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Divya Ram Katha Part 89 : Ravan's Death Part 2

Divya Ram Katha Part 89

Ravan's Death Part - 2

I have it's remembrance, an attempt was made to invite Lord Shiva. Maharaja Hanuman as well as Maharaja jamvant both moved from there changing there attires and reached to mountain Kailash. Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva both were present there. Maharaja Shiva welcomed them and said, "Come O dears." Both of them sat there. The conversation started. They said a sentence, "Maharaj! It is being the war between Ram and Ravana. The family of Ravana is about get an end. O Prabhu! You are a teacher of their nation and you had a great affection for that family. Why are you not using your strength for their help? Maharaja Shiva said, "O Scholars! I am not helping them because a king who moves away from there principles, who attains other form from his targets, a wise as well as a thinker should not go to help them." They asked, "Do you accept the death of King Ravana then? Do you have it in your mind?" Maharaja Shiva said, "Yes. This one is in my mind because I remember I have been very near to that family. King Ravana misused the society by not protecting the character of the Society."

To the heart to Lord Shiva, an imagination awoke - He said, "It seems, you are other than the scholars." They clarified their identifications that myself Hanuman and myself Jamvant. He said, "Its ok, How do you come here?" They said that, "O Maharaj! We came here because Lord Ram has invited you. Say your thoughts in his meeting what to do about it. Because your affection has been on the kings of Ayodhya too. You had an excellence in Raghu Dynasty too." He said, "It's all right. It's very lovely. I shall move from here." Through their planes, while wandering, Lord Shiva came to King Ram. The second day started, and for the secret meeting that is to be held, he attended it and the conversation started.

While it was being the conversation, Lord Ram prayed to the feet of Lord Shiva, and said, "Bhagwan! How can I destroy Ravana? Tell me through your words, What should I do?" He accepted it  and said, "O Ram! You may not win Ravan." He asked, "Why?" Because it is said in his naval nectar. Firstly he has performed Yoga in his childhood. Afterward he came in touch with me, I had given him an instrument, and I had given it to queen Mandodari and that one has a speciality. In his national home, in the middle column of that home, this instrument is fixed. That instrument has the attachment to his naval that is why any weapon may not attack him at all. When he spoke like it, Ram said, "O Maharaj! Then how is it possible?" He replied that Jamvant and Hanuman both are of this kind, who by praying queen Mandodri, because Mandodri is pious, charitable as well. If she donates you her husband, only then it is possible to win him in any times. Else you can never win him at all.

Lord Shiva said, "O Ram! It is clear to you that Markandey Rishi Maharaj had constructed that instrument. You too had heared it, when we looked it after moving to the space." Once both Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati were sitting. Parvati was looking in the space something. When she looked with her divine eye, an instrument was seen in the rays of Sun moving. Mother Parvati said to Lord Shiva, "What is this I am looking in the space?" He said, "Let us move O Devi! Let us look it. Then Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati moved to the space with their plane. While moving they reached to the place where the attraction power of Earth and Moon meets. There was an instrument present. And in the instrument, Maharishi Markandey and Maharishi Sonak Muni were making research there. There it was invented to which they gave us. We donated it to Ravana. "Yanaam Brahmah Kritam Devahah" Now Maharaja Shiva said, "I have given it to him, if you can, take it back from him else he can not be killed."

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Divya Ram Katha Part 88

Divya Ram Katha Part 88


Conversation with Mandodari

I have remembrance that Ravan's son Meghnad was killed and all the sons were killed then Maharani Mandodari made a question to Ravana, "O Prabhu! This dynasty of us has got an end but I could not understand that we are the persons who know the depth of Vedas, our culture has been Vaidic then what happened to it, Bhagwan! That our sons are killed before us.

Ravan and Mandodari both started conversation and thinking about it. Ravan said, "O Devi! You should say a reason of it even. I am not able to know it. I am filled with ignorance." The queen replied, "According to my view, one who bring wife or daughter of others with cheating, gets the result likewise." Ravana said, "No! Some other reason is there behind it." Mandodari said, "Prabho! It comes to my mind too that the learning of Vedas was there near us but we could not make the nation of good character. So we ourselves could not attain the Vedicism. 

When the queen said it, Ravana replied, "It might be there that I have done some taks in this world, the result of which is there in front of me." She said, "Prabhu! How is it so?" Ravan replied, "It is so because I have studied a lots of learnings in the world, but could not utilize them knowingly. Today I am in great ignorance while I know everything. I could not make society as well as myself according to Vedas. I could not make entered the character in the nation and when the character as well as restraint is destroyed, he/she gets an end at last.


When it being the war between Ram and Ravana, he could not be killed at all. At that time Lord ram called a meeting and King Jamvant, King Hanumaan, Laxman, and many more specialists were present in the meeting. And it was being decided how they will make a triumph on Ravana because Ravana was not to be defeated. At that time king Vibhishana said, "He has some instruments, the instruments are of the type that it has the relation with the queen Mandodari. If the instrument is taken from Mandodari, Ravan can be killed then. Those instruments were not be known by anyone. These were too secret. The instruments had the property, to whom it is related, the vital air, that stay in the naval, the instrument was related to the it. Being related to it, he/she gets the energy through those atoms of the instrument. They said how they could get the instrument. Vibhishan replied, "Maharaja Shiv can describe it's trick to you."

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Divya Ram Katha Part 87

Divya Ram Katha Part 87

.....Continued(An Unknown True Incident)

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When Sita got these words she became pleased and having riden to his Pushpak Plane she reached to the place where the arrangement of performing Ajaymedh Yagna was made. With a great pleasure, having reached there Sita, sat to the right side of Ram. And Ravana in the South became the Brahma (Cheif Priest) of the Yagna. Hereafter the Yagna started. With a great pleasure Ritrvij were elected, Ardhvyu etc. also were elected. The Holy thread (Yagyopaveet) were worn and the yagna starts now. We have herd, according to Rishi Balmeeki and Lomash Rishi, who have seen the Yagna, that it remained going on similarly.

When it was the finishing time of Yagna, Sita told Ram, “O Ram! You do performing yagna, do you have any thing in offering for Ravan or you don’t?” Rm said to her, “O Site! What do I have? What should I give him as offering?” Sita replied, “This one is a very wealthy King. He has the buildings of gold even. Jewels are piled there then how will this work be over?” She had a Jewellery (Kaudi Juda) with her. She gave it to Ram and said, “Take it Bhagwan! Welcome the chief priest with it. Ram accepted this Kaudi Juda of Sita. 

The Yagna was going on, after the finishing of it, with a full strength welcoming everyone was performed. Both Ram and Sita reached before Ravan, bringing this Kaudi Juda. Ravan said to Ram, “O Ram! I guess that this one Kaudi Juda is Sita’s. At that time Sita said, “O Brother! This one kaudi juda is not of mine at all. My father Dashrath once get it made as ornament for me. And it is utilized in this pious action now. What is of mine? At that time Ravan said, “O Site! I am accepting your offering of it. But I dont want to destory the decoration of anyone else. When this statement of Ravan was herd by the people,  all of them became bewildered and they said, “Oh! Ravan is very wise.”

After the completion of Yagna Ravan has told, “O Ram! It seems to me, your wishes will become true.” Having blessed, he told Sita, “O Site! If you wish, serve your husband, else move to my Lanka.” Sita said, “O Vidhata! You have become my father, Brahma till now. I am likewise either here or there. Bhagwan! I shall move with you.” It’s name is Relegion. Ram did not say at all, “O Site, Where are you going?” Then Sita sat on the Plane Pushpak of Ravan.

At that time, Ravan, pronouncing a hymn of Rigveda, told Sita, “ O Site! Today it  is clearly seen to me, that it is the time of my ruin today. My Lanka is about to be destroyed.” Sita said, “O Vidhata! Why are you being too anxious?” Ravan replied, “O Site! The great peoples of mine are about get an end now. One who has accepted a enemy even and after accepting, electing him as Chief Priest, absorbed his soul’s illumination, O Site! Why that one’s desires, wishes shall be unfulfilled? Today, it is clear to me that there will remain not a single man/woman in my Lanka. Having spoken these sentences, he started being worried a lot.

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DRK Part 86 : Generous Behavior of Ravan on Ram's Arrival

Divya Ram Katha Part 86
Generous Behavior on Ram's Invitation

An Unknown True Incident 
(It was removed at the time of Jain Reign from our Original Ramayan Grantha that was written by Maharishi Balmeeki Ji)

The King Ravan's Guru ( Teacher) was The King Shiva whose subject was very uplifted. It was very scientific. This type of King who helps Ravana, why should he not get the victory at all. Vibhishan spoke, "O Ram! How much counting of Rams may come to Ravana, you will not have a victory on him." Thereafter Ram said, "O Brother! Then what shuould I do, I do have the victory on him at any cost." He replied, "O Bhagwan! You should perform the Yagya Ajaymedha. It must be performed with the correct method. All the herbs of the offering metrials should be collected, the Ghee should be gathered. But the Yagya will not be successful till when Ravan will not be elected as the Brahma (head performer) of the Yagna."

Hence after Ram said to him, "Brother! How will it happen? How will my enemy come to my doors". Vibhishan said, "See! Ravan is the scholar of all the four Holy Vedas. If you yourself will go to invite him, he shall complete your yagya obviously."

Having gathered whole the offerings, Ram and Laxman made a plan to invite Ravana. Both of them, while wandering reached to the doors of Ravana. Ravan has not seen them before it, that is why there could not be their identification of any type to Ravan. At that time being present to his court he was performing justice.Seeing the justice of that time, Ram told Laxman that"Ravan is very much great politician/ statesman. See! How much finely  he is doing the justice. If we want to invite him, how should we do?" Both of them stayed silently there for some time and when the justice finished, they went to him. RAvan said to them, "Say Bhagwan! How have you come here? What is the prayer?"

Ram : Bhagwan! We are performing an Ajaymedh Yagna. According to the rules of the Vedas, you should arrange and finish it.

Ravan: Tathastu (The same will happen)! As is your desire, will be acted.

Ram : Bhagwan! The Yagna is being performed on beach of the ocean and we came here to invite you. We can not come tomorrow. On the third time of the day, kindly be present there youself.

At that time Ravan accepted the words of Ram. Both of the brothers, while wandering, came back to the beach of the ocean.. We have herd from the mouth of Maharishi Balmeeki, and Maharishi Lomash Muni Maharaj has seen it, Ram and Laxman reached to his own place, and then whole of the offerings, ghee etc was gathered and a very peculiar, beautiful alter was constructed. So  much beautiful alter was constructed that was not explainable. It was to be seen, as Brahma has reached there from Brahma Lok. Now the second part of the day (9 am to 12 pm) too passed. Third part of the day started (12 pm to 3 pm) and Ravan was to be waited keenly.

After some time Ravan too reached to the great land through his Pushpak Plane where Ram has constucted the Yagna Shala (Alter). When he reached there, both the brothers welcomed him well and Ram elected him the Brahma (Main Priest) of the Yagna. After election of Brahma, the pious thread (Yagyopaveet) were worn, Ravan took the introduction of all of them then. On the time they said, O Bhagwan I am called Ram, I am called Laxman. When they pronounced their personnel, The King Ravan remained surprised. O what else it happened! O What a surprising, piculiar task it happened. At the time he said, when I am elected as Brahma of their Yag, it is my duty to complete the Yagya with the accurate methods of the Vedas. Then he said, "Thanks. Where is you wife?" Ram said to him, "O Brother! My wife is there in your home Lanka." Ravan said," O! If I do not perform the Yagna with the methods, I shall become a great sinner of the Gods. They have made me Cheif Priest of Ajaymedh Yagna, it is my duty to bring Sita and to complete the Yagna with the methods."

Maharaishi Balmeeki has said it, he, riding to his Puspak Plane, went to the door of Sita in Lanka and said to Sita, "O Sita! Move to the beach of the ocean, Your husband is performing a Yagna." Sita said to him, "O Ravana! You speaks bundle of lies everyday. Do You speak a truth on any occasion?" Ravan said, "No Site! Your husband elected me as Brahma of that Yagna."

When she got this order, she became very much pleased.

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DRK Part 85 - Scholar of Vedas: Ravana

Divya Ram Katha - Part 85

Scholar of Vedas


(Note: You have read about Marriage of Ravana in 8th May 2014 Post. By some personal reasons the story of Lord Ram was disrupted. Now I am writing the remaining story step by step. Please read regularly the story of Pyare, Jag ke Dulare, Patit Pawan Lord Ram's with Patience. Have a nice reading.)

Once King Ravan was discussing something with Ashwini Kumars about herbal Medicines. While discussing, Ravan's heart became disrupted. Ravan said to his ministers, "O Ministers! I am going to dense forests to see some great person." They said, "As you wish because you are independent. You should go and wander."

King Ravan, with the consent of the Ministers, while wandering, entered to the Ashram of Maharishi Shandilya. The Rishi asked, "Is your nation perfect?" Ravan answerd, "O Prabhu! It's your grace." Rishi asked, "Great. I have heared that there are very great and marvellous several laboratories in your nation." Ravan said, "Prabhu! This one is the grace of God himself. It is the duty of wise and great persons to uplift the nation. What is that with me?" Now departing from there the King Ravan entered to the residence of Maharishi Kukkut Muni Maharaj. Both started discussion on conduct and thinking. When several discussions started about soul, Ravan's heart and brain both attained solace and peace. King Ravan requested to him, "O Prabhu! You should come to our Lanka, is my desire." He said, "O Ravan! The time is not in it's favor to have a tour to you Lanka. I do not have the time remained even after the reflection (thinking) of the god." The King Ravan politely requested and touched his feet. The heart of a Rishi is generous even. He replied, "Great. I will come to you." Both the great persons got departure from there.

Showing several types of buildings, laboratories etc. King Ravan reached to the door of his son Narayantak at last, who used to travel the moon regularly and said to the Rishi, "Bhagwan! My son Narayantak makes the Moon Shuttle. Maharishi asked, "Say, in how much time you travels the moon?" He said, "Bhagwan! Within One day and one night, my moon shuttle reaches to the moon and withing in the same time it comes back to Earth again. This one is called 'Chandr Yan'. It is pronounced 'Kritak Yan' too. Bhagwan! I also have a shuttle of the type, when it revolves round the Earth, its image/picture comes automatically. I have machines named as 'Sombhaavkeeya Kirkit' too.

Having got departure from there, King Ravan as well as Kukkut Muni Maharaj went to the Hospital where Ashwini Kumar like Doctors reside. There were such type of Doctors, for the Foetus of a mother, on having very less strength or blood in her veins, they put the foetus for a long period of six months in an artificial place. Kirkit anaad, Sailkhanda, Praanni and Anetketu etc several herbs were got grinding to liquid. This type of medical treatments were there in Ravan's reign.

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Sanskrit Culture and Consecration

 Sanskrit, Culture and Consecration
(संस्कृत, संस्कृति एवं संस्कार)

It is a well known fact that Sanskrit Language is the mother of all the Indian Languages but in fact according to the Vedic Literature, Sanskrit is the mother of all the languages of the world. We know that main languages of Computer are based on English but it has been invented if there had been Sanskrit in place of English as Computer base languafe, there would have been a lot of simplicity in making complex computer softwares and programs. The research has taken place about it. 

According to Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Sanskrit is the language, by reading and learning which a person gets his/her wisdom increased to a favorable height when in Satyarth Prakash he says:

"उसने संस्कृत पढ़ी थी अतः उसकी बुद्धि तीव्र थी। "

means he (a person) has learnt Sanskrit so his brain was sharp.

In ancient times Sanskrit was not a conversation language of a common man. This was the languages of Dev, Rishis and Munis and Scholars. That is why it is called 'Dev Bhasha'. Dev were the persons who were highly uplifted in their brain, education, characters etc. It was the conversation language of Aryans. Other type of persons used to speak Hindi etc. languages. 

When we read, speak and think within mind - Sanskrit. Our mind (thinking power) vibrates and such type of waves are formed, that improves very very small, microscopic capillary viens of the brain. These capillary veins can't be seen through microscope only thorough spiritual science, Yogis have seen it. The veins are connected to Sahasrar Chakra (in the very upper part of skull) and this Chakra is connected to  energy points of Intra space of the Universe.

Only Sanskrit pronunciation has this type of effect same happens with chanting of Vedic Hymns, Ved Mantras. When a complete Ved mantra is chanted, it improves the power of brain, memory and physical capacity too. 

Here we comes to the culture, our Vedic culture is not 4000 years old or 4500 years old. Our Vedic Culture is related to very begining of the existence of Human Being on Earth that is 1,96,08,53,117 years old. On other times it reduces but when it is thought by Sanyasis, Scholars, Rulers, Rishis, Yogis etc. it improves again. Several time since then came when it demolished approximately completely. But it is the culture that is defined by the God himself so it happens that it remains on tongue to them. So the culture is saved every time. Not more than 5000 years passed when Vedic Culture in correct form was followed by Pandavas in the eye of Lord Krishna. Our Vedic Culture is the culture of controlling and utilizing our Sense and Working organs, behaving in the world after controlling greed, lust, anger, affection and self conceit etc. to the immeasurable strength. 

When Vedic culture is followed by common man, they all get improvements in their Physical Strength, Brain, Wealth, Currency, Memory, Power of Unity, Education, Research and what else not.

So by following Vedic Culture Consecration are formed in this society and they get improvements in the whole society through those highly Illuminated virtuous persons. If we follow the teachings, preachings of Sanskrit literature, we get our consecration improved to the maximum height.

But the whole literature written in Sanskrit is not following worthy. For it we should read Satyarth Prakash (Written by Swami Dayanand Saraswati, You may get it on the web site of Arya Samaj Jamnagar, Gujrat) for which type of books are to be read and which type of books are to be ignored.

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