Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Conversation With Spirituality

As I have told you before spirituality is the science of five working organs, five sense organs, mind(man), brain(buddhi), sub conscious(chitt), self conceit, soul and god. 

If we practice in physical science fifty years and what we gain then, we can gain that one within two years in spirituality. So spirituality is superior to physical science.

One fact is there within my mind that I am disclosing just now.

Suppose we want to talk to our dear one with the help of spirituality, we should pray the god air, "O god air! please help me to have conversation with my loved one. What I say to him/her please bring it to him/her and his/her answer I may listen. With politeness we should pray to him about completing the conversation and we should greet him."

The air has vital source that is why he can complete our desire.

Then we clearly see that our conversation took place clearly and uninterrupted.

This conversation took place in 'Madhyama' voice.

Understood? This is the gain of Spirituality.

We should enter spirituality with the help of yoga and books like upanishadas, Vedas and books of Rishis and Munis.

Note : There are four types of voices- Para, Pashyanti, madhyama and Baikhari. Baikhari is the voice in which we speak to each other.

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Truly Yours

Bhavanand Arya

Friday, August 8, 2014

Disinterested Actions

Disinterested Actions

Maharaja Krishna said to Arjun, “O Arjun! Be available for me today. Whatever action you perform, do it disinterested.” It’s explanation is so – when a keen go to a teacher the teacher says, “O Child! If you want to be an observer, whatever you have, give it to me. Being near to me and do actions by offering yourself to me.” So for the relation of teacher and taught Krishna Ji said so you will have to perform great action. If you want to be great all the plans of your life, determination-alternates, offer to me and perform actions disinterested. Of whom affection you are bearing, they all are destroyed before. They will be destroyed tomorrow if not today. For his orders, Arjun performed the war.


Lord Krishna said again and again, “Myself omniscient, omnipotent.” Its sense is that the learning what is known by which teachers by which self is known or the soul is known. That teacher uses to say, “I have known everything. The god has given me power that I will destroy all of your sins.

Krishna told Arjun that, “I know the whole of the nature. But I shall have to perform the action so that this world may become uplifted.

Yours truly,
Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’