Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Request to Bhatriya Government

A Message to Bhartiya Government

If the government arranges a compulsory study of Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta for Soldiers and takes Guarantee  about the Government services and Feeding etc. for his/her Family. He/She will be enough to fight with 50 terrorists at a time. This one is the certain poll of mine.

Hanuman Ji, Pitamaha Bhishma, Lakshaman, Chandragupta, Shivaaji, all were a soldier too. If the Divine knowledge of Soul/ Action/ Rebirth (Brahm Gyan) is arranged for them, and they become satisfied about the future relief of his/her family, they all will perform just like a Lion/Tiger.
Respect Soldiers

Br. Anubhav Sharma

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Benevolence

Life of that one is uplifted who becomes for anyone in this world. One who do not become of anyone, remains imperfect in the world. See! If our soul does not bathe in the fire of Knowledge, does not make ashes our frailties, the soul remains away from the Supreme Power, God. We must make ashes ourselves in the fire of the Knowledge. When we become of the Knowledge, our existence discloses in front of the deities. Besides we will not be able to become benevolent to others if we do not perform benevolence for ourselves. 

Brahmchari Krishna Dutt Ji (Shringi Rishi, Pupil of Aadi Brahma Ji,  in Past Birth)

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Br. Anubhav Sharma Atreya Arya 'Bhavanand'

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Destiny is Waking Up

Awaking our Destiny, Bharat is now Awaking

Yoga, Yajna and Prayers for God is Being performed
Again prosperity, Wealth, Knowledge as well is being rained

Religion, Prosperity and Desires, Salvation we desire
We are everything, Everything we acquire
Ignorance, Darkness, bad luck and Sorrow are infinitely waiting

Awaking our Destiny, Bharat is now Awaking

Internal Power is Waking Up, with Strength body has filled
With adding Spirituality to Science We are pleased and thrilled
Let We be with instruments or without, the Love is enrolled
Our heart is singing with the grace God duly filled

Awaking our Destiny, Bharat is now Awaking

Let us together chant the god's song
After removing enmity Move to God's lap
Let the country again become Teacher of the world
The national religions must become Vaidic with no excuse in every nation
Vaidic Chanting, One Culture, Politeness and Punishment must we have
O Celibacy Observer! Identify your Vishnu incarnation

Awaking our Destiny, Bharat is now Awaking


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Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma Arya 'Bhawanand'

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yoga and Vedas

A Yogi should teach with sweet and polite voice to the observers, students of Yoga and he must think everything to Yoga at all and Other persons should always take the shelter of this type of Yogis.

O Desiree, Observer of Yoga! As a yogi can develop the Learning strength who has the properties of appeasing , pacifying and suppression; on its basis. That Learning of Yoga give the desired pleasure that destroys the darkness of ignorance when it is got by good persons (gentle Men). It may give you too the same.

The Yogi who is intended in Yoga Practice and has the properties of appeasing, pacifying and suppression, having desire to increase the self confidence of the persons who have the desire of Yoga Learning, gets the grace of the Sun everywhere. 
Anubhav Sharma