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Miracle of Yoga : By Lord Krishna

As you know there are a lot of gods, prayed in our religion. According to my knowledge, there is only one supreme power and all others are too much enlightened souls that they are said to be a god in this world. Almighty, omnipotent, omnipresence god is only one and I pray to thee as those highly illuminated persons whose spirit was too sublime and powerful and the god granted them with too much miraculous virtues, that they too are said to be god, prayed Him. Ram, Krishna, Shiv, Hanuman etc were too much near to Him that He gave them a lot of powers which are not possible to get by a common people. Ram and Krishna were the souls, who were near salvation. They took birth in this world to improve the condition of society.
You will be amazed to know that first Manu of this present Universe was too the soul of this Lord Krishna. Actually Krishna knew two types of Yoga. First is sublime yoga and the other is Bhrishta Yoga. With the help of sublime yoga, he shows his miraculous gigantic form before his pupil Arjuna. This type of task is very common to a yogi.
Now I am narrating a story related to Bhrishta Yoga as found in our mythology and this story is aptly true.
Once, at the time of exile of Pandavas, Mata Draupadi got a miraculous pot (it was invention of science and she got it from a Rishi : Actually rishi is that person who is super in both fields - spiritual and physical science). The property of this pot was that the food, in this pot not ended till she did not eat herself. With the help of this pot Yudhishthira was performing a great Yajna(obligation) in the forest where a lot of saints used to eat food and meet them at the time of Yajna regularly.
When Duryodhan came to know that Yudhishthira is performing a great yajna and uses to feed the saints with the food he thought how is it possible and became full of jealous. He made a plan in his mind and invited Durvasa Muni who was famous for his anger. He generally used to curse the others because of this property. He entertained him with good food and giving him a lot of gratitude. After that he asked him for a boon. Having got too much respect and entertainment, he granted him a boon and said that he might ask whatever he wanted. Now Duryodhana got a chance to destroy the yajna of Yudhishthira. He requested Durvasa to go to see the yajna of Yudhishthira and urged to curse them. Because Durvasa Rishi has promised, he had to grant this boon to Duryodhana.
Now, with his pupils, Durvasa went to see the yajna of Yudhishthira. On the way, he met some saints who were returning from that place after getting food and entertainment. Durvasa asked the saints the source of food how they arranged. They told him that Draupadi had a miraculous pot in which the food did not end until she herself ate. Durvasa made a plan to curse Pandavas. He with the help of Yoga, came to know that Draupadi has taken her food and now it is not possible for her to give them food if they suddenly reach there. Now, he, as well as his pupils reached there where Draupadi was alone because Pandavas had gone to visit some another place. Draupadi entertained them all with polite words and asked “Maharaj! How can I serve you?” Durvasa got the chance and told her, “O my daughter! We are very hungry, we need food as you are doing yajna and feeding a lot of saints everyday. If possible, please give us some food.”
Draupadi at once understood that Durvasa had some different reason of begging food in obligation. After thinking a while, she replied, “Sir! You may go to river for bathing, till then I shall arrange food for you.”
They all went to the river for bathing. Now Draupadi has guessed the ill thoughts that were contained in Durvasa, she thought that he came to them to curse Pandavas.” Draupadi was so scholar a lady, she knew her seven past births. Then she entered the place where weapons of war were arranged in order and took a knife to kill herself as to save the Pandavas from the anger of Durvasa.
Thanx God! Lord Krishna reached there at the same time. He told her, “O my dear sister! What are you doing?”
Draupadi replied, “O Krishna! Durvasa has reached here to curse the Pandavas. He needs food but I can not arrange it. He will surely grant them all curse. That is why I was getting suicide.”
After inspecting the situation, he said, “Draupadi! I am very hungry, give me something to eat.”
“O brother! You are in the mood of humor; I do not have even a single bit of food.”
“Plz give me that pot.”
She gave him that pot; Krishna searched a piece of rice in it. He ate it and said, “Now, my hunger is about to end.”
And with Bhrishta Yoga, he made the effect of that rice onto those visitors. Now Pandavas too returned back. They asked Krishna for well being of him and his family. After some formalities Krishna told Bhima to go to river bank and bring them all from there. He advised him to bring club(Gada) with him too and added if he refuses, bring him here with the fear of club. When Bhima reached the river bank, all were lying on the bank as they all were full and not feeling any hunger as Krishna has done it with Bhrishta Yog. Bhim requested Durvasa to come with him as they have asked for food to eat. Durvasa was rishi, and a rishi never frightened of any one but because there was sin of giving them curse within his mind, he at once, with their pupils, started moving. Bhima was following them with that club. Now he was moving to Pandava’s cottage, with the fear.
When Durvasa reached there, Krishna said to Draupadi to ask him whatever thing he wanted.
After giving him mat to sit comfortably, Draupadi said Durvasa, “O sage! Please tell me which thing do u like to eat in lunch?”
He thought that even he has no hunger but he will have to ask for something, in case, he can give them curse because he knew very well that they have nothing to give for eating. So he knowingly asked a non-seasonal fruit – mango.
Having so listened, she came back to Krishna and said that he is asking for mango. She added that now he shall curse Pandavas because mango is a non-seasonal fruit and it is not possible to offer such a fruit at this time.
Krishna gave her consolation and said, “Ask him, which type of mango he wants to eat – ripen or raw?”
Draupadi went there and asked him the same.
On hearing it he suspected if they had mangoes. So he thought he should order that mango which they did not have. He, after thinking for a while said, “I want both raw and ripen.”
Draupadi goes to Krishna “He is asking for both types of mangoes.”
Krishna said to Draupadi, “Request him to stay there with his mouth opened upward, both types of mangoes are about to reach.
Similar words she told Durvasa.
Durvasa opened his mouth in upward direction. Now with the help of Bhrishta Yoga, what Krishna did? –
Near his mat, a tree of mango started growing; slowly-slowly it changed to a big tree. Now fruits started appearing. Some remained raw and some changed to ripen mangoes. Now the wind started flowing hard and the fruits began to fall from the tree. When ripen drops on his face, his face became full of ripen material contained within it. When raw mango dropped on his face, he used to almost cry hard. His face got swelling soon. He was now completely confused and in pain, he requested Mata Draupadi, “O my daughter! Please help me.”
Krishna told Draupadi to ask him if anything else he needed. When Draupadi asked him, he said, “O daughter! I don’t need anything except my life.”
After some time Krishna stopped it.
Now Durvasa forgot giving them curse and left that place and within his mind, he blessed Draupadi and all Pandavas. When he was walking on the way towards his ashram, he told his pupils, “O sons! We should not promise any cheat like Duryodhana for anything. These Pandavas and Draupadi were very generous and sublimated. I determined to curse them for the sake of Duryodhana. This I did wrong. I think that all the positive actions of my past seven births came to an end through this wrong behavior.
So O dear readers! We should know actual Yoga and should not help any wicked person. Krishna did a lot of miracles through Yoga. This yoga is very great thing. A lot of wrong facts are accustomed in place of real yoga in this world. I am telling you one thing about me now; I too have gained a lot of things in yoga, which is miraculous for a common person. But it happens. I am firm about it because it is my own experience. See U later in next post.

Anubhav Sharma
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Attain Peace II

As Narada Muni was advised about Brahmcharaya, he asked a further question, "Maharaj! I would now like to know whether there is anything higher than Brahmcharya?"
Annah the Food
On so being asked by Narada, Sanat Kumar said, "O Narada food is higher than Brahmcharya. Worship food and this vegetable kingdom. Food gives us radiance and Brahmcharya. Food is sacred for us. Always be worshiping food.
Narad Muni said, "Is the food only greatest of all?"
Kamadhenu the mother Earth
Maharishi Sanat Kumar said, "No Narada! The Earth is higher than the food. Invoke the Earth. She is our mother. We have two different mothers one bears the physical form; the other is the mother Earth (which rears the form from the womb to the tomb.) When we come out of the womb of the mother, we get into the womb of the mother Earth. Just as in the mother's womb we are fed and fondled through her mammore, we are reared and fed through different types of plants and foods in the lap of the Mother Earth. She blesses us. She is called 'Dhenu'(cow)[Kamdhenu is a mythological cow supposed to have belonged to sage Vashishtha from which all desires could be milked out.]. This Earth is called by several other names. O Narada! This Earth is our Mother. We are sustained in its womb. We should invoke the Earth. We should know her through scientific investigations. This Earth is so innocent that she accords us, according to our wishes, whatever object we contemplate upon. Raja Ravana's son Narayantak had said, "This Earth is so innocent that it is possible for one to become the type of scientist one likes. It accords peace of the Self to a spiritual seeker and knowledge of matter to the physical scientist." O Mother Earth! you are indeed Kamdhenu. You are the fulfiller of our desires. You are a Devi(one who gives). The Vedas have called you by that name.
The seekers in the realm of physical contemplated to seek for pearls out of the Earth. The Earth gave them the pearls. Whatever great things man sought for, he got them. O Mother Earth! We seek for Electric Energy. You are kind enough to give us the same. We think of a disciplined society, you mould us into a noble nation.
O Earth! We are indeed within your embrace. After coming out of the mother's womb we come into the embrace of the Mother Earth where we are able to cross the surging sea of this phenomenon world by doing righteous deeds.
After being so advised about the Earth, Narada asked Sanat Kumar, "Sir! I would now like to know if there is anything higher than the Earth?"
The fire principle:
Sanat Kimar replied, "Higher than the Earth is the Fire Principle which is pervading the cosmos; which is activating all the phenomena. The Principle causes rains which help in the growth of all forms of foods. When it acts on the seas, water-vapors rise. They form the clouds which yield rains. The rains help in the growth of the vegetable kingdom which the man consumes and transforms into Vital Energy(Brahmcharya). When this Vital Energy is preserved and sublimated, the memory sharpens. When the memory is sharpened  the sub-conscience is rendered pure and holy. This, in turn purifies the intellect which again sublimates the mind. When the mind is pure, the speech is made pure.  And when the speech is pure we are able to know the world with proper discrimination."
After this Narada asked, "Sir, What is then higher than the Fire Principle?"
Anteriksha the Space
Sanat Kumar advised, "O Narada! The space is subtler than the fire principle. Whatever word we pronounce, it permeates in the space. From the space it is picked up and interpreted according to our receptive intellect. The Medha Buddhi (subtler faculty of intellect) has a bearing with the space. The space is the promoter of our intellect. It prompts the life Principle to us. It promotes our life-span. It initiates the Air Principle. It initiates the Fire Principle."
Thereupon Narada Muni asked,"Sir, What may be still higher than the Space?"
Ambar the Cosmos
Sanat Kumar advised, "O Narada! This cosmos is higher than the space. Look! How many worlds known as the Lunar Sphere, the Solar(sphere), Dhruva Mandal(Pole Star), the Saptarishi Mandal(sphere), Bhoor, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Maha, Jana, Tapah and Satyam Mandals(sphere). Similarly there are the worlds known as the Aruni Mandal, Augusta Mandal and the Achang etc. All these worlds remain in the womb of Cosmos and exercise their influence in their respective spheres."
Narada  Muni asked, "Sir, what is higher than the Cosmos?"
Prana the Real Force
Sanat Kumar advised, "O Narada! The prana is higher than the cosmos. The prana is pervading every creature in this phenomenon world. The prana is motivating the world. It is working in collaboration with the Atma(soul). This prana is activating the inanimate Nature. O Narada! you invoke the prana. This Prana is the prompter of your spiritual peace.
Parmatma the Supreme Being
Munivaro! After upto prana, Narada Muni kept mum and only observed that he was experiencing the spiritual peace. Thereupon Sanat Kumar added, "O Narada! There is some entity still higher than the Prana. And that is the Supreme Being. He is the one who only motivates Prana and who only blesses the Atma (soul) Principle in us. O Narada! If you want the spiritual peace, you should go in His refuge."
Narada Muni became quiet and wondered as to how much inspiration he had received that from the sage who had instructed him with so much of knowledge concerning the physical science and also the spiritual wisdom.
So O dear readers! this is the end of Narada Muni and Sanat Kumar conversation. This conversation is very much inspiring both in the field of spiritual and materialistic(physical) science.See U in the next post.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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Salutation for Cheat & How to Attain Peace I

We should salute our pranas(life wind). Salutations not only to the pranas but to the wicked people. Salutation to cheat also. But how to salute the cheat? Do not salute him with folded hands. If u are confirmed with a cheat or a wicked man salute him with a stick and prove to him that u are firm and rigid  at ur stand. At that time u should salute with the stick.
Vedas have obtained Namaskar(salute) to the lion also. But the lion is offered it in two ways. The one who has realised the Atma(soul) essence offer's Namaskar with love, compassion.
Once Lomash Muni was passing through Kadli forest. The lion came and rolled at the sage's feet. What is the limit  of the strength of that Atma(soul) before which even the lion starts rolling in humility!  Similar account we get from mother Gargi's life. Once she was going on to see Maharishi Yagyavalkya. In  the way a lion came and saluted the mother Gargi and rolled at her feet.
In the vedas salutations have been ordained for various contexts. Our preceptors, visualizing in different ways have expressed in many a beautiful phrases. Salutations to the Pranas! O pranas! you  are holy and wholesome. You pervade within us. We want to be wholesome. Today we invoke that prana with which our Yogis, having mastered their mental impulses and dwelling in the 'Mooladhar' (Chakra near reproductive organ) and the Supreme hole, achieved Yogic perfection. Today we urge for that prana.
O readers we have to be unselfish. We have to realize God. We have to give up our shortcomings. If there are various types of evils in our mind, there is selfishness and along with we be worshiping God, then it will be of no use. It will be beneficial only when we try to go in God's lap while behaving unselfishly. Today we have to purify our conscience.

Now I am narrating a story that is taken from the sermons of Maharishi Shringi (Brahmchari Krishndatta Ji), my spiritual Guru. It is related to Narad Muni and Sanatkumar's conversation.Once, for some reason, the divine sage Narada suffered from delusion. He thought that he should move out and get delusion removed. Having left his place, he approached Maharishi Papri Muni Maharaj, who offered him a fitting welcome and asked whether he was at peace. Narad Muni said, "Sir, where is peace? Today I am suffering from delusion. I am not able to get peace of the self. I am desirous of the same." Thereupon Maharishi Papri Muni Maharaj observed, "Sir, in my opinion you should approach Maharishi Sanat Kumar. You will surely get the peace of the self."
Having been so directed, the divine sage Narada moved out and reached at the door of Maharishi Sanat Kumar. Maharishi accorded him a great welcome and offered to him an elevated seat while requesting him to occupy it. Narada Muni took the seat. Maharishi Sanat Kumar observed, "The divine sage Narada! your heart seems not full of bliss. Where has your humor gone? Thereupon Narada Muni submitted, "Maharaj! Today I have come to touch your feet so that I may get the peace of the Self." He asked "Why do not you have peace of the Self?" Narada regretted his inability to point out the reason.
Then Sanat Kumar asked, "Apprise me as to what branches of knowledge you have known and what you have not known." At that time Narada replied, "Bhagwan! I have studied the six schools of Philosophy, the four Vedas, the sub-Vedas, Mathematics and all other sciences but I am not able to get the peace of the Self."
Phenomenon of peace of the Self

Having so heard form Maharishi Narada, Maharishi Sanat Kumar said, "O Narada! All this knowledge is of a very high order. This only will bless you. The knowledge is most absorbing and wonderful. You dive deep into it. This will make you one with the world.
Narada asked, "Maharaj! I want to know whether there is any other thing greater than this knowledge in the world?"
On this enquiry, Maharishi Sanat Kumar said, "Yes, there is a thing greater than this. And it is speech. Today you should worship speech. Speak the truth. Whatever expression you utter, it should be truthful. By speaking the truth, the speech will become forceful and radiant. Maharishi Shringi never spoke a single word of lie and falsehood for 84 years. Whatever he said, must happen. If he proclaimed death for a man, the man must die. O, Narada! Maharishi Atri Muni observed truthfulness for 120 years in his life If he said to a flying bird that it should come to him, the bird had to come to him. O Narada! This speech is a very significant thing. Do not indulge falsely with it, your speech will be charged with force and radiance. This speech is such a thing that it can take you to God head. This is that invaluable asset which can help you cross the sea of this phenomenon world. You worship speech. Speak the truth."
The divine sage Narada said," Maharaj! I would like to know whether there is anything higher than speech?"
Sanat Kumar advised, "There is a thing still higher than speech. And that is mind. This mind is very significant. It moves faster than even Vayu(air). This mind can take you to Indra-lok(Heaven). Stabilise this mind; This will take you to great heights."
In this context the serious thinkers have analysed that when a man sees anything handsome, he does not see with the eyes. Rather he sees with the mind. The eyes, the pupil, the subtle conducting nerves and retina etc., are all the inanimate, instrumental things. It is the mind which gathers the impression. If this mind is stable the impression will be good. But if it is wavering, then it will lead to horrible movements. It will be instrumental for the man's death. A parable has come to my memory. Sanat Kumar told it to Narad. It  is a great metaphor.
There was a rich man. A servant approached him for service. The rich man asked,"What will be the salary acceptable to you?" The servant said,"Sir, I do not want any remuneration but I have a principle. When I should have no work to be done, I shall kill you." The rich man agreed to keep him in service and started entrusting him with various jobs one by one. As the master assigned the job, it was accomplished in no time by the servant. After some time the rich man got worried as he soon found himself nearing exhaustion of assignments for his extraordinary servant. Once he was going along  a path way. There he came across a wise man who asked the rich man for the cause of his wearsomeness. The rich man narrated the whole affair to the wise man and expressed his fear of being killed by his own servant as in immediate future there would be no work for the servant.
Thereupon the wise advised, "Brother! why are you engaging him in your own works? Engage him in the works of the world." Accepting the advice the rich man returned home and did accordingly. He asked his servant to be engaged in good works of the world. The servant found no limit to such works and the rich man was saved.
So is the condition of man's mind. If we keep the mind engaged in noble deeds and in the contemplations of God, we are safe. But, as soon as it is free to wander about, thoughts ravage indiscriminately, preparing for the doom.
Sanat Kumar said to Narada, "O Narada! you make your mind steady. Invoke the mind. It is a great entity. It will help you to realize God."
Narada Muni asked, "Sir! I want to know whether there is anything higher than the mind?"
Buddhi(The Intellect)
Sanat Kumar said, "O Narada! Intellect is higher than the mind. It is a gift of God. You pray to God that he should bless you by intellect so that you may properly discriminate the phenomenon world. This mind submits all the 'Vasanas'(latent desires) before the intellect. The intellect discriminates and gives its decision for our acceptance."
So, look! intellect is the guide of our life. We should act intellectually. This individual soul merges with the Supreme Soul after attaining the three types of intellect - Medha, Ritambhara and Pragya. Liberation is achiived. Now-a-days we do not contemplate for the development of three types of intellect.
After this Narada further said,"Maharaj! I would like to know whether there is anything higher than intellect?"
Antahkaran(the sub-conscience)
Sanat Kumar advised, "O Narada! The sub-conscience is higher than the intellect. You should make this sub-conscience sublime. By doing so your life will be sublimated. In this little and subtle sub-conscience all this entire planetorium of God is absorbed. The sub-conscience is so very wholesome. Merge your intellects in the sub-conscience.
There upon the divine sage Narada asked "Sir! I do not want any more elaboration upon sub-conscience. I want to know whether there is anything higher than this sub-conscience?"
Smriti(the memory)
Sanat Kumar now said "O Narada! The memory is higher than the sub-conscience. (Now Shringi Rishi Himself saying) Leave aside other thing. You take my life for consideration. Millions of years before I had learnt these Vedic Verses but today again according to my 'Karma', I am able to reproduce them before you. The impressions of several generations remain imprinted on our sub-conscience. Smriti constitutes in their sprouting forth.
After this Narada Muni futher probed, "Maharaj! I would like to know what is higher than smriti even?"
Brahmcharya the Vital Energy
Sanat Kumar advised, "Brahmcharya is higher than smriti. This brahmcharya accords radiance and splendour. It helps one to revel into Brahma(God). You should be a Brahmchari. If we do not observe Brahmcharya, then our life is only for name sake. O Narada! Mother Gargi has also spoken very high of Brahmcharya. She has observed, "Brahmchari is considered a great man in the world. He is full of radiance like the Sun. He is called the Mrityunjaya(one who conquers the death); He is called the Rudra(One who wins the enemies). We should observe Brahmcharya as it can win even death for man. Lomash Muni observed Brahmcharya throughout life. Now how long he lived and ultimately attained Liberation.
Maharishi Augustya, a great observer of Brahmcharya, achieved the distinct capability of drinking the sea in three sips. People have not understood the meaning implied therein. My revered preceptor Gurudev Brahma described to me this greatness of Maharishi Augustya. Which are those three sips? They are Knowledge, Action and Devotion (Gyana, Karma and Upasna). The sea is this phenomenon world.

The remaining part of attaining the peace, I shall publish later. See U in next post with the remaining part of this Narada Muni and Sanat Kumar conversation.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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The Two Phases of Man's Life

A lunar month consists of two fortnights - the dark and the bright. In the dark fortnight the moon goes on diminishing day by day and on the last day it totally disappears. But then comes the bright fortnight when it begins to grow bigger and bigger and a day comes when it attains full maturity, and all the darkness is converted into light. Similarly in the life of man a dark period appears, but then he must not leave the path of virtue and must boldly face all the calamities which may come before him. And then certainly a day will come when his dark period will come to an end and he will shine forth in his full glory.
I am taking of the two periods - the dark and the bright. In this connection I want to narrate a story of the Treta age to which I have studied in a book of my respected guru Brahmchari Krishn Dutt Ji. Once in the Treta Yug, when king Raghu was the ruler, it did not rain for a long time. The earth    became dry and hot and famine appeared. The king was alarmed. At that time Maharishi Udanga began to collect oblation-materials. He collected the necessary materials  for about fifteen days and then performed a grand sacrifice(Yajna) with those materials. As soon as the sacrifice was performed  the gods were pleased and rain commenced pouring.
Now it so happened that a mongoose(Maharishi Nevla) which lived in the vicinity arrived there when the sacrifice was over and tried to get itself immersed in the sacrificial remains but the water was not sufficient and only half portion of it became of gold. Then the mongoose began to pass his days in the hope that some another day such sacrifice might be performed and he may  get a chance to dip itself in the remains of that sacrifice so that the remaining portion of his body may also become of gold. Days after days went on passing in the hope, and the Dwapar age arrived. In the Dwapar Yug king Yudhishthir performed the Rajsuya Sacrifice.This sacrifice was performed with great splendor. All the royal resources were utilized. The grandeur of the sacrifice was beyond description. The mongoose was also arrived there and dipped itself in the remains of the sacrifice. But the remaining portion of its body did not turn into gold. Then the mongoose became sad. Maharaj Yudhishthir spoke, "O Mongoose why are you sad?" The mongoose replied, "O sir! Once upon a time Mahrishi   Udang performed a sacrifice which was not big as of yours but it resulted in bringing rains. I tried to get my body immersed in the remains of that sacrifice, but the remains being not sufficient, only one half of my body could be immersed in it and that half became of gold. O sir! you have performed such a big sacrifice. I was expecting that the remaining  half of my body would also turn into gold if  I got itself immersed in the remains of  this sacrifice and so I did immerse my body, but I am disappointed. The other half of my body could not turn into gold. This is the reason of my sadness. I am unable to understand what sort of sacrifice it is which could not turn the remaining of my body into gold."
On hearing this Yudhishthir was perplexed. Seeing his anxiety the mongoose asked him, "O sir!Why are u getting perplexed?"  Yudhishthir replied, "The reason of my perplexity is that I performed such a big sacrifice but it could not turn the remaining half of your body into gold. So it seems that my sacrifice has been worthless." At that time Maharaj Krishna Chandra who was a Yogi having the knowledge of the sixteen kalas said,"O mongoose! Be quiet, darker days are still to come when all sorts of  ignorance will pervade the world. Human progress will come to stop. At that time even this half of your body which is of gold will not remain so."
Whatever Lord Krishna said then has come to be true. Some persons say that actions are not required to be done in the present age. Somebody says that he is the incarnation of Krishna and some other body says that he is liberated soul. But all these statements are misleading this world. Krishna used  to be  delighted with sixteen thousand hymns of Vedas but people say that he had sixteen thousands wives. But he had attained full authority over those hymns and was pleased to ponder over them in a lonely place.
This Yug named Kalyug is the period of ignorance where spiritual light is not well known by persons. A lot of peoples are misguided by others because actual Yoga is  not known by them(peoples).
We must think over the teachings of the Vedas today. How these teachings bring about an all round development of man? We must know that human development totally depends upon these teachings. These teachings are divided into two parts - the spiritual and the physical(materialistic). When man is guided by both of them, only then he attains his real development - he achieves his goal of life.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Some inspiring thoughts

O protector! truthful! Live! Joyful! Vital, reliever of sorrow, happiness provider God! We accept your all images which are as follows - en lighter of soul, full of scientific light, acceptable, purest,  who fulfills our every need. All these images would inspire our mind  to good and positive actions.

As the sun favours the Earth by providing it heat, light etc. and gives happiness, As teacher favours his taught (pupil; or vedas say 'son' too) by providing him/her knowledge of different subjects and happiness too. The ruler/leader also should be of this kind for his countrymen; All the hymns of vedas prove it.

Two golden feathered birds, live together, having friendship between them too, have shelter in a big tree. One of whom is eating fruits of that tree with deep sensation; the other is only overlooking it as a witness. Former is soul and the other is God and that tree means this vast world . (This is the actual position of us, as defined in vedas by god himself).

Who gives us pleasure like our brother, who completes all our deeds, who knows all about our names, places and past life. In which salvation provider god the scholars move freely after getting salvation. That god is, our king, teacher and justice. We must pray to thee with good actions.

The mouth of container of reality and truth  is covered with thick golden membrane. O god! plz remove  that wall so that we may get the capacity to realize, and not caught by the habit of getting only prosperity. We must sharpen arrow of soul by 'Varagya' or becoming away with sensuous pleasure and O dear! then find the target of the truth so that it may break into the container.

O god! u r great, u gives us all pleasures. Thou is pure and like our brother. All sorrows of him who comes to u, comes to an end. Plz save us from every bad habit or ill deed and grand us good properties, actions and things.

The god says that i give to man miscellinius strange, effective incidence everywhere always. The thoughtful illuminated persons should accept it with knowledge.

Special hidden fact: (G)enerator : Brahma, (O) perator: Vishnu, (D)estroyer: Mahesh - The word GOD is matching to Hindu mythology.

The god is present at every place and this world is changeable so consume things of  this world after donating something. Don't be greedy because neither ruler nor ruled is actual owner of this wealth. Think who possess it?...... Answer is - the God.

These thoughts are taken from hymns of Veda I believe that you will enjoy reading it.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Condition of The World

This story is found in our religious book Mahabharat which is told by Mahatma Vidur to King Dhritrashtra at the time of Mahabharat to define the condition of world which is famous for its foresightedness.
Once a man was wandering in forests. Suddenly, he saw that trees of forest have caught fire and were burning producing a lot of heat. There lions were roaring and the elephants were trumpeting with very loud noise. He was very frightened. He ran towards a very big tree which was near a clean water pond. In hurry, he went on climbing on it. But when he saw below, a snake was also crawling towards him from its roots. On which branch, he was sitting, two rats of black colour and white colour were cutting that branch. An elephant of six heads and trunks was shaking that tree and trying to break it with its trunks. He suddenly understood his future that is to be ended soon. But at that branch some drops of honey were falling from a hive of bees that was some where on upper branches. He took his tongue below that flow of drops. And now he completely forgot his uncertain future that is nothing except death.
Now he explains this story-
When the child, before birth, has existence in the womb of mother, he becomes very much worried because of the warmth of womb and the sound of circulation of life wind and blood. There he feels a hell. He prays to god to separate him from that Hell.The god gives him, after a certain   period of more than nine months, the outer world. This world is like a tree. [Place of uterus is compared to have the fire and frightening sound of elephants and lions]. In that tree that elephant is six seasons, every season is of two months, which is continuously cutting the age of that person, rats of black and white colors are day and night, which is continuously ending the life of that person. That snake is the death that is to come surely. Here everyone forgot his death because honey of anger, desires, greed, proud and love is being taken by them. They forget their death and are busy in these tasks.
So, O dear reader! try to get some different thing other than these and now it is the time to be busy in gaining true knowledge, doing pious tasks and praying the God. Don't forget your death. Death is approaching towards us like that snake; which is sure.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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What is Death?

There are certain facts which are beyond our logic and need to be investigated. Death is such kind of  fact. Actually death is quite different thing what we think about it.
As we know  that in this world death is essential thing for every one to whom we see, we try to escape this fact and make us busy in our normal behavior of anger, desires, greed, love and proud etc. We do not think about our forthcoming death.
If we want to win death, we can. Do you know this fact? I shall tell you something about it.
Actually for scientists and Yogis, death is not dangerous. A rishi has said that there is death in ignorance and there is life always if we have true knowledge. This knowledge, in very less quantity, I am trying to tell you.
Suppose a person dies. As we know that body is made of five things- water, air, fire, space and soil. After death, the body of these five fundamental elements can be seen and we can not say that this body is dead. The body is not dead, it only stops working. All parts of the body, according to biology, can be seen as it is. But here our mythology say that this body is not working now because soul has left it.
When we think about body, this body is made with the help of food, he had eaten and other supporting things such as light, heat, air and water etc. Now all the atoms of body remains same. And as we know according to  atomic theory that atoms neither can be created nor be destroyed, all the atoms of body except that soul can be seen.
Now, the soul is immortal, as it is  the statement of Vedas and said by the God  himself. The soul moves towards another place after leaving this body. But, now, the soul is not that person.
If we understand the existence of soul clearly, we can not say that it is dead.
Then O dear reader! tell me who is dead?
Actually the soul after leaving this body moves towards those places or births for which it is fixed by God and this fixing is because of the works what he did in past. He has to go some other place. So it is only change of place and body. And when, with the help of yoga, we came to know that we take other births according to our past life, we do not fear of this death.
Time period for our living at any place is fixed and when the time ends, the soul leaves the body. So we should not have any fear from death because it will not come to us before time. So we should do our creative, good actions and prayers with out fear. As Sardar Bhagat Singh did. He and a lot of others gave their life for the sake of independence of their motherland. They knew about this fact else who can give his life for others?
Our mythology explains this fact. A lot of facts are written in Upnishadas about it and death is said to be in  ignorance. So let us improve our knowledge.
We can get the proof of these facts with the help of Yoga too.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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Is Education Essential for Children?

We should arrange a good education for our child. But if we do not arrange teaching for them, what will happen. Is it necessary to educate them?
As well versed person is said to have a kind of power with him, education is a power. There are different kinds of powers such as - power of mind, power of money, power of knowledge, power of body, power of having place in government or being part of our government and so on. So, we shall have a kind of power if our parent have given us or arranged education for us. With the help of education, we can get jobs, we can attain a respectable place in society and we become able to take our normal decisions ourself. It is very important to get education. If we search in our religious or philosophical books, we find-
Mata shatru pita vairi yen balo na pathyet, Na shobhte sabha madhye hans madhye bako yatha.- Bhartrahari
This verse says-
The parents are enemy of their children who do not give them education because they do not win the meetings and look like a donkey in the meeting of horses. In this verse metaphor is used.
Money, invested for the education of our child will not be in vain. Instead, it is a type of deposit. When our child becomes scholar after getting well education, he gives us fame, earns money and much more. As we know it -Vidya dadati vinayam- The knowledge gives us politeness as said by some scholar, is aptly true.Thus politeness is very much useful for us or for the parents. Because of politeness of our son or daughter, we get a lot of pleasure.
That is why we should invest money, as required for the education of our child with free hands.
Some other said, 'Vidya dhanam, paramam dhanam' means wealth of knowledge is the supreme wealth. This statement seems us true.
We should think for a while, if we do not arrange any education for our child, he/she will become a foolish person to whom we are giving to this society. Our contribution for the society must be good not such kind of person should be given to it. It's our duty to help the society by giving it minimum a well versed person.
Now  I am adding one more fact related to this topic. As everyone wants to get success hurriedly, it is important to know how to get it so. If we want to get quick success, we should mingle spiritual science with materialistic (physical) science.
We should think about our old age too, if our children are well versed, we shall not get any type of sorrow there because an educated person is always helpful to others. Surely he will be helpful for us at that time.
As we know,'Avashyamev bhoktavyam kritam karma shubhashubham' -We have to get the fruit of every good or bad action, we should invest our money on our children so that in future it may give us the fruit of pleasure and our children should be able to earn a lot of money for us too.
This was about education for children. We should educate them by investing our hard earned money but we should not let them remain uneducated at any cost else we behave just like an enemy of them. By these concluding words I am stopping my pen.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to view the God

With the help of Yoga, we can view the God. Firstly, let me explain all eight 'Chakras' of our body. First chakra named muladhar(fundamental chakra) exists in our body near reproductive organ. Second chakra is naval chakra near naval. Third chakra is near our heart called 'Hriday chakra'. Fourth chakra is in our throat called 'kanthchakra' Fifth chakra is near our nose called 'Nasika chakra'. Sixth chakra is in our forhead called 'Agya chakra'. Seventh chakra is in our skull on approximately top of our body, called 'Brahm Randhra'(Supreme hole) and the last chakra which is in our backbone named pushp(flower) chakra. In our body there are nine holes to which you can count yourself. There are ten things in our body that work. Five sense organs and five working organs. I shall tell you what they are. Five sense organs are - 1. Skin that touches, 2. Eyes that view, 3.Nose that smells, 4. Ears that hear, 5. Tongue that tastes. Now five working organs are - 1. Hands 2. Legs 3. Mouth that eats 4. Reproductive organ 5. Anus. Now if we want to become a Yogi, we need to regulate all our working and sense organs. Now I am explaining you Ashtang Yog. In it there are eight types of work we have to complete. First is Yam then niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan and samadhi. After yam, niyam comes in which the following parts are there - Shoch (Cleanliness), santosh(to be satisfied), tap(to do typical and difficult work), Ishwar pranidhan (thinking about god), swadhyay (study). When we finish and go forth after finishing all these yam & niyamas, we should accept asanas(exercise) and pranayam(to regulate life wind). Now dharna(make a target), dhyan(to concentrate ourself on a particular target) and samadhi(to become one with god). In this samadhi we can learn and experience a lot of things which we can not be familiar in common times.
Now, we become able to concentrate our life wind and mind, by which a plane type thing is made. Now we move this plane from fundamental chakra to upper chakras slowly-slowly- At last when this plane comes to pushp chakra, we can view the God.

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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In all religions it is commonly said that we should always speak truth. So it is essential to make this word the task of my discussion as I want to discuss common topics of Hindu Mythology with you.
When we speak truth, our speech becomes forceful and radiant. Maharishi Shringi never spoke a single word of lie and falsehood for 84 years. Whatever he said, must happen. If he proclaimed death for a man, the man must die. Similarly Maharishi Atri Muni observed truthfulnesss for 120 years in his life. If he said to a flying bird that it should come to him, the bird had to come to him. Our speech has such a great power that it can take us to God. That is why truth speaking is too much necessary according to our Hindu religion too.
When we accept falsehood or lie, our speech losses power and after sometime we, ourself  feel the importance of truth. If we want to become a yogi we should accept 'Ashtang Yog' which has eight parts. In first part 'Ahimsa, satya, asteya, aparigrah and brahmcharaya' comes. It's integrated form is called 'Yama'.
Ahimsa - Not to hurt anybody with our mind, speech or acitons.
Satya - Truthfullness
Asteya - Leaving theft of every kind.
Aparigrah - Not to indulge too much with sensuous pleasure and having dignity.
Brahmcharya - Not to indulge in any kind of sexual behaviour.
So, it is necessary for a Yogi to speak truth and if we want to make our speech forceful, we should accept truthfulness.
One thing what I have observed that for a scientist or a student it is very important to speak truth ever. Think for a while, when we always speak truth, waves of truthfulness come to us. Our whole environment become full of truthfulness. No one will speak lies to us who comes in touch with us except some non-noticed persons. In this environment, we shall be able to think real things, no false wave of mind then strikes us. That is why we shall gain our true knowledge and then we use to solve some problems in our dreams too. Obviously our dreams will give us those ideas that depend upon true facts. And it is true. We can gain a lot in this environment.
So O dear reader! you should speak truth if you want to gain. I can not write too much now but later I shall discuss about truth and give some more facts related to it if I shall get a chance.

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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Once the king of Devils named Bali started doing 'Yajnas', a work done with alters. He was doing a very big yajna in which he was donating things too. He was emperor of this earth, places below earth and the whole sky(Heaven) means he was emperor of all the three big places so called 'Trilok pati'. There was nothing where he was not reigning and all the gods were frightened of him. When the king of gods, Indra, prayed to Vishnu, a god who manages and operates the whole world, he took birth on the earth in the form of Vamanavtar. Vamanavtar is a birth of Vishnu from different births, other are in the form of Ram, Krishn and Narshimh etc.
He went to the place where Bali was busy in managing yajna and donating things. Guru of Bali, guru of Devils, Shukracharya had said to Bali that if anybody comes to you for charity in the form of brahmin, do not give any thing to him. But when bhagwan vishnu, in the form of Vamanavtar, appeared in front of him and asked to give him one blessing, he at once accepted and said that he could wish whatever he wanted. Listening this Vaman asked the land measured by four footsteps. He thought it very easy task and agreed. Now because Vaman was Vishnu, in real, he measured the whole sky(or Heaven) in one footstep, with second, he measured the whole place that was below earth and by third footstep he measured the whole earth and asked where he should put the fourth footstep. Bali told him to put the fourth footstep on his head. Acordingly Vaman did and by putting his foot on Bali's head he buried him towards the Patal(place below earth).
O dear readers! real meaning of this story that we find in Hindu mythology is very clear and praise worthy. When there become darkness at night on the half of earth and night(Bali) reigns on earth, sky and beneath earth, peoples(Indra) pray to god to get sun light. Sun is called Vaman. In sanskrit language Vaman means 'who vomits'. Here sun vomits rays full of light and heat. So it is called Vaman. In the morning its first ray 'Usha' goes to sky that takes away reign of darkness(Bali) from there. Second ray goes to the places below earth that remove darkness from there and third ray beam comes to earth to remove darkness from earth. And now his full light drive away the whole darkness and now sun becomes the emperor of whole world and darkness moves towards America (Patal Lok) forcefully.

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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There is an illusion in our religious book related to Gautam, Indra and Ahilya. Let us see what it says.
Brahma made Ahilya and when Indra, the king of god saw her beauty, he told to give her to him. The Brahma promised it and after some years when she became young, he gave her to Rishi Gautam, a saint to give her to Indra. But because of marvelous beauty, he made her his wife. When Indra came to know this incident, that his Ahilya is with Gautam, he, with moon, came to Gauitam's cottage and at night he made artificial sound of a cock and then he ordered the moon, to keep and have an eye on Gautam so that if Gautam returns, it may inform Indra. Now he made himself a false copy of Gautam and went inside the cottage and there he met Ahilya . . . . .
On other side, after listening sound of cock, Gautam thought it morning and went to Ganga, pious river, and filled his pot for bathing; The Ganga said, "What are you doing here at this time?"
"O mother Ganga! I use to come here for bathing everyday early in the morning. Why are you asking like it?"
"Gautam! it is midnight now, return back to your cottage because Indra is misleading your wife."
Now, he returned to his house hurriedly. When he went there, he saw moon in the form of a guard, he gave his wet clothes to moon, that is why the moon losses its light on some particular places. Now he moved inside the cottage, he, first, cursed Ahilya that your body would become of stone and cursed the Indra to have thousands of 'Bhagas'.
Now, O noble friends, we should think about this story. The real thought secreted in it is that Gautam means moon, Indra means Sun, Ahilya means this night. In the moon-night, the moon takes away the darkness from the world and gives the earth light. He use the night as a husband use her wife, and the moon(Gautam) gives the plants juicy material. When in the morning the Sun comes, he use the darkness and give it light and from plants, it takes away the juicy material. Through this process of taking and giving juice, the plant products use to ripe. The sun has thousands of rays, that is why it is called to have thousands of Bhagas. Now, I am stopping my pen. You should think about every illusion like it. And the true fact that story say is clear to you now. I shall join you again with some more interesting illusions and stories.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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How to win

Today, I wanna introduce you about some facts given in 'Vidur Neeti', a book written by Mahatma Vidur who was youngest brother of Dhritrashtra who belonged to Mahabharat period.
Look at an stanza taken from Vidurneeti:
Abhivadansheelasya nit vriddhopsevina,
Chattvari tasya vardhyante ayurvidya yashobalam.
A person, who always bade good morning etc to old persons, who serves them, can gain his age, knowledge, fame and activeness. You may think how is it possible? But its true. Who touches the feet of old persons, gets knowledge, techniques of gaining physical health and praised by them and get techniques of gaining age, from them that is why this stanza is told by him. This stanza is like a trick, who do according to it, will surely get what it said.
In this book he also said how we can conquer hearts and get even physical victory on our friends, enemies and the persons who do not have any interest in us.
There are four things by which we can win the heart of others Sam(by praising), Dam(by money), Dand(by punishment) and Bhed(by seperating others). Suppose, we wanna have victory on our enemy, we should not say any abuse for him but we should praise his good qualities. We should give him gifts etc. directly or indirectly. When we get chance we should punish him and let him not increase his followers or well wishers by applying tricks so that all of them will not unite. Now if we want to win someone, we should use the trick Yan, Asan, Samashray, Sandhi, Dwatibhaw and vigraha. Yan meas we should win our enemy by attacking him at once if the whole environment is in our favour. Asan means, we should be silent if environment is not in our favour. We should have shelter under such a person who is more powerful than our enemy(Samashray). Sandhi means we should be united with our enemy and should make him friend whenever required. Dvaitibhav means we should make him friend but not a friend by heart and vigraha means we should break our friendship from our enemy whenever required or it is necessary to do so.
You can use these tricks to win anybody else. Now I am stopping my pen.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Knowledge, Action and Devotion

There is an illusion which is found in our religious books. Its explanation is very useful for our life.
There lived a bird on a beach on a tree. She gave two eggs in its nest. She loved her eggs very much. At the time of tide in ocean, the eggs went into the ocean and when the bird returned she did not find them there. She at once guessed that her eggs were swallowed by the ocean. So she started throwing soil particles (Sand) into the ocean with her small beak. A saint, named 'Augastya' was passing from there. He asked her, "O pious angel! what are you doing?" She said, "O respectable god! This ocean has swallowed my little once and I will dry it up." Augustya said, "You can't do it. It is not possible for you. I can drink this huge ocean with only three sips." He did it and by yoga he released the water of whole ocean as urine and saved the life of her two dear once. It is said that the ocean tastes salty from that time.
This story of our books is considered as it is, by everyone. But I am throwing a flash of true fact hidden within it.Only than, you can understand the actual secret theme of it. The bird is soul and its two dear once are mind and wisdom. This vast world is the ocean. When our mind and wisdom are completely disturbed in this world, the soul throw particles of knowledge to this world to conquer it. But it is impossible to win it. After sometime 'Vivek' comes in existence. 'Vivek' means 'knowledge of true or false'.'Vivek' can easily take three sips of 'Hard work, true knowledge and prayer' and realizes that this world is salty and leaves thinking himself about it. Now mind and wisdom both are saved from this world.
So O dear brother! if you want to conquer this whole world, invest your time either on gaining knowledge, doing good tasks or for meditations etc. Only then you will get the leave from this vast, sorrowful world and you will be able to get pleasure. It is truly said in vedas-
"Om Kurvanneveh karmani jijivishechchhatam samah ...."
'Have a wish to live minimum hundred years doing good deeds.'
This is second sip of Rishi Augastya. Similarly we can find other two sips which are not mentioned here in detail. I will tell you later about it.
I am giving you a fundamental thought that "Knowledge, Action and Devotion is key to success".

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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Who is fool?

Once there was a king who was wandering in hill areas with his courtiers. While standing on a hill, he thought that he is a king of this vast region, yet he does not have even a single stick which is a symbol of earthly power. So, when he returned to his palace, he ordered to prepare a stick for him. The stick was made with the help of ruby, diamonds etc. Which costs millions of rupees.
While walking with this stick, he saw a person in a funeral place who did not have even a single cloth to wear. The king ordered him, "Come with me to my palace where I shall give you clothes, food and place to live." That person replied, "You all will have to come here, what shall I do to go there?" Listening this the king became angry. He beat him with his precious stick and threw it towards him and said, "O fool! Give it to that person to which you find more fool than you." Saying these words, he returned to his palace with his courtiers. Actually that poor looking person was a 'Yogi'. After some years the saint, with the help of Yoga, came to know that the death of the king is very near and the king is on the bed waiting his death. He knowingly went there with that stick. Seeing him, the king said,"O fool! Have you not got any fool to give this stick?"
"No, your honour! I could not find any fool to which I might give it.", he said and added , "What are you doing on this bed?"
King said, "O fool! Don't you know I am going for a long journey?"
"What are you bringing with you on this journey?"
"O fool! Nothing is to be brought there. I am going alone."
"Are your courtiers not going with you for praising you there?"
"O fool! They cannot go with me on this journey."
"Is your army not going there with you to fight?"
"O fool! It is not possible for them to go there on this journey."
"Are you not taking money from your treasury which you have earned till now?"
"O fool! It does not go with us."
"Are these buildings which you have made in your life with too much hard work not going with you?"
He replied the same.
"Are your wives not going with you to serve?"
He replied the same.
"Are you not bringing even a single mat to sit on?"
He replied the same.
Now this was the turn of that saint(Yogi).
"You do not have even a single thing to which you are bringing with you. I am very much better than you that I have many things for this type of journey for taking with me."
And with that stick he beat him hard. Understanding the whole matter, the king came to his feet and said, "O noble sage! I told you fool, many times but you never rebuked me. What should I do now. What are these things which go with us on this journey?
"Now you are about to depart for death. You cannot collect these things now."

O dear readers! I am telling you, those things are - 'Doing good deeds for others and Thinking about god.'

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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