Thursday, November 3, 2011

Divya Ram Katha : Part - 13

Continued . . . . (Maharishi Balmeeki)

When Balmeeki changed himself to the national Yajna, he said to Narad, "Maharaj! Only you can show me the path of my benediction(welfare). I dont need this wealth, because this is the money of Yajna. This wealth should remain among Brahmcharis." Narad acknowledged him, "Do Panchak Yag (To Purify all five sense organs)." For approximately one year he made the soul of Balmeeki purified and then said, "Make the attempt so that your heart may attain peace." The subconscience (Chitt) gets the peace, when anger, love, affection and self conceit come to an end. After the end of all these, remains only austerity and austerity. Meaning of penance(austerity) is that the sense organs being heated up in the fire of Prana (life-wind). Who controlls the sense organs, may purify all of these. This type of man, who performs Panchak Yag, believes on Gayatri most. When Maharishi Balmeeki became Rishi of Gayatri Verses, he was called well arranged in both scriptures and Vaidic Culture.

According to it he did his penance for 14 years. At first, he thought that he behaved with his voice with harshness and lost its effect i.e. sweetness. He prayed to god to make his voice heigher. What else he used to observe, Narada took examinations of him for that and he would pass it. So, maharishi Balmeeki became a Rishi of too much height, who else guest came to him, he would welcome him. One who used to get the money after killing/beating others, started serving the guests. This one is 'Spiritual Yag'. That one voice of him became uplifted in place of too harsh voice. This is the grandeur of penance and the compassion of mother Gayatri and the greatness of the God (Supreme Power).

Maharishi Balmeeki was not only a hermit, but he was master of Archery and Herbal Science (Ayurveda) also. He taught archery. After his penance, he became Raj-purohit (Cheif Priest) of Maharaj Renketu too for fifty more years. He would teach the art of archery and handling other war weapons there in the school.

To be continued. . . .

Anubhav Sharma

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