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Raja Sagar : DRK Part - 20

Raja Sagar

Raja Sagar when thought performing Ashwamedh Yag, he investigated if there was any enemy of him or not.  When no enemy is found then the king has the authority to perform Ashwamedh Yag while he performs his duty for the nation well. Maharaj Sagar said to his all round army, "Move behind this horse and who else captures this horse, you have to win that king." Maharaj Sagar said to his son Sukhmanjas, "O Sukhmanjas! Here my horse moving, you will have to protect this horse for Ashwamedh Yag." He accepted, "Most lovely." The horse of the king was decorated well. On his forehead, it was written, "This is the symbol of Ashwamedh Yag and who else captures it will have to win." This was being thought. 'Amritam Brahmaneh Prahva Sadhanam Drishtvatah', one who performs Ashwamedh Yag, uses to be curious ever to know Vedic hymns and being known to it makes his actions according to it.

No one caught the wandering horse of Maharaja Sagar. Maharishi Kapil Muni Maharaj was present in his school. Two princes named Jaya and Vijaya studied there. They had got completeness in Learning of weapons.  They both captured that horse in their school. When the horse was not seen anywhere then Maharaj Sagar told his son, Sukhmanjas, "Our all rounder son like army as well as you must move to bring that horse back." They could not find that horse while they searched all over the earth. Coming back to the door of Sagar, they said, "Prabhu! We dont think so, that we can 'Brahve Kritam' bring it back."

He asked, "Where has he gone?" They replied, "Prabhu! We dont know." He ordered to find it out.  With their commander they again moved to search on and inside the earth. While wandering they reached to the door of Kapil Muni, he gave them place to sit. They saw that the horse was there.They said, "O Kapil! 'Amritaam Bhutam Brahmeh Raj Sutaham' It's order of our king that we shall fight because you have caught the horse of Ashwamedh Yag." He told, "Very lovely." Kapil Muni was deep insighted to the philosophy, where he was a hermit, he knew well the learning of weapons too. Jaya and Vijaya who were his pupil used to invent and construct war weapons too, through it.

Kapil Muni  Maharaj 'Amritaam Brahmeh Vrittam Raj Sutaham' said, "O Rajan! Do not move to this kind of action." They told, "No. We will fight." Saying 'lovely', he ordered Jay and Vijay. Jay and Vijay were master of archery. Kapil Muni was a great master of archery too. According to this method, they started fight. When they attacked with one or two weapons, a great part of army was destroyed. Having got his whole army killed the king came to know that this condition of his army was done by Jay and Vijay and who used to study at the school of Kapil Muni so, that place has all types of Learning.

When Raja Sagar heard the news that his army was destroyed and they had not left that horse even, Sukhmanjas with a little army of Raja Sagar reached to the cottage of Maharishi Kapil Muni Maharaj. When Kapil Muni looked the condition of his cottage, he said to them, "Come sir! Have seat. O Rajan! Why have you come?" So, 'Sambhuti Brahmah Sam Rudro Bhagaam Bandhanam Brahe Kritani', My Children! He told "It came to my mind, I want to make this thought holy and great." My Children! Sukhmanjas, son of Raja Sagar bowed to his feet and prayed, "Maharaj! our 'Gamnam Prahve Gamnam Prahe Kritam Devah Na Gamnam Tam Breehi' " My sons! He pronounced these words. It comes to our mind, these thought are of ancient times, they changed their activities as well as reactions. Where our conversation moves, heads of Raja Sagar were intended to fight, but the king 'Brahe Amritaam Brahm Lokaam Vachah'. He told, "Prabhu! Why it is so?" He told, "Sambhu Dhananjam Vrate Devam Abhyaam Rudra Bhago Sambhava Krate Devah' O Prabhu! I 'Niprah Vrate' am here to bring my horse back." He asked, "Will you not perform Ashwamedh Yag?" Sukhmanajas said, "Prabhu! If you permit then it may be performed." He told, "Get it from Jay and Vijay." He went to the door of Jay and Vijay. Both the attainer of celebacy, Jay and Vijay were busy in contemplation of the god. Raja Sukhmanjas said, "Prabhu! I want to take your horse." O sons! this is indication of politeness.

Having got  his horse from Kapil Muni Maharaj, Raja Sagar requested, "Maharaj! I shall perform an Ashwamedh Yag." He said, "Get the permission from Jay and Vijay that you are performing Ashwamedh Yag and what their desire is." They permitted and said, "Yag is material of mortality and said 'Yagaam Brahmah'." Both made a voice of cheer. Maharishi Kapil Muni Maharaj ordered them 'Apratim Brahme Ashavaam Gachchham Vrataam Dadhi Rupaam Devah'. 

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Anubhav Sharma 

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