Friday, November 13, 2015

Devotion : Is it Necessary for All?

Hello readers, We must understand well why devotion is necessary for a human being. If we want to get the ‘Siddhis’, we can not attain it without praising god, praying him and being near to him.
Siddhis :
1.  Religion (Dharma)
2.  Prosperity (Arth)
3.  Fulfilling Desires (Kaam)
4.  Salvation (Moksha)
Necessary Actions:
1.  Describing his Qualities (Stuti)
2.  Praying Him (Prarthana)
3.  Controlling sense and working Organs or being near to him (Upaasna)

You know brothers and sisters! Everyone who belongs to a family as a leader needs all four Siddhis because it is his requirement too. Cause every parent needs to be famous, graceful so he/she requires the Siddhi of Religion mean good conduct, and participation in religious tasks, benevolence and gain in spiritual science along with material science. Siddhi of prosperity is a generally known and a common part of every person’s speech. As someone says-

“Money can do everything.”
“Everything is purchased with money.”

But prosperity or ‘Arth’ means all type of material that is used for the convenience of our family including money.

Dear brothers and respected sisters! Eveyone wants to get him/her desires fulfilled but it is also a type of Siddhi.

As, For a while think..

Our daughters/Sons should get a high education, good and healthy food- it is our desire.
We may arrange their marriages in their young ages with a great splendor – It is too a desire.

So we should have Siddhi of Kaam so that we may complete these or all other tasks of our life, full of our desires, with ease, is our requirement .

And we may get Salvation at last is also necessary thing. For we want to get the end of all our sorrows once. 
So we all need these all four Siddhis.

Here supreme power God  himself says in Vedas-

Om Prati Me Stom Maditirjagribhyatsoonum Na Maata Hridyam Sushevam. Brahm Priyam Devhitam Yadastyaham Mitre Varune Yanmayobhuh. ||Rigveda| Mandal 5||

Meaning: Just as a Mother looks after her newly born baby, well prayed god fulfills desires of his Devotee and he looks after him/her with the same care, generosity and with all her kindness.

So pray the God, Praise his qualities as more as possible and Be near to him by Penance.


Meet you soon in next post.

Yours Truly

Anubhav Sharma

Friday, June 19, 2015

International Yoga Day Special

International Yoga Day : 21 June

Starting from the first Ancient Teacher Aadi Brahma, till Jaimini Muni, Sharnkaracharya, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Brahmchari Krishna Dutt Ji and Swami Ramdev Baba Ji, all the Gurus had attention of Aryan Vaidic Culture, Yoga, Spiritualism and material science as well. They all have been in favour of it and spreaded it and announced it with great enthusiasm in common peoples. In relation of Yoga, India has been taken its part as the guru of the world since the ancient time till now. Our culture is 1,96,08,53,116 years old. This branch of Yoga, the supreme power has given to all of us, in the beginning of the universe through Vedas.

Maharishi Patanjali has described eight parts of Yoga in his book, Yog Darshan. These all are - Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi.

Today, 177 countries have given consent to this day of 21 June as World Yoga Day. In it, our Prime Minister, Respected Narendra Bhai Modi Ji has played an important and a main role. This thought was given forth by Baba Ramdev Ji but All the Saints made an attempt for this declaration. And a Prime Minister of this kind is the person of great great congratulation, who took part in this praise worthy work as the main leader of our current central government who has the power of doing any kind of work for the sake of the poeple of India and the world as well. Because this government is not the government of Shares. To this government and every person of government I bow in gratitude as it is working for the sake of all people with great enthusiasm and with honesty and diligence. 

By not explaining a lot, I write about the protocol of the Yoga that will be displayed in the function that will be held on 21 June, 2015 in the whole world. It is approved by the government. The protocol has following 21 steps-

1. Prayer

Om samganchchhadhvam samvadadhvam sam vo manansi jaantaam
Devabhaagam yatha purve samjananam upaasate..

Prem se mil kar chalo bolo sabhi gyani bano
Purvajon kee bhanti tum kartavya ke maani bano.

2. Practice of shithileekaran

i. moving throat (up-down and left-right movements)
ii. movement of waist
iii. movement of knees

3. Asanaas

1. Taadasan 2. Vrikshasan 3. Paadhastaasan 4. Aradhchakrasan
5. Trikonasan 6. Bhadrasan 7. Ardh Ushtrasan 8. Shashkasan
9. Vakrasan 10. Bhujangasan 11. Shalabhasan 12. Makarasan
13. Setu Bandhasan (Kandharasan) 14. Pavan Muktasan 15. Shavaasan

4.  Kapaal Bhati

5. Pranaayam
    Naadi Shodhan   Anulom Vilom  Bhramari

6. Dhyaan (Meditation)

7. Sankalp

I owe to make myself healthy, cool, pleasing and happy throughout the life. I will try to make the environment of my surrounding peaceful and lovable with my own each and every action. I shall have attempt to remove my self conceit. And will try to contain the whole world within myself. I shall be aware to my life relations by the life of others. I shall make attempt to become one to every person who is present here.

8. Recitation for Peace

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu niramaya, Sarve Bhadraani Pashyantu
ma kashchit dukkhbhaagbhavet

He eish sab sukhi hon, Koi na ho dukhari, Sab hon nirog Bhagwan
Dhan dhaanya ke bhandari, Sab bhadr Bhaav Dekhen, Sanmarg ke pathik hon
Dukhiya na koi howe, Srishti men praandhari

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih Om


"Practice Yoga : It works on the body, mind, emotions and energy. Live life to its full potential.",

"Rejuvenate with Yoga: It enriches the consciousness and makes one alert, aware and active. Live life to its full potential."

the words are absolutely true said by the ministry of AYUSH, government of India. 

Meet you soon in the next post with more information about our religion, spirituality and much more.

Yours Truly

Anubha Sharma Arya

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Science As Well as Spirituality

A German philosopher Herman Hollerith has said:

'There is no subject from amoeba to man, from stars to dust heap that may not held within an essay.'

But here my subject of writing is not explained as any material thing but as unseen power i.e. spiritual power.

Some great Maharishi declared that 'if we want to get quick progress we should mingle material science with spiritual science.'

Our science has made a great no. of miracles in the field of machines, instruments and weapons etc. as mobile, television, DVD players, motor cycles, cars, aeroplanes and artificial satellites and as internet etc. Our space shuttle has reached on Mars too, you are not unaware about these facts.

But spiritual science also is necessary for our life. Spiritual science is the science of sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin), working organs (mouth, voice, legs, hands, reproductive organ and excretory organ), mind (thinking power), brain (decision making power), sub conscious, self conceit, soul and the unseen god.

We should teach, feed and let gain the knowledge of our children about material science because in Sanskrit it has said-

माता शत्रु पिता वैरी येन बलोभ्याम् न पाठ येत्  .
न शोभते सभा मध्ये हन्स मध्ये बको यथा ..

But we should get them knowledge given about yoga, spirituality, morality, good conduct. They must be a celibacy observer at any cost.

And when our children are away from us for the holy purpose of education, we should think about this Urdu sher-

दूरियां ज़रूरी हैं प्यार बढ़ाने के लिए 
पास रहने से तो मुहब्बत मिटती जाती है। 

We should think about our olden days when we were away because we did not have scientific instruments, motor bikes etc, we were near there with hearts. And now when we are near with motors, mobiles etc., we are away with hearts.

So we should make distance of instruments not of hearts. You yourself are able O wise! How you will arrange it. There must be love within our hearts for everyone.

And there should be a law, written in law books - 'Protection of girl or woman', so that any feminine may not bear the oral, written, bodily attack of misleading of man and boy. It is the responsibility of our Prime Minister, Chief Minister and President as well as legal courts, High Courts and Supreme Court to make an act about this Law about the protection of girl child, girls and women.

So we can say we should be educated and skillful in material science, spiritual science, Yoga etc. We should love everyone. Our youngsters must have celibacy till maximum possible limits and for protection of feminine gender, every highest designated person of politics must let a law make about the same. So that no one may harm any lady ever, in India.

Om Shantishshantishshantih.