Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good Thoughts Part-4

One who tell a lie for an animal, puts down Five, for a cow, Ten, for a horse Hundred and for a Man/Woman, One Thousand persons of His/Her dynasty to the Hell.
A Lie teller puts everything to an end by speaking a lie for Land or A Lady. So never tell a lie about a lady or any land.||Vidur Neethi||

O Scholars! One, The Master of Vedas Who has spread the light of Vedas on the Earth, By praying him and knowing the Learning of Vedas, and by performing the actions of Vedas, you should perform for the sake of Others because without performing acording to the science and actions that are defined in it, you can not get joy or pleasure ever. By this learning, the spectator of all, Supreme power god, let him consider omnipresent and do not move ever away from the religion, faith, law. ||Yajurveda|2|21||

The material that is purified for the purpose of sacrifice in Alter (Yajyan) and left in the fire, intermixed here and there with air, water and the rays of Sun, it spread in the sky and making divine everything, it make the whole people pleased, joyful. So everyone, with a superb mixture of materials, Saamagri (herbs, almonds, sandal, Chhadeela, Shankhpushpi, Jatamasi or Baalchhad etc) and the best mediums perform the Yajna (sacrifice) everyday. ||Yajurveda|2|22||

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Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma Arya

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