Monday, December 20, 2010

Some inspiring thoughts

O protector! truthful! Live! Joyful! Vital, reliever of sorrow, happiness provider God! We accept your all images which are as follows - en lighter of soul, full of scientific light, acceptable, purest,  who fulfills our every need. All these images would inspire our mind  to good and positive actions.

As the sun favours the Earth by providing it heat, light etc. and gives happiness, As teacher favours his taught (pupil; or vedas say 'son' too) by providing him/her knowledge of different subjects and happiness too. The ruler/leader also should be of this kind for his countrymen; All the hymns of vedas prove it.

Two golden feathered birds, live together, having friendship between them too, have shelter in a big tree. One of whom is eating fruits of that tree with deep sensation; the other is only overlooking it as a witness. Former is soul and the other is God and that tree means this vast world . (This is the actual position of us, as defined in vedas by god himself).

Who gives us pleasure like our brother, who completes all our deeds, who knows all about our names, places and past life. In which salvation provider god the scholars move freely after getting salvation. That god is, our king, teacher and justice. We must pray to thee with good actions.

The mouth of container of reality and truth  is covered with thick golden membrane. O god! plz remove  that wall so that we may get the capacity to realize, and not caught by the habit of getting only prosperity. We must sharpen arrow of soul by 'Varagya' or becoming away with sensuous pleasure and O dear! then find the target of the truth so that it may break into the container.

O god! u r great, u gives us all pleasures. Thou is pure and like our brother. All sorrows of him who comes to u, comes to an end. Plz save us from every bad habit or ill deed and grand us good properties, actions and things.

The god says that i give to man miscellinius strange, effective incidence everywhere always. The thoughtful illuminated persons should accept it with knowledge.

Special hidden fact: (G)enerator : Brahma, (O) perator: Vishnu, (D)estroyer: Mahesh - The word GOD is matching to Hindu mythology.

The god is present at every place and this world is changeable so consume things of  this world after donating something. Don't be greedy because neither ruler nor ruled is actual owner of this wealth. Think who possess it?...... Answer is - the God.

These thoughts are taken from hymns of Veda I believe that you will enjoy reading it.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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