest by these actions. The mothers, sisters of us used to be very scholar (Vidushi). The ideal of great Seeta was in front of them. But because of vanishing Learning, the learning of Mothers vanished. The Jainis had made to ashes our great libraries and had broadcasted ignorance in the society. To mothers huge pains were given and the misconduct with them, all made this world to the lowest. 

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(A speech by Mahananad Ji, a jeevan Mukt Yogi Soul, pupil of Shrngi Rishil)

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Anubhav Sharma

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mahaatma Mohammad : Part - 1

Mahaatma Mohammad

Bhagwan! In further time there became a Yavan. In fact, he was definitely a Yavan as you have told in teachings of Vedas. Having taken birth in a very low conditioned house, he had the desire to be a king. Abubakra was his friend but he made him his follower(Antut) and made several ministers pupils. Having made the pupils performed wars and at last he possessed the nation. It was the ignorant age, there was no learning there. Bhagwan! when he became the king he wrote a book and put it inside a tree named 'Aaswaati'. Then he gathered the specifically chosen great peoples of the nation and said, "O Brothers! The God has given me his look and he has given me a library to which I want to make uplifted. Now accept these statements of mine."  He described that tree then. Those peoples cut down the tree and saw that the book was there same as he had said. They believed it. O Gurudev! 'Paahi Manah Vaache' his thoughts that were written in that book opened in front of the  common peoples. They thought it very lovely and accepted the description of Muhammad. So the Yavan (Mohammedan) doctrine established.

He O Bhagwan! started attacking other nations. What a great darkness (ignorance) came to the world! After the period of one month war, Muhammad won the nation of Yunaan. In that war they would fight in day and at the evening he would say the warriors, "O Brothers! You should take the food at night and in whole of the day you must fight." They would eat the food twice at night. They made a community of it. Gurudev! it is a very lovely statement. What should I say? They would pronounce it Roze (fasts). It was the period of war. Those Roze began. Bhagwan! What a time it appeared! You may be feeling a great pain because you have seen the philosophical society in which society a human being gets a huge development.

To whom is called Mahaatma Muhammad, his life was full of nationalism. For killing Yahudis in which nation the tasks were performed, there, Muhammad took birth then. There human being was away from love and used to perform several hateful tasks. Where human beings have the nature to make others their dependents, there any one or some other lovely person definitely enters. But after being a nationalist he moved himself towards hypocrisy. He started delivering hypocrisy. He made a book and put it inside a tree and by any means by fascinating peoples of nation the possession of thoughts of the book was made. When a person holds a nation, possession of that one on the peoples works automatically. I don't see Mahaatma Muhammad with the look of a sage. I use to say Muhammad was a man who was a little reformer for nation but when character and greatness is concerned, or the place of a sage is asked, he does not seem to me charming. I (Mahaatma Mahanand) have been a truth and accurate speaker as a tradition.  Muhammad married thirteen times in his whole life. He had thirteen wives. When first died, the other was entered and so on. He, see, he owned a wife of his far relate son too from family of Kuris for house keeping. Besides a wife already, he married with her yet. That is why I do not accept him charming, good. In further time period, what bad customs his followers had attacked? By which the culture was destroyed.

To which Iran is called there our Maharishi Gautam has lived in his cottage (Ashram). Before Iran, its name was Shwangani. That place was reigned as of Aryans. Similarly to which nation, in modern age, Arab is called; this name is converted by Muhammad. Before it, its name was Shondhetu. Where Maharishi Jaimini would walk generally. The followers of Muhammad started attacking this land of Bhaarat. But at the time of Raja Bhoj, a person named as Kaali destroyed Muhammad, made him dead. Muhammad had wished if "this land of India is possessed and made own nation, then the whole world can be made under our security."

इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ें

(For reference also see: the note at last in my post Jesus Christ (Eisa Maseeh))

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jesus Christ (Eisa Maseeh)

Jesus Christ (Eisa Maseeh)

In further age several other faiths were arisen. Bhagwan! See jumped into this world a person named as Eisa Maseeh. He was born in outer nation. He, having come to here, the education, of herbal science he studied in Kaashi. While studying this Ayurveda he understood it well that the sight of eyes are helpful to know the science of body. Bhagwan! There was an Acharya (Teacher) named as Virandi, he got his education from him (Virandi). And being well versed in that Learning (Vidya) he left this India and moved towards his own nation. Having reached there, he dictated this Learning there and made a peculiar religion (doctrine). Bhagwan! He could not understand and know this Learning well yet through that much knowledge a great doctrine was constructed. What was the specialty of him? With the knowledge of Ayurveda Learning and with Yoga our sight may have the strength of removing sickness/diseases. So Bhagwan! When he got that strength, he became a great hermit. He made reformation of some persons there. But he too was murdered/assassinated by this cruel world. He too made society and having distributed the accurate education, he also departed from here. In further times his followers started misusing his preaching. O Bhagwan! They did not let his real image remain.

Mahaatma Eisa extended his culture with strength of character of his own. Mahaatma Eisa too extended his doctrine having got education from Indian Land. But the meaning of religion he did not fancy. I (Mahanand Ji) can pronounce it well that as the master of herbal science (Ayurveda) his scholastic capability was great and holy. His heart was very clean, calm, simple and holy.

While Yahoodis made Mahaatma Eisa destroyed, while moving to the mouth of death, he proclaimed, "You can destroy me, but my accurate splendour and self confidence you can not puncture."

(Note: See this speech is given by a Jeevan Mukta Yogi Soul, Mahanand Ji, a pupil of Shringi Rishi who has not taken birth since some lakh (1/10 million) years because of  observing Brahmcharya in his human birth so the incidents are seen by him himself that is why absolutely correct. You too can understand it well if you move to the field of Yoga else our intellect is not able to capture such a type of existence. I do believe that it is true.)

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mahaatma Shankaracharya

Mahaatma Shankaracharya

After the age of Mahabharata, the world was well mixed with waves of darkness (ignorance). That darkness took too much effect that it attempted to destroy the religion and humanity. There was no humanity and religion at that time. As a result it happened in past, on several occasions several great persons came here in that ignorance, and warned. After warning they inspired them and after inspiring they tried to bring them to the field of religion.

When misconduct started here then O Bhagwan! Approximately 2200 or a little more years passed when Mahatma Shankaracharya came here. When he was 12 years old, he told her mother that "I want to awake the peoples. This world seems to me full of darkness." Mahatma Shankaracharya was Kutli Muni Maharaj in his past birth. His soul took here birth. According to the rules of the god, these great souls, yogi souls use to come to this world and after reaching they use to get the people look after the religion in enough quantity successfully. His mother said, "O my son! It is so kind of you, as you have determined to follow these great thoughts. Explore these thoughts in front of the world so that this world may get rid of the ignorance." So O Gurudev! That Mahaatma Shankaracharya started constructing this world well. He made conferences with the followers of Mahaatma Buddha and Mahaatma Mahaaveer. He would make conference related to idolatry. He made a statement "If I get defeated in conference I will become a idolater, if not then I shall destroy and defile your idols." O Gurudev! I (Mahanand Ji) have seen Mahaatma Shankaracharya. He made conferences about soul and the god and when the opposes would be tired then with a short sword (Khanda) he would attack their idols and it were separated from its place. Mahaatma Shankaracharya did a remarkable welfare of the society. With the consideration of separation of soul and God he made the followers of Jain religion and Buddhists astonished. Once, having entered to society he recited Vedanta and having moved to the great depth of it he told, "The feeling of God and a soul seems alike." Yet he did not say that "The feelings are the same." As a baby of mother when stay in her womb he is not in front of her sight. Neither the mother sees him not this world. Similarly, we, souls when go to salvation then move to the womb of the god (Supreme power, par brahm), the characteristics of the god enter to our souls. At that time if we consider us 'Par Brahm' then there will be no loss. But in real we are not God at that time. We shall find (move the nearest) any one when we moves with the properties of that one and describe the incidents of his properties else we can never move towards him. Gurdev!  Shankaracharya gave the statements of these thoughts. Further while studying Upanishadas he said, "While we take the spiritual thoughts, it seems there is a high one, definitely, more than this soul." When Mahaatma Shankaracharya came to know the Learning of Vedas in this form, he made conferences to several religious groups and made the foundation of Learning of Vedas again. He agitated the Vedangaas, followed it and made the society great. He told the society "See, As you go to the places and temples of Jainis or Buddhists, do one thing, make your own temples and having sat in those peaceful places, make an attempt to know the god who is sitting in front of your soul and protecting you. Why are you going to the places of other religious groups?" This was an accurate statement, all accepted it.

In further times, Mahaatma Shankaracharya attempted to spread a culture in the society with his Yogic wisdom. But the contractors of religions of here, who understood well that 'their methods are about to come to an end', defiled and destroyed him.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mahatma Buddha

Lord Buddha

Bhagwan! The age went on passing further. Several faults emerged in the society. After that the god sent some glorious ones. Approximately 2500 years before since today (6 March, 1969) when Mahatma Buddha came to an existence. He constructed well this world a bit. While travelling to other nations he said, "Ahimsa Parmodharmah". When Vaam Margis came to him for conference, they said, "O Brother! You give us the verification of Vedas, in which this context, misconduct and violence is referred. We shall never follow the Vedas." He did not fancy and left studying Vedas. In real, Mahatma Buddha was very grate, high philosopher and a King. He took Sanyaas (fourth part of Aryans' life) having left the designation of a King. having left his whole worldly prosperity, he jumped into this darkness (ignorant world). What did he do? He modified and created several nations. A little of Vedas he followed. When Mahatma Buddha died, then his followers, did not follow his very thoughts and teachings and started doing misconduct of several kinds. I (Mahanand Ji) respect all these great sages. But I don't respect them too because they did not come to their sight, the book of Vedas. But I respect them because they all were peculiar as well as great. His spoken words, at last, filled with hatred.

My (Shringi Rishi) brother [ Vidhaata] Mahanand Ji told that after Mahabharata the Age Kalyug started. Here a person named as Mahatmaa Buddha came and he is considered as incarnation of God too, who had not studied Vedas wholly. But he had a knowledge of 'Ahimsa Parmodharmah'. By taking it he conducted and made this world uplifted again. We should consider those great persons as great, which is the reality of them all. Those great souls have said it even, "This world is not constructed by god. This exists for infinite period." Then should we consider them incarnation? Should we consider them the God of us who could not understand well the highest form of god, who could not understand well the Creator? I am not saying that they could not understand anything. They observed a lot. I shall definitely say that they made their departure from this world after illuminating it. But I can not say that incarnation of the God took birth here in their form. Not a single great soul or Yogi can accept it.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sage Mahaveer

Mahaatma Mahaveer

When different communities began here, a person named as Mahaveer, took here an existence. He thought with philosophical intellect of his own, that it is being a great misdeed here. The philosopher Mahaveer thought the religion with philosophy and said, "Ahimsa Parmodharmah (Non violence is the super religion)" He did become a philosopher, he considered well a little part of Vedas, but did not learn the learning of Vedas. And without studying it, he declared that "the whole learning of Vedas, is a task to condemn, it is of no use." He said, "Statements of Learning of Vedas are not true." A little he pronounced about 'Ahimsa Parmodharmah' and proclaimed a little part of Vedas. But he said 'soul and supreme power both are the same. Neither any body else made this world not it is constructed at any place. This one is continued since infinitely back times. This soul may become God, at last."

Here a saint, Mahaveer Swami, dictated his doctrine (religion). But that dictation was full of disgust. Because of that one Mahaveer, hatred spreaded in the whole India. The hatred was not there in India before then. Actually this hatred had begun since the time of Duryodhan in real, but in the human beings the partiality in excess started in the time of Swami Mahaveer. In reality he was a sage. I do respect him. But his words had hatred. In further times his followers originated more and much hatred. As a result anarchy came to an existence. All the books which were contrary to his doctrine, the scientists which did not make any positive effect on their hearts were made the offerings of fire. They let not come to their sight, Vedic Literature or books of Vedas. So the reign of Jains was going on. Here the Indian books were offered to fire regularly. Vedas had 1127 branches but all of them were offered to fire. Some scholars had learned the 'Samhitaas' (books) orally so the custom of Vedas was continued. Actually Veda is called the knowledge of God, so generally it is protected.

There were a lot of smritis (code of Hindu law delivered originally by tradition) here, there were several writings such as 'Shatpath Brahmin' and see libraries of Maharaja Ghatotkach, Maharaja Abhimanyu, Maharaja Arjun and Bheem etc. which were remarkable with scientific methods to which modern men can not imagine even.

When the Jaini doctrine came here, the ignorance of severe types spreaded here. Then Bhagwan! Janis made to ashes all the books of Satyug, Treta and Dwapar Ages. When the libraries were burnt, what might be done? By some means the Vedas remained safe. These books were protected in some houses. Ah! From where I can bring that Learning, I ask you why we can not get those testimonials? These testimonials are not available because that library is destroyed now in which we might find the statements of ancient philosophers.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

India after Mahabharata

Vaam Margi (who were men of misconduct, wicked) Community

When communities started taking existence, a community named Vaam Margi came to an existence. What misconduct I (Mahanand Ji) have seen, I shall not describe, but it destroyed the learning and teachings of Vedas. A little translation of Vedas was done by them but the translation was inaccurate/misleading. So the atheism took place in the whole world. Some persons had said so, "Neither God (supreme power) has any existence, nor this learning of Vedas is created by him. Instead, this is a wicked-learning, great misconducting and devils have made this necromancy." So O Gurudev! When Vaam Margis said so, Learning of Vedas started disappearing from here. This community was very much misconductive. Because of misconduct, the ignorance spreaded here.

What has happened in that age? Gurudev! These Vam Margis did it when they would perform Yag, they would offer body parts of Goat in Ajaamedh Yag. Ajaa means goat. As you have told before, when they could not understand Ajaamedh Yag, what they did then? After taking a goat, they would recite vedic verses 'Chakshuste Shundhaami', which part name was recited, they would offer that particular organ of that goat and claimed it as Ajaamedh Yag. When Gaumedh Yag was described, they would offer organs of mother cow in the fire of alter. This opposite time came here. In which scientists as well as philosophers became too much faulty. Because of disappearance of Learning of Vedas the time period of fault took place. They could not understand Gaumedh Yag. Gau means the earth. To know about earth and the learning of earth is called Gaumedh Yag. Although it's meaning is Cow too. They understood this one, 'Give offering of meat of cow only then you should get the Yag be successful.'

Because of ignorance in further times, the method of Ashwamedh Yag too became inaccurate. This is defined in Vedas who performs Ashwamedh Yag if anyone captures that horse which was left by the king, he would fight with that one. After that victory, he got the authority to perform Ashwamedh Yag. They left that method of actions and O Gurudev! I have seen those Vam Margis 'Praah Gane te Achte!' See, their 'Ling Yajyate Mahaan Yajya Maanasya'. This misconduct and corruption started taking place. The atheism spreaded in whole society. They forgot the supreme power and said that the god is nothing.

After the age of Mahabharata, offerings of animals are found in Yag. There was a person named as Kantaketu, who was a Vaam Margi. Once he performed this Vajpayee Yag, and a cow was offered in this Yag. As a result the society became aesthetic, they lost their faith for Vedas and Hymns. So the Vaidic Literature came to an end (started disappearing).

Rulers of Pandav Dynasty

Here after Maharaja Yudhishthira, Abhimanyu's son Pareekshit became ruler. Pareekshit's son Janmejai and after that Mamanuk became king. Then Aamantari. After king Aamantari Vikram reigned. Then Shaminam and then the reign of Satkamaatur came to an existence. Then this dynasty ends here. And Jains' reign started here. The religion of Jains appeared.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Caste System : The Beginning

Aryaavritt After The War of Mahabharat : Beginning of Caste

[Sermons given by Mahanand Ji ( A Jeevan Mukt Yogi Soul) on 'India after Mahabharat']

Guruji! After the battle of Mahabharata, you know, when Janmejai, son of Pareekshit, became king, he performed a 'Sarvaswa' Yag. The wealth whatever he had when offered. When O Gurdev! Maharaja Janmejai decided to offer, his whole wealth to Yag, this is found there, that without inviting ancient Brahmins, the Yag was performed. Maharishi Jaimini Muni was elected its Brahma (Cheif Priest) and being Brahma he completed that Yag. Maharaja Janmejai was present there with his wife. At the same time it happened, defining the incident of future, , Acharya Ji foretold, that his yag will not be successful. At the same place when a Brahmin smiled, Maharaja Janmejai's heart filled with the thought and that was 'He is smiling because of this unsuccessful result of Yag of mine.' So he separated his head from his abdomen with a weapon (Vajra) . See Gurudev! When he did such a task in the place of Yag, the Yag spoilt. When the Yag became spoilt, Brahmins left that Yag and said that they would not take wealth at any cost and would not be an observer of charity. When Maharaja Janmejai heard these statements, he came to know that his Guru had given him the hint in advance, but he had snatched the head of a Brahmin. He thought what was to do then. O Guruji! I have observed that he did not give money to them, the charity of lands was given and made them depart.

After that O Bhagwan! The period was going on passing. When ignorance occurred, Brahmins made Learning lesser and lesser. Because of less learning, the real learning of Kshatriyas was coming to an end. Learning of Vedas started disappearing. In further age, a lot of real Sanyasis (fourth part of man's life in Aryans) were there found though, the common people did not follow their teachings and the task of their own mind started performing. When the caste system began here, the persons according to their actions, acquired their caste names. Hate, among them took place. What Manu Maharaj has told, they did not perform that one. The kings became full of a lot of faults. The feelings of misconduct entered in them. A lot of women should live with them, it came to their mind. Education of ladies and their skills started disappearing. After that with the name of religion, a lot of groups took place. To whom, the other considered with hate, got a different group (religion) made.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Putreshti Yag : DRK Part 28

Putreshti Yag

Desire of King Dashrath

Br Krishn Dutt Ji (Soul of Shringi Rishi)
When king Dashrath could not have any child, once he reached to the door of Maharaishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj. Having finished morning Yag, both Mata Arundhati and Vashishtha Muni Maharaj were dictating speeches among brahmcharis. When the king reached near him, he said, "Say Rajan! Why is your arrival?" Dashrath said, "Prabhu! The nation of Ayodhya has been uplifted in past because of Rishis and Munis. When king Dileep did not have any child, there were Rishis who solved that problem and Raghu was born. Similarly Bhagwan! Now again this puzzle occurred. Let it be solved." Maharishi Vashishtha suggested, "Go. Make the Putreshti Yag performed by celibacy observer of 184 years, Brahmchari Maharishi Shringi. Then your dynasty may have existence further."

When the holy sacrifice was performed at the place of King Dashrath, all the three queens as well as king Dashrath made their stay on the floor with regular celibacy of one year.When the time of Yag came, Brahma (Cheif Priest) was required. It was told to Maharishi Vashishtha, "Prabhu! Now it is the time of Yag. Please start performing it." Then Rishi said, "I have no authority to perform this holy action of Yag which subject I don't know if I start Yag with that particular subject, it is not in my capacity." King asked, "What to do then Prabhu?" He said, "Shringa Brahmane Vaat Nah Dharmashcharatih Brahmhacharyah Vaso Naroti Brahmanami Apyaatam Kaditam Jati Ban Griti Aste". Rishi said, "O Rajan! Authority of performing that Yag is there of Maharishi Shringi. By any means bring him from forests of Kadli. Where his father has the desire to make him sober, this one great person should be called to perform this charming Yag." At that time king Dashrath as well as Rishis etc. brought that rishi from the dense forests. It is told that he was a attainer of celibacy with the age of 184 years.

To Get The Yag Performed Having Called Shringi Rishi

Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj went to dense forests and while wandering, he reached forests of Kajli. There he invited Shringi Rishi. According to the invitation, he reached to Ayodhya. After his arrival, the alter was constructed. Where Maharishi Vayu Muni Maharaj and Angiras etc. rishis were present. Shringi Ji made the methods of Yag and the Putreshti Yag was arranged. Different herbs and plant products being taken, the oblation material of Putreshti Yag was made. He made an offering food with different types of juices of trees and milk of cow. He made an alter. 'Yagam Bhutam Brahme Vrittam'. When the yag started it took some period. Because he was a Diving Brahmchari and only a Brahmchari can explain that Yag or can perform it. With the help of different plant products, he made oblation material and by that one, the Yag was fully completed.

I (Br. Krishn Dutt Ji in Trance, Shringi Rishi soul in Kalyug) had studied herbal science for approximately 84 years when I performed Putreshti Yag of Maharaja Dashrath. Only a great scholar of herbal science, has the authority to perform Putreshti Yag. Only scholar of herbal science knows well the sweetly smelt herbs, which one may cure which disease of nose, eyes as well as former portion of tongue. This one only a scholar of herbal science (Ayurveda) knows. This science is not so easy to which we can understand within only two days. Instead, it is a science for which we need a long research.

Maharaj Dashrath did not have any son. This Yag is remembered to me. Vashishtha Muni Maharaj requested it to Maharishi Shringi, that "O Maharaj! 'Putro Bhavantam Brahmah Bratam Devah' It is described in Vaidic verses that it need medicines, but the palace must be enlightened." At that time he requested Angira, "You know this type of verse. Please bring that medicine." That medicine (herb) was brought from Kadli-forests, pasted with mortar and similar woods were taken, similar oblation material was collected and for one year each, with celibacy see the God was contemplated.

To be continued....

Anubhav Sharma

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Parents of Lord Ram : DRK Part 27

Parents of Lord Ram

Maharaja Dashrath

Having entered to the third step of his life span, Vanprastha, Maharaja Raghu, with the experience of his own reign, educated his son Aj. Dashrath was the son of Aj who educated him. After that, that education was given by Vashishtha too.

At the time of reign of Dashrath, a little lack was produced in this Raghukul Dynasty. Raghu's son was named Aj. Aj was also a little bit faulty. He had moved towards the sense of prosperity.

Three queens of Dashrath

Aj's son was named as Dashrath. He also moved towards to the sense of prosperity too much that he had three queens and was busy in these three ever. He could not think well where the boarder of his nation was. Ravan had possessed the whole empire of Raghu except a little of Ayodhya. King Dashrath was the king of a small region named as Ayodhya where Ravan could not make possession. So Mata Kaushalya needed to give birth to Lord Ram. Because Mata Kaushalya knew it well that her husband was intended towards prosperity and the nation must become uplifted. Vashishtha as well as Mata Arundhati too wanted it because reign of Ravan was not good. It had misconduct in excess. There was no matter of character in his reign.

According to our ancient tradition, doing three marriages is a type of sin. Lord Ram himself observed that "In our Raghukul Traditions from King Sagar this dynasty was acting smoothly. But in this dynasty Dashrath who was son of Aj, performed three marriages in the very desire of sons and moved towards inaccuracy." As a result king Ravan was about to spread his reign on the whole earth.

Mata Kaushalya


Name of Mata Kaushalya's Guru was Tatva Muni Maharaj. His age was 284 years. He was brahmchari since his birth. Once while studying philosophy, a thought came to Kaushalya's mind, "O Gurudev! I don't want to attend Grahsthya Ashram (means I don't want to marry ever.)" Rishi replied, "Daughter! As you wish." But when Kushalya studied more, once she reached to the door of Guru at night and while touched his feet, she said, "O Prabhu! It's my desire that I want to give birth to a great and highly uplifted baby from my womb."

Marriage to King Dashrath

It was the determination (sankalp) of Kaushalya that "she will born a baby who will flutter the flag of religion (good conduct etc.) in the whole world having killed all rascals/peoples of misconduct." This news became popular among Rishis and Munis and the topic of discussion too. Maharaja Ravan also came to know this one. So Ravan told the King of nation Kaushal, "Offer your daughter to me. Although I shall not marry with her but I shall put her in prison."  King of Kaushal gave her daughter, Kaushalya to Ravan and Ravan captured her in cages (machines) in a fort on an island among oceans.

King Dashrath also came to know this secret. So when he returning back with queen, Kaikeyi, having defeated King Kubair, then on the way, they reached to that fort among oceans with their vehicle. He brought that machine (cage) in which Kaushalya was imprisoned to his kingdom. Through this way she was set free from the prison of Ravan. After some period, Kaushalya was married with Dashrath and after the marriage she entered to the home. On the basis of tradition of Raghukul, she came to the national home.

In the Age of Treta when at the time of Dashrath this dynasty was about to end. When king Dashrath could not get child, though he performed three marriages, yet he could not get children. When no one born, he gathered the meeting of Rishis and Muinis and the meeting came to the decision and that was to perform 'Putreshti Yag'.

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Maharaja Raghu : DRK Part 26

Continued.... (Maharaja Raghu)

Kauts and Vartentu both were as a pupil and a Guru. In Kauts' heart 'Gau Braheh Brahah' he told "Prabhu I want to give you honorarium." He asked, "What do you want to offer?" He said, "Prabhu! You made me scholar. You have made me wise and discrete. Prabhu! I want to offer you something." In a sense of a little anger he said, "Go. I need fourteen Lakh coins (1.4 million)." Brahmchari thougt a while, from where he could get it because he would have to give it to Acharya at any cost. 'Kausham Brahmah Krito Devah', Touching the feet of Vartentu, he said, "Prabhu! Let me go now." While wandering he reached Ayodhya. In Ayodhya king Raghu as well as his wife touched his feet and started welcoming him with the pots made of soil. Then Brahmchari said, "Prabhu! I am returning back from here." Touching the feet of him Raghu as well as his wife said, "Prabhu! Why is it so?" He told, "I will have to give my Guru honorarium and with your welcome I feel that my desire can not be fulfilled here."

Raja Raghu remarked, "No Bhagwan! You must sit here. We will try." He stayed there and contemplated himself.

At night, having gathered his commanders and nationalists, he said, "See, there is a religious puzzle arisen here and this problem is so. 'Brahmane Brahmeh'. O Prabhu! If a brahmchari would not fulfill his desire at my door, then it is the task of condemnation and disdain. Means it must be fulfilled." They said, "Bhagwan! Whatever will your order be, we shall act accordingly." He said, "We have to give fourteen Lakh coins to Brahmaachari. This army is made for the same purpose to fulfill the needs of nation." At that time all courtiers said, "O Prabhu! How can we get this much amount? Where should we go for it?" He said, "From the kingdom of Kubair." Some persons of secrecy department of Lanka, lived there. They moved at once from that place to Maharaja Kubair and said to him, "You will be attacked. Offer Raja Raghu the amount else he is intended to attack." This thing entered to Kubair's heart. He took chariots full of wealth and left for Ayodhya. Before the attack, early in the morning, Raghu got the coins. King Raghu cheered and by this pleasure 'Dhanyam Braheh' the whole nation thanked. When the amount was counted, it was a little more than fourteen Lakh. So, Brahmchari said now, "Bhagwan! I need only fourteen lakhs of coins." The King replied, "Rishivar Brahmchari! This remained amount I will not deposit in  my treasure. I can't enter it to my nation." He said, "Then O Prabhu! Give me only that much amount what I have to offer my respected Guru. I am not able to have this extra amount." Now the king and Brahmchari made conversation. But neither the king accepted it nor Brahmchari.

They invited Kubair. According to the invitation, when Kubair reached Raja Raghu, king Raghu requested, "Maharaj! The money of yours is a little bit extra than it was required. Bhagwan! Bring this amount to your own treasure back." Maharaj Kubair said, "Prabhu! It is not possible. The money that was brought here, is either yours or of Brahmchari. Now I have no authority of it." When Kubair said it "I have no authority of it now. I have offered it." Then the conflict of thoughts began between both of them. No one of them was ready to accept it. When Brahmchari was asked, he too was not ready to accept it.

He invited Vashishtha Muni Maharaj. When Rishi came in the form of Purohit (Chief Priest), he asked, "Prabhu! Distribute this remaining amount." Vashishtha asked, "What do you want?" The king said, "This one amount, no one is accepting. This one should not be deposited in my treasure. Brahmchari says what amount he needed has taken, can not take more than it. Kubair says what has given from his kingdom can not be taken back. So what is the solution now?" Maharaj Vashishtha said to Mata Arundhati, "Devi! Think about this one religious puzzle (unwanted sacred problem, Dharm Sankat)." They both thought. After thinking, he told, "Rajan! What ever cows you have in your nation, to the accounts of those cows, offer it. This money should be invested for the sake of those cows." Both Kubair and Raghu agreed to this statement and Brahmchari cheered up. Having taken fourteen lakh coins, Children! he left that place and reached to his Acharya (Vartentu Rishi).

Sages! Vartentu asked, " O Brahmchari! From where did you get it?" "O Prabhu! I have got these coins from King Raghu", he replied. He told the whole conflict as he felt. Vartentu said, "Brahmchari! This wealth that you brought for me, give it to king Kubair. You should know well, he will be attacked that is why with this fear he might offer you this amount." He said, "No adorable sir! This one he offered with pleasure." He said, "If he were offered with pleasure, then when he was informed by his detectives to give you money else he might be attacked. This money is not mine. Offer it to the mouth of fire again." Now Guru-pupil conversation took place. "Prabhu! Why did you say so?" He replied, "O Brahmchari! For your kind information, this type of money destroys the sense of reasoning of Rishis and Munis." When  Vartentu told it, Kauts wandered. Vartentu said, "O Brahmchari! When Kubair offered this amount, he gave it thinking that he might be attacked. With fear he offered this wealth. Suppose this wealth is of peoples. When the food purchased with this money, will enter to the hearts of Rishis and Munis and will make stamp on hearts, then golden, discrete and full of Learning life of them will come to an end." Kauts said, "Prabhu! Your statement is absolutely correct because philosophy and discretion say the same. Now O Bhagwan! What to do?" He replied, "For the sake of peoples, offer it to the fire of alter." They invited purohit (priest) etc. and with butter (ghee) and having collected oblation materials, it was offered to the mouth of fire. Yag was performed by that wealth. After performing Yag, thoughts contained in that money were destroyed by the fire and the holy and pure sound produced by Vedic Verses with sound of 'Swaaha', every current with staying on fire moved towards Dyau (illuminus planets) Lok. So this was the utilization of that wealth.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maharaja Raghu : DRK Part 25

Continued.... (Maharaja Raghu)

When they spoke like it, King Raghu became silent. The king Raghu said, "Prabhu! Whichever thing you desire I shall definitely give." They told, "Prabhu! We have a desire, your life must move beyond death, we need this honorarium." The king asked, "How may my life become beyond death?" They replied, "In this body which is created by the god, five sense organs are constructed. All the works of these organs, such as work of eyes are to view, its work is sight and fire is called its god (giver) but not to consider it with narrowness, when we consider it fire itself, we move beyond death." They said, "Suppose there is voice, this voice, 'Antariksham Brahmaah Vrittam' the words (sound) comes from this space. When we considers us as sky, we may move beyond death." They said, "Such as our ears get words, it comes to us after moving from directions when we consider our ears as directions, every atom moves in directons, every atom conflicts and when it conflicts, the atomiculture converts to directions, when it is considered as directions, then our life converts to immortality and that we 'Brahman Vrittam' see we won the death. O Prabhu! We want, your voice must remain charmful, every type of charm it must have. Its leader is liquid. Liquid has every type of juice. When it is considered as liquid (or water), then where it moves gives life-wind. So O Rajan! when your voice shall become giver of life-winds, then consider, 'Brahmeh' see 'Rashtram Brahmah Vettam' it is our honorarium. Give every fault of your Indriyas (sense organs) to us, this one is our offering.

When they told it, the king Raghu being silent told her wife, "What to do now? What answer can I give to these prudents?" She said, "O Dev! You have to offer. But offer, what they wish." Raja Raghu said, "O Prabhu! I have decided that I shall take my life in Uttarayana (upward) for approximately six months in a year and at the same time I will continue to look after my nation too." Raja Raghu, having given this as honorarium said that "I shall make my life Uttarayana for six months. Uttarayana means to make the life enlightened. Such as summer salastice of the sun, when the sun rises, it gives light and energy. Similarly our Uttarayan means the knowledge and actions. With acitons we should have knowledge and by knowledge we should act. When my life will pass like it, I shall make my life Uttarayana." Brahmvettas accepted this honorarium and they said, "Thanks a lot."

Now Raja Raghu said these sentences, "Prabhu!  I have given you offerings, but what blessing would you like to give me?" Then the Rishis said, "Heart of ours are for the nation because all gods act in heart. Becuase light comes from eyes, the sight sense comes from it reaches to heart and tongue gives the sense of flavours that also lives in heart and sound comes from ears that also lives in heart. Love comes from air that lives in heart too. So heart may be considered as a great alter. We want to give you, this one alter of heart." My Children! When they recited these sentences, King Raghu became silent and touched the feet of Rishis and Munis. They all said, "Thanks Prabhu."

Similarly the king made his whole wealth, oblation material and offered it to the mouth of fire in alter. After this offering, the Yag became successful.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Maharaja Raghu : DRK Part 24

Continued .... (Maharaja Raghu)

That Yag continued for six months long period. After six months it was finished. When finished, whole amount of his treasure, he distributed among divine sages. The king asked, "O Brahmvettas! What should I offer you?" They told, "You 'Amritam Brahmah Devatvam' give us immortal material." The king Raghu asked, "From where shall I get that immortal material(Amrit, nectar)?" They said, "If performer of Yajna (Yajmaan) moves to immortality, then we may get the nectar." King told, "Prabhu! which type of words are you speaking? You are divine sages, faithful of god, you are refiner of soul as to make it Vishnu. O Prabhu! You are nectar yourself. I could not understand your words." They told, "We dont need wealth, becuase it may make our intellect narrow. O Rajan! We want it - in your heart, internal sense and working organs, in your conscience whatever and how much faults you have, if you give us, in whatever great quantity you need to offer if give us, the nation will go on being holy. We need holiness. We dont need money or wealth. We can get the wealth, in the reign of god from atmospheric air. See when we do pranayaam, we move to 'Khechri Mudra' we fill our stomach. When we need energy, we get it by 'Surya Pranayaam'. When we do 'Chandra' pranayaam then we get lusture(kanti) from Moon and get life-wind from air and from nature we get mind(thinking power) and integrate it with soul and then we get the sensation from the soul. We need sensation. If we want to move beyond death then to become winner of death, we study ever, doing pranayaam, integrating life-wind and mind to one thread, we needle it to the thread of the god. Then we become winner of death.  O Rajan! What we need as offerings, sense of offering is that we need heart becuase heart contains the offering. As Chakrani Gargi has told Yagyavalkya Muni Maharaj 'Dakshinaam Bhutam Brahmeh Lokaam'. Because offering is attached (here means 'Contained Within') to the heart and heart is attached to faith (shraddha) and shraddha of this society is considered to be attached with offerings so we need offering. We dont need wealth, we need only offering.

Raghu became silent. His wife said, "What offering can you give?" He said, "Whatever they wish. Definitely I shall give. If I don't give honorarium, my Yag will not be successful. If I want to complete my Yag, then I will have to give it. Means this wealth is 'Rayastam Brahmne'." Brahmvettas said, "Prabhu! If you give us wealth, then this one too is the deposit (dharohar) of the nation, deposite of peoples (praja) and we also comes in peoples of nation. So it is the deposite of ours too. Suppose if you give us the book of Holy Vedas, this book is also our deposit. But the knowledge of Vedas, when we study it, it is attached with the study, study is attached to mind, mind is attached to prana (life wind) and life wind is attached to heart and this heart is deposit of the God. This is considered as the deposit of God becasue who disobey his heart moves towards death." The king himself 'Varnam Brahmah Kritam' became silent. Then Brahmvettas said, "O Prabhu! We dont want anything as offerings but a recitation only. Such as this world is the heart of god, the society is the heart of a nation and in this mob of peoples, this society is threaded to one another with feelings. Such as a bead and a thread when combined makes a chain (maala). Every person should get respect in this nation. They are honoured when a king (or ruling party, in modern sense) has respect for his own learning and he gives respect to the forces (Kshtriyas, here Police force, air force, boarder security forces etc.)

To be continued....

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Maharaja Raghu : DRK Part 23

Maharaja Raghu

Son of Maharaja Dileep became popular with name Raghu. Maharaja Raghu 'Shambhavah Pravah Lokaam' too served cows. He made himself a queer donator.

Once O Sages! While wandering he reached to the cottage of Maharishi Vashishtha because he used to check his peoples if 'Is there any person of this kind where Grihashthas, Vanprasthas and Sanyasis(three of Four stages of life of aryans) are not performed systemetically? Are brahmcharis performing their duties well or not?"

When he was cheking up, it became night. He, stayed at the cottage of Maharishi Vashishtha which was there in dense forests. By that stay the Rishi cheered up and said to him, "Come Rajan! You are here at a favourable place."

Early in the morning both Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj as well as Mata Arundhati, after fininshing their daily routine, performed Brahm Yag (fancied god with his contemplation) and made preaching related to god. It was their duty  to give their celebacy attainers education of god (supreme power, Par Brahm here Brahm) and morality and to move towards god. Having given it, they made the adoration of gods (givers such as Sun, Moon, Parents, Hermits etc.) and with oblation materials, milk and butter (Ghee in actual) they performed Yag among Brahmcharis. After that Yag Mata Arundhati gave this statement, "O Brahmcharis! This one Yag is attached with spiritualism and materialism both, and both physical and spiritual sciences are contained within this Yag because when Yag is gone past from this world, all the acts of this world become naked. Meaning of being naked is that all types of ignorance come to it. And for this ignorance, human being moves towards death." These types of sermons continued to be given by Mata Arundhati.

When Mata Arundhati finished her words, Raja Raghu, Mata Arundhati, Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj and Maharishi Vrashtketu made conversation to one another. When they moved their thoughts like it, the king bowing his head told, " Prabhu! I want to determine it, I want to  perform 'Sarvasva Yag' in my kingdom. Whatever amount I have in my treasure, I want to perform Yag of that all." At that time Maharishi Vashishtha said, "O Rajan! You want to perform 'Sarvasva Yag' but the treasure of king is considered of peoples of nations. If any of them makes a question what your authority is to spend it for Yag, what will you do?" Then Raja replied, "Treasure is of the peoples and the peoples and Yag, we all are deposit of the God." Hearing this reply of the king, Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj became silent and said, "Rajan! You are thank worthy." That meeting with Brahmarishi became silent and the king accepted firmly to perform 'Sarvasva Yag'. Vashishtha Muni Maharaj told, "O Rajan! All of rishis, prudents, hermits of your kingdom must be called in a meeting and in that meeting this conversation must take place. All wise women and men too must be present compulsorily in this meeting. And after satisfactory conversation, as a result, you should perform that Yag." The king said, "Most lovable."

Raja Raghu invited all respectable nobles, prudents and scholars of Vedas. He invited Maharaja Shiv too who reigned in Himalayas.

 When the Yag started, at the place of King Raghu, election was made. Vashishtha Muni Maharaja was made Purohit (Priest), Maharishi Sakalya Muni Maharaj was made Acharya (teacher), Brahmketu as Brahma (Main Priest) and Maharishi Sheetal Vrenketu Vishwamitra got the designation of Brahmatva. Some more rishis such as Vrin etc. got their designations too. Some one was made Ardhavyu (second priest), any other Udgata (third priest) and some another one Vrit (who uses to speak). Now the Yag started.

To be continued....
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maharaja Dileep : DRK Part 22

Continued... (Maharaja Dileep)

In the act of Putreshti Yag, the herbs etc. (Oblation material) is collected for that particular purpose. In the oblation material all five parts of 'Putrada' tree, rice, grains (cereals) and other several herbs are mixed. So it gets the atoms entered to internal world, those atoms are made with it, by which the mother may achieve her target fully. That material was made. See after this performance of Putreshti Yag, just after nine months and nine days, Maharaja Raghu was born. How peculiar was Raghu? No need of its witness. He used to perform Yag with whole of the amount of his treasure. He donated Kauts having got the charity from Maharaja Kubair. What peculiar children take birth from mothers. It will not be glorious for me to give its witness.

In the grand fathers of Ram, Maharaja Dileep performed  Yag after penance. How much peculiar that penance was! He used to serve Kamdhenu Cow, Nandini and he did his penance in dense forests. While he followed the cow, he used to study and recite Gayatri verses. Through it he became so much powerful, when after passing 12 years he was following Nandini, from a mountain some waterfalls were flowing, seeing that sight, he was attracted to its beauty, now his mind moved towards it. Just then, Nandini was attacked by a lion who was there in the dense forest. She made a noise. His mind then moved towards her holy voice from that water fall. Then 'Singham Brahmah Hay Singham Lingam Brahmhe Vachak Prahah Rashtadak Praveedidam' at that time Maharaja Dileep requested him and told that - "O king lion! I want to know that I am here in your reign. This is your nation in which I have reached. But this Nandini is a cow, she is my adorable one because in which nation cows are worshipped (respected) the nation becomes holy itself. She is my adorable one. I worship her. O king lion! 'Kshama Pravham Vrihe' I want, that leave this adorable one of mine. This one must not be your prey." It is remembered to me (Shringi Rishi) when Maharaja Dileep requested like it, he indulged deeply with the request, the lion told with his loud voice, "O king! You are religious king. You are great and holy king. a 'Ahimsa Parmodharmi' (One who thinks that non violence is the supreme conduct) king. We move freely in your reign. No one else is there violent in you reign." At once he left Nandini and she came to Dileep. The lion said, "I shall not attack Nandini, in the reign of this type of king." This is the power of penance of non violence. When a person does penance, his spiritual power becomes so high that lion may leave his violence. Maharaja Dileep became very much happy and with that Nandini he moved towards his kingdom.

Shubhakeshwati, wife of Maharaja Dileep went to Acharya (teacher) for studying when that son was in progress in her womb. Children got progress at the place of Ayurvedacharyas (Masters of herbal sciences) as an ancient custom. Sages! Father could not be aware that mothers sent their children to Acharyas and their life, with penance they entered their houses. Sons! In Treta Age this type of education was continued to study.

When Maharaja Dileep  moves behind Kamdhenu to dense forests none of the people asks what it is happening. It is the order of Vashishtha, a divine sage. Becasue a link of this dynasty is to be made uplifted. Is that not religion (good conduct)? To protect a cow, an animal is the religon of a king even and when he leaves this religion the nation moves towards misconduct.

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Maharaja Dileep : DRK Part - 21

Maharaja Dileep
When Dileep could not get any child, he gathered Rishis and Munis and told, "Maharaj! Second marriage is a curse for me, it never happened in my family till now but it is my desire to perform a Putreshti Yag and then I will be able to get a child." At that time all the Rishis said in a voice, "Serve Nandini (a cow), do penance and say to your wife to do pranayaam (process of restraining breath). By integrating mind (thinking power of mind) to life-wind(prans) make your celebacy uplifted. Because period of twelve years may not finish easily." Devi (his wife) bowing her forehead said, "Prabhu! The same will happen." Her name was Shulakshana. It comes in Raghu Dynesty, that he earged her that a baby must be born. There is a pranayaam named 'Putranirtika'. In very very old times, at the residence of Maharaja Ashwapati, I (Shringi Rishi) taught this pranayaam to those daughters for 12 years. Name of a class mate of Maharaja Dileep's wife was Shakuntala. I made both of them practiced that you should think about everything of this world with the sense of mind and life-wind. They told, "Very Lovely." After it a tree named as 'Putrada', it's panchaang (eating material made by it's root, leaf, fruit, bark and stem material) was made. All the parts were taken in same quantity, and the fruit of peepal (fig) tree, milk of banyan tree were taken and after heating it in the fire, a mixed material was ready. She took that panchaang as her food of everyday. When it sometimes ended, a little food was given to her. In that food, rice with butter of cow, was given.

 For twelve years Maharaja Dileep continued to move behind Kamdhenu and that Devi, used to do pranayaam. By eating panchaang, she did pranayaam. Which pranayaam is named as 'putrada'? In padmasan as well as siddhasan early in the morning 'Khechri Mudra' is practised and 'Sankuchit' pranayaam is done. At noon, 'Chandravahini' pranaym is done. Integrating tongue and the roof of the mouth, when air is breathed in, only the particles of moon that moves in the air, moves in; any other particle can not come in.

There is a pranayaam named as 'Vayuketu'. Through it  only earthen particles move in . When with that pranayam 'Trivaan' particles of moon started coming in, then mother Sulakshana moved to the lap of the god (supreme power). She moved to the yard of the god. What was the target of them? 'This nation must progress smoothly and at the same time we must get the god.' They had both of the targets at the same time. Maharaja Dileep moved behind Kamdhenu Nandini. Where else Nandini moved, he followed her. This is history. I know where Dileep passed his time for 12 long years but this topic is very vast. I shall tell you about a day for each year then this description of Putreshti Yag will be finished. Recently, I am introducing you only. After that she ate panchaang of 'Putrada' tree for 12 years. When Dileep Ji came back to Ayodhya with Nandini, having gathered Rishis and Munis, he performed Putreshti Yag.

To be continued....
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Raja Sagar : DRK Part - 20

Raja Sagar

Raja Sagar when thought performing Ashwamedh Yag, he investigated if there was any enemy of him or not.  When no enemy is found then the king has the authority to perform Ashwamedh Yag while he performs his duty for the nation well. Maharaj Sagar said to his all round army, "Move behind this horse and who else captures this horse, you have to win that king." Maharaj Sagar said to his son Sukhmanjas, "O Sukhmanjas! Here my horse moving, you will have to protect this horse for Ashwamedh Yag." He accepted, "Most lovely." The horse of the king was decorated well. On his forehead, it was written, "This is the symbol of Ashwamedh Yag and who else captures it will have to win." This was being thought. 'Amritam Brahmaneh Prahva Sadhanam Drishtvatah', one who performs Ashwamedh Yag, uses to be curious ever to know Vedic hymns and being known to it makes his actions according to it.

No one caught the wandering horse of Maharaja Sagar. Maharishi Kapil Muni Maharaj was present in his school. Two princes named Jaya and Vijaya studied there. They had got completeness in Learning of weapons.  They both captured that horse in their school. When the horse was not seen anywhere then Maharaj Sagar told his son, Sukhmanjas, "Our all rounder son like army as well as you must move to bring that horse back." They could not find that horse while they searched all over the earth. Coming back to the door of Sagar, they said, "Prabhu! We dont think so, that we can 'Brahve Kritam' bring it back."

He asked, "Where has he gone?" They replied, "Prabhu! We dont know." He ordered to find it out.  With their commander they again moved to search on and inside the earth. While wandering they reached to the door of Kapil Muni, he gave them place to sit. They saw that the horse was there.They said, "O Kapil! 'Amritaam Bhutam Brahmeh Raj Sutaham' It's order of our king that we shall fight because you have caught the horse of Ashwamedh Yag." He told, "Very lovely." Kapil Muni was deep insighted to the philosophy, where he was a hermit, he knew well the learning of weapons too. Jaya and Vijaya who were his pupil used to invent and construct war weapons too, through it.

Kapil Muni  Maharaj 'Amritaam Brahmeh Vrittam Raj Sutaham' said, "O Rajan! Do not move to this kind of action." They told, "No. We will fight." Saying 'lovely', he ordered Jay and Vijay. Jay and Vijay were master of archery. Kapil Muni was a great master of archery too. According to this method, they started fight. When they attacked with one or two weapons, a great part of army was destroyed. Having got his whole army killed the king came to know that this condition of his army was done by Jay and Vijay and who used to study at the school of Kapil Muni so, that place has all types of Learning.

When Raja Sagar heard the news that his army was destroyed and they had not left that horse even, Sukhmanjas with a little army of Raja Sagar reached to the cottage of Maharishi Kapil Muni Maharaj. When Kapil Muni looked the condition of his cottage, he said to them, "Come sir! Have seat. O Rajan! Why have you come?" So, 'Sambhuti Brahmah Sam Rudro Bhagaam Bandhanam Brahe Kritani', My Children! He told "It came to my mind, I want to make this thought holy and great." My Children! Sukhmanjas, son of Raja Sagar bowed to his feet and prayed, "Maharaj! our 'Gamnam Prahve Gamnam Prahe Kritam Devah Na Gamnam Tam Breehi' " My sons! He pronounced these words. It comes to our mind, these thought are of ancient times, they changed their activities as well as reactions. Where our conversation moves, heads of Raja Sagar were intended to fight, but the king 'Brahe Amritaam Brahm Lokaam Vachah'. He told, "Prabhu! Why it is so?" He told, "Sambhu Dhananjam Vrate Devam Abhyaam Rudra Bhago Sambhava Krate Devah' O Prabhu! I 'Niprah Vrate' am here to bring my horse back." He asked, "Will you not perform Ashwamedh Yag?" Sukhmanajas said, "Prabhu! If you permit then it may be performed." He told, "Get it from Jay and Vijay." He went to the door of Jay and Vijay. Both the attainer of celebacy, Jay and Vijay were busy in contemplation of the god. Raja Sukhmanjas said, "Prabhu! I want to take your horse." O sons! this is indication of politeness.

Having got  his horse from Kapil Muni Maharaj, Raja Sagar requested, "Maharaj! I shall perform an Ashwamedh Yag." He said, "Get the permission from Jay and Vijay that you are performing Ashwamedh Yag and what their desire is." They permitted and said, "Yag is material of mortality and said 'Yagaam Brahmah'." Both made a voice of cheer. Maharishi Kapil Muni Maharaj ordered them 'Apratim Brahme Ashavaam Gachchham Vrataam Dadhi Rupaam Devah'. 

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Anubhav Sharma