Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dynasty of Raghukul : DRK Part - 17

Raghukul Dynasty

A king must see being left his kingdom, he must see after becoming a vanprasthi how his nation gets the smell of morality. And the society gets how much height and welfare. O god! When that period will be there when King Raghu like Vanprasthi will be there who ordered Aj? O god! When that type of nations will be there when King Dileep like king left his kingdom to get Vanprastha and educated his grandsons? They will educate a king like Dashrath. O god! when that age will be appeared when king Surandhut after being a Vanprasthi, educated Raghu?

O god! when that time will be there, when this system will be continued to grow high and high? O god! As father of Dashrath Aj, Aj's father Raghu, Raghu's father Dileep, Dileep's father Bhageerath, Bhaagirath's father King Kaddeep and Kaddeep's father Maharaja Virut, Virut's father Sukhmanjas and King Sukhmanjas's father Maharaja Sagar were there. Similarly this dynasty went on increasing. Dashrath's son Ram, Ram's sons Luv Kush, Luv Kush's son Sudhit, Sudhit's son Mandhut and Mandhut's son Kusdhun all became kings and here the dynasty ended. We must think today, why this vast dynasty of Raghu took place. All of these used to be Vanprasthi so because of it their nation was remained with them. All other kings reigned under them. We should see having been a Vanprasthi so that we may observe where this Vanprasth brings us?

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Anubhav Sharma

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