Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Divya Ram Katha : Part - 12

Writer of The ‘Ramayana’ – Maharishi Balmeeki

His Childhood

Maharishi Balmeeki was born in the Age of Treta. His life was prominent. ‘Amritaam Brahmane’, in childhood his life was faulty. He gave great troubles to the creatures since his childhood till his young age. He used to give his brother, the wealth after getting from several creatures while he would become violent for them. His childhood name was ‘Ratnakar’. Once divine sage Narad came to him with some more Rishis while he said to Narad Muni loudly, “Hey! Which sage is passing?” Narad said, “O Brother! Why?”
Balmeeki: Maharaj! Give me whatever you have with you.
Narad: O brother! Why do you take it?
Balmeeki: Bhagwan! I have my mother, father as well as relatives with me. I have my family too. For their feeding and protection, I snatch it.
Narad: Then why do you trouble other human beings? Do some labour with your limbs.
Balmeeki: No maharaj! This too is a labour. I use to do this one labour. I kill others and snatch their materials.
Rishi said, “Ok. Do one thing, Go and ask your relatives, whether they will help you or not, when you will get the trouble or get killed.” From there, then he reached to his mother and asked, “If any body else kills me, will you help me then?” Mother replied, “Never. One who is sinner, no one companion he may have.” The same his father replied. Similar was the answer of his relatives. Having known to these words, he came back to the Rishi. Rishi asked, “What did they say?” He said, “They told that no one is there, the companion of you.” Divine sage Narad spoke, “When your parents will not accompany you in your sins, do not do it further more.” Now the feelings of asceticism started coming to him. He said, “Now O Prabhu! What should I do?” He told, “Worship Ram, fancy yourself for the god, you will get the uplift.”

Period of His Penance

That child started contemplation of the god and it is heard that because of ‘Ram Rameti’ word-meanings, he got precious light in his soul. A flame awoke in his heart. He came to know what the ignorance of world is, what the science is and what the spiritual science is. This whole knowledge entered and fulfilled his heart. When the child was being a rishi, the scholars of that times named him as Balmeeki. One who uses to perform misdeed in childhood and later becomes a Rishi, is called ‘Balmeeki’. He was called great, most intellectual, divine sage and deep insighter of the truth. Rishi Balmeeki wrote in the form of a book about the character-sketches of Dashrath till Ram and what else they did.

To be continued . . . .

Anubhav Sharma 

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