Friday, November 11, 2011

Maharaja Raghu : DRK Part 24

Continued .... (Maharaja Raghu)

That Yag continued for six months long period. After six months it was finished. When finished, whole amount of his treasure, he distributed among divine sages. The king asked, "O Brahmvettas! What should I offer you?" They told, "You 'Amritam Brahmah Devatvam' give us immortal material." The king Raghu asked, "From where shall I get that immortal material(Amrit, nectar)?" They said, "If performer of Yajna (Yajmaan) moves to immortality, then we may get the nectar." King told, "Prabhu! which type of words are you speaking? You are divine sages, faithful of god, you are refiner of soul as to make it Vishnu. O Prabhu! You are nectar yourself. I could not understand your words." They told, "We dont need wealth, becuase it may make our intellect narrow. O Rajan! We want it - in your heart, internal sense and working organs, in your conscience whatever and how much faults you have, if you give us, in whatever great quantity you need to offer if give us, the nation will go on being holy. We need holiness. We dont need money or wealth. We can get the wealth, in the reign of god from atmospheric air. See when we do pranayaam, we move to 'Khechri Mudra' we fill our stomach. When we need energy, we get it by 'Surya Pranayaam'. When we do 'Chandra' pranayaam then we get lusture(kanti) from Moon and get life-wind from air and from nature we get mind(thinking power) and integrate it with soul and then we get the sensation from the soul. We need sensation. If we want to move beyond death then to become winner of death, we study ever, doing pranayaam, integrating life-wind and mind to one thread, we needle it to the thread of the god. Then we become winner of death.  O Rajan! What we need as offerings, sense of offering is that we need heart becuase heart contains the offering. As Chakrani Gargi has told Yagyavalkya Muni Maharaj 'Dakshinaam Bhutam Brahmeh Lokaam'. Because offering is attached (here means 'Contained Within') to the heart and heart is attached to faith (shraddha) and shraddha of this society is considered to be attached with offerings so we need offering. We dont need wealth, we need only offering.

Raghu became silent. His wife said, "What offering can you give?" He said, "Whatever they wish. Definitely I shall give. If I don't give honorarium, my Yag will not be successful. If I want to complete my Yag, then I will have to give it. Means this wealth is 'Rayastam Brahmne'." Brahmvettas said, "Prabhu! If you give us wealth, then this one too is the deposit (dharohar) of the nation, deposite of peoples (praja) and we also comes in peoples of nation. So it is the deposite of ours too. Suppose if you give us the book of Holy Vedas, this book is also our deposit. But the knowledge of Vedas, when we study it, it is attached with the study, study is attached to mind, mind is attached to prana (life wind) and life wind is attached to heart and this heart is deposit of the God. This is considered as the deposit of God becasue who disobey his heart moves towards death." The king himself 'Varnam Brahmah Kritam' became silent. Then Brahmvettas said, "O Prabhu! We dont want anything as offerings but a recitation only. Such as this world is the heart of god, the society is the heart of a nation and in this mob of peoples, this society is threaded to one another with feelings. Such as a bead and a thread when combined makes a chain (maala). Every person should get respect in this nation. They are honoured when a king (or ruling party, in modern sense) has respect for his own learning and he gives respect to the forces (Kshtriyas, here Police force, air force, boarder security forces etc.)

To be continued....

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Anubhav Sharma

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