Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who is fool?

Once there was a king who was wandering in hill areas with his courtiers. While standing on a hill, he thought that he is a king of this vast region, yet he does not have even a single stick which is a symbol of earthly power. So, when he returned to his palace, he ordered to prepare a stick for him. The stick was made with the help of ruby, diamonds etc. Which costs millions of rupees.
While walking with this stick, he saw a person in a funeral place who did not have even a single cloth to wear. The king ordered him, "Come with me to my palace where I shall give you clothes, food and place to live." That person replied, "You all will have to come here, what shall I do to go there?" Listening this the king became angry. He beat him with his precious stick and threw it towards him and said, "O fool! Give it to that person to which you find more fool than you." Saying these words, he returned to his palace with his courtiers. Actually that poor looking person was a 'Yogi'. After some years the saint, with the help of Yoga, came to know that the death of the king is very near and the king is on the bed waiting his death. He knowingly went there with that stick. Seeing him, the king said,"O fool! Have you not got any fool to give this stick?"
"No, your honour! I could not find any fool to which I might give it.", he said and added , "What are you doing on this bed?"
King said, "O fool! Don't you know I am going for a long journey?"
"What are you bringing with you on this journey?"
"O fool! Nothing is to be brought there. I am going alone."
"Are your courtiers not going with you for praising you there?"
"O fool! They cannot go with me on this journey."
"Is your army not going there with you to fight?"
"O fool! It is not possible for them to go there on this journey."
"Are you not taking money from your treasury which you have earned till now?"
"O fool! It does not go with us."
"Are these buildings which you have made in your life with too much hard work not going with you?"
He replied the same.
"Are your wives not going with you to serve?"
He replied the same.
"Are you not bringing even a single mat to sit on?"
He replied the same.
Now this was the turn of that saint(Yogi).
"You do not have even a single thing to which you are bringing with you. I am very much better than you that I have many things for this type of journey for taking with me."
And with that stick he beat him hard. Understanding the whole matter, the king came to his feet and said, "O noble sage! I told you fool, many times but you never rebuked me. What should I do now. What are these things which go with us on this journey?
"Now you are about to depart for death. You cannot collect these things now."

O dear readers! I am telling you, those things are - 'Doing good deeds for others and Thinking about god.'

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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