Monday, November 28, 2016

What is Death : Part-1

There are some facts in the world that are beyond our decision making capacity. And these ones are to be searched. In fact the death is a different kind of thing if we compare it to the thing of our general knowledge. I am introducing it to you and trying to describe a little bit more.

As we know that the death is compulsory for everyone in this world, we always want to ignore this real fact. And we stay busy in fulfilling desires, anger, affection, self conceit and greed while we forget our inevitable our - means death and don't think about it. If we want to win the death, this one is possible too. Do you know this fact!!! I shall tell you this one-

Actually the death is not furious, fearful for Scientists, Yogis as well. a Rishi (Ancient Saint) has said, "The Death is there in ignorance, in knowledge there is life always."

Let a human being dies- As we know the human body is made with the help of five base elements- Water, Fire, Air, Space, Earth (According to Classical Vedic Theory), we can notice clearly the same body as it was before death. We can not say that the body is dead. The body is not died, only it has stopped working. According to Biology, all the organs of the body remains looking the same. When we think about the body, that was made with the help of the food it took, and other materials such as air, water, heat and light etc through which it was made, all the atoms, are present in it just after death too. And as the atomic theory says that matter can never be made nor it can be destroyed, it changes its form only, All the atoms, molecules remain present in it except a Soul.

See, The soul is immortal. Because the God himself has said it. See What Lord Krishna says in Sri Mad Bhagwat Geeta-

वेदाविनाशिनं नित्यं य एनमजमव्ययम्।


भावार्थ:-हे पार्थ!  यह आत्मा अविनाशी, नित्य, अजन्मा व कभी न नष्ट होने वाला है।

Means: O Arjuna! This soul is immortal, stays forever, does not take birth ever and will not destroy anytime in future.

This soul, leaving the old body, moves towards another place. But the soul too, can not be recognized as that one Man/Woman. If we clearly understand the existance of soul then we can't say that the soul is dead. Then O Brothers and Sisters! Tell me who is dead.

In fact, the soul moves to those places, planets, births where the god has fixed for him/her. And this one decision by The God is taken according to the past actions of that one soul. He has to move to the other place. So the death seems only the change of the Place and body. And when we come to know that we use to take birth according to our past actions, we leave all the fear of the Death at once.

The time for residing at any place is fixed at all and when this time period ends, the soul has to leave this one body surely. So we should not fear of the death because it will not come to us before the time. So we should perform good actions and our prayers without any hesitation and without any fear. As Sardar Bhagat Singh did and many other had left the affection of their bodies for the sake of the independence of Mother India. Those one too knew this fact assuredly else who gives away his/her life for others. 

Our Vaidik Books explain this fact clearly. A lot of facts related to it are mentioned in Upnishadas too. And the Death is called in Ignorance only. There is only life in True Knowledge. So let us improve our true knowledge if we want to cross the death.

These facts we can clearly view beyond Meditaion means Samaadhi.

To be continued....


Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma - A Celebacy Observer.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Prayers (संध्या)

यह वह संध्या है जिससे ऋषि बन जाते हैं, जिससे देवता बन जाते हैं, विष्णु बन जाते हैं, शिव बन जाते हैं।  यह वह संध्या है जिसके प्रभाव से मानव भगवान राम और भगवान कृष्ण के जैसा हो जाता है।

अतः मित्रों नित्य प्रातः संध्या अवश्य करनी चाहिए।  संध्या में २१ मन्त्र होते हैं।

Everyone is suggested to wake up early and to perform Sandhya that has 21 hymns. Aadi Brahma himself has given it to his pupils. The same sandhya we can find in the Nitya Karm Vidhi of any publication of Arya Samaj as Brahma Yajyan. Unbelievable but true.

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Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharma

Monday, August 8, 2016

Some Instructions

Instuction 1.
ॐ जिम्हश्ये चरितवे मघोन्या भोगय इष्टये राय उ त्वम्
दभ्रं पश्यद्भ्य उर्विया विचक्ष उषा अजीगर्भुवनानि विश्वा।।
ऋग्वेद ।।मण्डल १ ।सूक्त ११३ ।मन्त्र ५ ।।
Om Jimhashye charitave maghonyaabhogaya ishtaye raye u tvam!
Dabhram pashyadbhya urviya vichaksh usha ajigarbhuvnani vishva!!

[Rigveda, Mandal 1, Sukta 113, Mantra 5]

The persons who do not waste even a single bit of time since they get up in last one fourth (3am -6 am) of night, till they go to bed again in next night till second one fourth of it, get all pleasures, sorrow is not made for them i.e. other kind of persons can not get it.

भावार्थः  जो लोग रात्रि के चतुर्थ प्रहर उठकर शयन पर्यन्त समय को व्यर्थ नष्ट नहीं करते वे सुखों को प्राप्त होते हैं, अन्य नहीं।

Instuction 2.
ॐ प्रति मे स्तोम मदितिरजगृभ्या त्सूनुं न माता हृद्यं सुशेवम् ।
ब्रह्म प्रियं देवहितं यदस्त्यहम् मित्रे वरुणे यन्मयोभुः ।। 

ऋग्वेद ।।मण्डल 5 ।सूक्त 42 ।मन्त्र 2 ।।

Om Prati Me Stomamaditirjagribhyatsunum Na Mata Hridyam Sushevam.
Brahm Priyam Devahitam Yadastyaham Mitre Varune Yanmayobhuh. 

[Rigveda Mandal 5, Sukt 42, Mantra 2] 

Well prayed God fulfills the needs of his/her devotee just as a mother cares her newly born baby. So pray the God and praise HIS qualities well. 
 भावार्थः  अच्छे प्रकार स्तुत परमात्मा अपने उपासक पर ऐसे कृपा करता है जैसे माता अपने नवजात शिशु पर। 

Instuction 3.

रात के चौथे प्रहरों में एक दौलत लुटती रहती है।
जो जागत है सो पावत है जो सोवत है सो खोवत है।

A wealth is being robbed in last one fourth part of night. Who awakes, may get. Who sleeps, will loss.

Instuction 4.

भगवान भजन करने को जो प्रातः काल उठ जाता है।
आनंद की वर्षा होती है जीवन में वह सुख पाता है।

Who awakes early in the morning before dawn for praying supreme power god,  gets  pleasures. Raining of joys, pleasure he gets.

Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Request to Bhatriya Government

A Message to Bhartiya Government

If the government arranges a compulsory study of Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta for Soldiers and takes Guarantee  about the Government services and Feeding etc. for his/her Family. He/She will be enough to fight with 50 terrorists at a time. This one is the certain poll of mine.

Hanuman Ji, Pitamaha Bhishma, Lakshaman, Chandragupta, Shivaaji, all were a soldier too. If the Divine knowledge of Soul/ Action/ Rebirth (Brahm Gyan) is arranged for them, and they become satisfied about the future relief of his/her family, they all will perform just like a Lion/Tiger.
Respect Soldiers

Br. Anubhav Sharma

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Benevolence

Life of that one is uplifted who becomes for anyone in this world. One who do not become of anyone, remains imperfect in the world. See! If our soul does not bathe in the fire of Knowledge, does not make ashes our frailties, the soul remains away from the Supreme Power, God. We must make ashes ourselves in the fire of the Knowledge. When we become of the Knowledge, our existence discloses in front of the deities. Besides we will not be able to become benevolent to others if we do not perform benevolence for ourselves. 

Brahmchari Krishna Dutt Ji (Shringi Rishi, Pupil of Aadi Brahma Ji,  in Past Birth)

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Br. Anubhav Sharma Atreya Arya 'Bhavanand'

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Destiny is Waking Up

Awaking our Destiny, Bharat is now Awaking

Yoga, Yajna and Prayers for God is Being performed
Again prosperity, Wealth, Knowledge as well is being rained

Religion, Prosperity and Desires, Salvation we desire
We are everything, Everything we acquire
Ignorance, Darkness, bad luck and Sorrow are infinitely waiting

Awaking our Destiny, Bharat is now Awaking

Internal Power is Waking Up, with Strength body has filled
With adding Spirituality to Science We are pleased and thrilled
Let We be with instruments or without, the Love is enrolled
Our heart is singing with the grace God duly filled

Awaking our Destiny, Bharat is now Awaking

Let us together chant the god's song
After removing enmity Move to God's lap
Let the country again become Teacher of the world
The national religions must become Vaidic with no excuse in every nation
Vaidic Chanting, One Culture, Politeness and Punishment must we have
O Celibacy Observer! Identify your Vishnu incarnation

Awaking our Destiny, Bharat is now Awaking


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Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma Arya 'Bhawanand'

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yoga and Vedas

A Yogi should teach with sweet and polite voice to the observers, students of Yoga and he must think everything to Yoga at all and Other persons should always take the shelter of this type of Yogis.

O Desiree, Observer of Yoga! As a yogi can develop the Learning strength who has the properties of appeasing , pacifying and suppression; on its basis. That Learning of Yoga give the desired pleasure that destroys the darkness of ignorance when it is got by good persons (gentle Men). It may give you too the same.

The Yogi who is intended in Yoga Practice and has the properties of appeasing, pacifying and suppression, having desire to increase the self confidence of the persons who have the desire of Yoga Learning, gets the grace of the Sun everywhere. 
Anubhav Sharma

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good Thoughts Part-4

One who tell a lie for an animal, puts down Five, for a cow, Ten, for a horse Hundred and for a Man/Woman, One Thousand persons of His/Her dynasty to the Hell.
A Lie teller puts everything to an end by speaking a lie for Land or A Lady. So never tell a lie about a lady or any land.||Vidur Neethi||

O Scholars! One, The Master of Vedas Who has spread the light of Vedas on the Earth, By praying him and knowing the Learning of Vedas, and by performing the actions of Vedas, you should perform for the sake of Others because without performing acording to the science and actions that are defined in it, you can not get joy or pleasure ever. By this learning, the spectator of all, Supreme power god, let him consider omnipresent and do not move ever away from the religion, faith, law. ||Yajurveda|2|21||

The material that is purified for the purpose of sacrifice in Alter (Yajyan) and left in the fire, intermixed here and there with air, water and the rays of Sun, it spread in the sky and making divine everything, it make the whole people pleased, joyful. So everyone, with a superb mixture of materials, Saamagri (herbs, almonds, sandal, Chhadeela, Shankhpushpi, Jatamasi or Baalchhad etc) and the best mediums perform the Yajna (sacrifice) everyday. ||Yajurveda|2|22||

Truly Yours
Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma Arya

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Good Thoughts Part 3

Persons of Lowest Category do not start any new task because of the fear of the interruptions; Persons of Medium Category stop the work after being opposed by interruptions. But the Persons of the best Category never leave any good task while interruptions come again and again in between the completion of it.

Bodies are of three types:
1. Sthul (Big)
2. Sukshm (Small)
3. Kaaran (Original/ Base)

1. This one body is created with 24 base elements. Five Sense Organs, Five Working Organs, Ten Vital Airs, Mind (Thinking Power), Brain (Decesion Making Power), Sub Conscious, Self Conceit.
2. Five Sense Organs, Five Base Elements (That are Fire, Water, Space, Air, Earth), Five Vita Airs (Praan, Apaan, Udaan, Vyaan, Samaan), Mind and Brain (17)
3. Vital Air, Mind (2)

Rudra is called who make us weep mean Vital Airs.
The Vital Airs are of 10 kinds : Praan, Apaan, Vyaan, Udaan, Samaan, Devdutt, Dhananjay, Kurm, Krikal, Naag
To cross the Death is called Yama. One who win the death is called Yamaraj.

Flame of the god is present in the water. O Like the Flame God! Please spread the divine flame in my conscious. Make my human body a success story by explaining me the Yoga of Action.

On this earth which is called the Heaven of Seventh Place, The Aciton is the greatest thing. It is not successful to get Desires fulfilled or the required Prosperity got, with out Action. Let there is a person who came to his house while he is hungry and we gives him arguments and disarguments and take the help of only wordings to say him that he should sleep now. But if we with our actions make the food for him and give him to eat, he will sleep well and there will be no need of any argument to say.

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Br. Anubhav Sharma 

Good Thoughts Part 2

Hindu Religion

Sanatan means which exists from the beginning and Vaidic means which is there according to Vedas. So This one is the religion that is honored by Saints and Sages. Both the words Vaidic as well as Sanatan indicates to the same single Religion. Swami Dayanand Saraswati established the same ancient Religion. Religion is intermixed with the sense organs of a human being. To speak truth with our voice is called religion and to tell a lie with our voice is called non-religion. Looking gently with our eyes is religion and looking badly with our eyes is called non-religion. This one is the definition of the religion originally. Hindu Religion is Sanatan, Vaidic as well so is the best. Adoring idols is not good because in Yajurveda, our Holy book, it is said, "Na Tasya Pratimaasti" (His idol can not exist). So the existing idols of Gods are not of the supreme power's. But of course, these one give us a little idea about some properties of Him from His infinite qualities.The religion is dictated for the sake of the Human Caste, in the beginning period of the Universe by the God himself with the Holy book Vedas before 1,96,08,53,116 years. It is said in the 40th Chapter of Yajurveda that "Andhantamah Pravishanti Yeasambhutimupasate ..........." means one who adore the immortal materials of the world and mortal nature, souls, God as well after knowing well mean who stay with them, utilize them, pray them etc. is able to get Prosperity and Salvation as well. Else his future goes to the Hell in next births. The Idol Adorers could not understand the true meaning of this Hymn of course.

Br. Anubhav Sharma

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Good Thoughts

Take one glass of water (Little hot in Winter and Fresh water in Summer) when you just wake up in the morning. It is just like nectar and it is called 'Ushah Paan' or Morning Drink. Water before the meal is just like nectar, Water in between the food with a little quantity is called water and water just after the meal is just like poison. Drink the water after half an hour after taking meal. (Swami Ramdev Baba, Chanakya Neeti and Rigveda)
No one intimate friend is there except Donation and no one enemy is there except Greed on Earth. Nothing is more costly ornament than Celibacy and nothing is greater Wealth than Patience. - (Vidur Neethi)

Penance is called to destroy the ill impressions that are appeared in our heart. Destroy those impressions by Penance, Studying Arya Litereature and by controlling our sense and working organs. And to produce good impressions is called the Penance- (Lord Ram)

while your sense organs have ignorance, your brain and thinking power, mind have ignorance, you are not able to cross the death; and without crossing the death your life is not successful.
To control your sense organs is called Penance and without penance the ignorance can not be destroyed- (Br. Krishna Dutt Ji, Earlier Shringi Rishi)

Who snatches the wealth and money of scholars, teachers, Brahmins or Saints and sages, or become the object of their anger, his/her ruin is near, it is sure.

Truly Yours
Br. Anubhav Sharma

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Some Thoughts

Om Prati Me Stommadirjagribhyatsoonum Na Maata Hridyam Sushevam.
Brahm Priyam Devhitam Yadastyam Mitre Varune Yanmayobhuh..

ॐ प्रति मे स्तोम मदितिरजगृभ्यात्सूनुम न माता हृदयम सुशेवं
ब्रह्मप्रियम देवहितं यदसत्यहं मित्रे वरुण यनमयोभूः।।ऋग्वेद  ५. ४२. २।

Well Prayed God fulfills the needs of his devotee (Man or Woman) just as a mother fulfills the desires of her newly born babies.

जैसे माता अपने नवजात शिशु पर वैसे अच्छे प्रकार स्तुत परमात्मा अपने भक्त उपासक पर कृपा करता है