Friday, December 28, 2012

Baba Ramdev's System's Major Fault

Mata Durga Ko Naman

It is said that there is no loss of anyone in speaking truth. That is why I am writing this fault of the System of Baba Ramdev Ji.

Na Bhritmanaam vrittisarodhnen
Rajyam dhanam sanjivrikshedpurvam.
Tyajanti Hyanam Vanchita Vai Viruddhoh
Snigdha Hyamatyah pariheenbhogah.  ||Vidurneeti|5|23||

By stopping the salary of servants, it is not good to have the desire of wealth and reign (of others). Because in lack of fruits, even ministers who loved him (king, ruler) use to leave him.

(Dear readers should take the theme contained in it.)

Dear readers! I am/have been in service of Patanjali (A company governed by trust of Baba Ramdev) as Swadeshi Pracharak of District Bijnor. (But now I may not work as the same possibly becuase this system is of 'the' kind.). July(Expenses), Salaries of August, Half of September, November and half of December, I could not get till now inspite of my full attempt what I might do. A.S.M. of Marketing Department says, "the salaries are forbidden to give from Haridwar as you stop working when you want and you started it according to your own choice." It must be known to you becuase I was dependent of only Patanjali for my expenses of any kind. So after informing four-five times, when I could not get any amount, I had to stop my work after informing A.S.M. in September. And started again after 'a Meeting' with A.s.m. and T.s.i. in November again. And in the beginning of December no positive solution was resulted after talking to one of the supreme heads of Swadeshi Pracharaks too because he said to talk a particular one on phone in Haridwar for salary and he did not pick the phone on trying twice and no answer on sending message for talking no back call at all.

One more information of your interest, A.S.M. (45 years) as well as T.S.I.'s (35 years and 25 years) by all we, Swadeshi Pracharaks are called 'Thy', 'Thou'(Tu) or 'by name' without any respect while in Haridwar we are called as 'Bhrataji(Brothers)'. While we are Yogi as well as one and half times in Education and myself twice in body and physical  strength too.

Because of relation with Arya Samaj since birth I have some good qualities too. Our dynasty is not low even. I am a Brahmin too. To know about my dynasty and family do not forget to read my page "About Me".

I don't feel good to write more faults about my own Guru Baba Ramdev Ji. The wise persons can imagine the whole story by these few wordings.


Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhawananad'

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who We Are?

All creatures come to this world to serve the rules of the god and no one can break the rules. So we should not hate any one. We should hate their wordings only because then we will not gain our sanskaar of Chitta Mandal, if we want to get salvation and not want to move to the system of 84,00,000 species else we can not uplift ourselves from this system of birth and death. All the souls are pure, wise and have the nature of salvation but because of the charges of the world they have forgotten their wisdom, purity etc. They have dirtiness and are captive of world (Baddha). But they shall get salvation according to the rules of the god one day. And in the god’s uterus they shall move independently. On getting their real form, if they will consider theirself then, the god, then there will be no loss of them. But we should have attention, we, souls can neither be the supreme power, god, nor we can end our own existence in the god. Our existence remains separate than god. That is why we become able to get over pleasure in salvation. Then we become full knowledgeable. Because how much knowledge the god has, the same knowledge of his nation (universe), we attain. Because we are the son of the god in fact. So it is said-

“Tvamev Mata cha pita tvamev  tvamev bandhushcha sakha tvamev
tvamev vidya cha dravinam tvamev tvamev sarvam mam deva dev.”

O supreme power (God)! you are my mother, father, relative, friend, knowledge as well as Learning. You are everything of mine.

Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lord Ganesha : Part - 3

Ganesh Part-3

Ganesh Ji was a scientist. His pen moves  so fast; as a person speak words from mouth and after just pronouncing how much fast it may be, he just could write it on the paper. I have remambrance when Vyaas Muni began his writing of Mahaabharat, he said to Kripacharya Maharaja, if I could get Ganesha near me, I can write the history of Kauravas and Pandavas. I have memory  Ganesh was brought from the king of Himalayas and his pen used to move so beautifully, what Vyaas used to say, he used to write at once. The whole literature of ‘The Mahabharata’ they wrote on papers within only one day and night. How great was his writing with both type of writings, so Rishi say ‘Mastikaam Bhikhastam Madhyayam Mano Vrataani Shishtaani Gachchhante’. When this human being has two brains, his third eye has a light too. How beautiful this statement is. Let Ganesha is considered to has two brains. One is Gajraajketu and other Dev Vat which is called near Lakshmi(Which is known as the goddess of Prosperity and wealth in modern age). Why it is so? Such the teacher of Veda says- whose brain is quiet, high and the curiosity of stomach is matured, the prosperity and wealth used to stay to his feet surely.

O Sages! The conversation is it, how high we should make our life? Maharaja Ganesh Ji, is called the son of King of Himalayas, Shiva. And it is a designation, as our custom too.

Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lord Ganesha : Part-2

Lord Ganesha Part-2

O Sages! See name of his vehicle is called mouse(Mushak) but it is feeling here (in our culture) that see the animal Vishachi, Chuha, Dhaaruni as well as Aaswaati; it has many synonyms but it may become vehicle is impossible. But his vehicle, what was that? The Rishi of Vedas says that that vehicle of Ganpati to which we say why that one is his vehicle? He is an animal, is called aaswaati who lives in hole but it is not so here Rishi of Vedas says ‘gyati brahma swaati laksham prabhe Aaswaati loko amritam brahma gyata’ that it is not his vehicle. The great king Shiva made a vehicle named as Mushak and constructed after penance. After gathering molecules he made vehicle named as Mushak. Mushak is that vehicle, on riding which a person may revolve the whole earth within a Kshan(a unit of time).

My dear Rishi described here Ganpati that Ganpati is the name of god(Supreme Power) and Ganesh Ji was the name of his (Shiva’s) son too. I do not have two considerations here. But here it is seen several aspects. Let his stomach was, which is the stomach was god Ganesh or Ganpati, that one is so high, that the whole universe live in the uterus of him. So it is the description of Ganpati that the universe stay in the stomach of God, the stomach of that God (Supreme Power) is so much wide. So what is the thought here that his stomach too was strong and the meaning of stomach, was this, in which the knowledge and science of te universe is contained, his stomach is generally considered high, wide. The sense of stomach is not only considered this skin. The sense of stomach means a person should have knowledge. Then a person say that how full of knowledge this scholar is!

Means our stomach must be so uplifted, so great that our stomach must not have any triviality. We must be of kind to make our stomach moved in knowledge and science. Our knowledge-science must be high. Who takes knowledge and science may move beyond this ocean of the world.

Truly yours

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavaanand'

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lord Ganesha : Part-1

Ganesha Part:1

(A speech by Brahmchari Krishna Dutta in Trance, Shringi Rishi)

It is to be thought that one of the sons of Maharaja Shiva was named as Kartikeya. My lovable Mahanand Ji once explained me the rumors about Maharaja Ganesha Ji. Let the head of the elephant is his head there and his stomach is seemed large. His riding vehicle is a mouse on which he used to move.

This statement does seem very fine. Here "The Beginning", Ganesha is said and there lives the God (Supreme Power) in the beginning. So he is adored. Whenever any prayer is performed the prayer of Maharaja Shiva, Shiva is the name of that Ganesha who  is adored. What is the meaning of prayer of Ganesha Ji? The meaning is that 'Ganon ganon asti, garnebhyo namah astagati namah' is written in Vedas. Ganebhyo namah, but see the ganapati is the god (supreme power) himself who is live. Who was in the beginning when this world was in zero movement. Then, at that time it was the god who was there in existance. How his stomach is? Consider his head as of elephant that has high and big uplifted place. O sons! whose head is so deep, so uplifted, as of elephant, having uplifted position, the brain must be of calm and uplifted motion. The upliftment of a human being may make him told Ganpati, his brain may become high as of the elephant.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mother Durga

Durgunon ka hanan karne wali durga maan (A link between Sanatani and Arya Samaji Brothers/Sisters)

 (Especially written for my Arya Samaji Brothers/Sisters)

According to 'Sanatan Dharma' Maa durga has a special meaning as a Devi Maan. But when we think about 'Arya Samaji' or Arya thinking, it may be a useful and an important symbol which shows the qualities of that one Om. As in 'Satyartha Prakash' 100 names of supreme power are explained in first Samullas, We should think that this one also must be a name of The God himself in the form of Mother. As you know Maa Durga has Eight hands and she rides on Lion; all that she has in her hands has a special Significance which is very important to have by every true religious person. Actually The Supreme Power 'God' is called Durga becuase he removes evils from our life.In real, Sandhya is Durga because there are eight directions exists except up and down directions and in Sandhya we think about six much directions - prachi, dakshina, prateechi, udichi, urdhva and dhruva too. So Sandhya has a connection with directions too. And ten directions may said to be connected to sandhya by these mantras such as -
Om prachi digagniradhipatirasito rakshitaditya ishvah, tebhyo namo adhipatibhyo namo rakshitribhyo namah ishubhyo namah ebhyo astu yoasmaan dveshti yam vayam dvishmastam vo jambhe dadhmah etc.

So Sandhya can be called Durga and as a person well known to Learning does his work without fear, we can say that Learning rides on Lion (A symbol of fearlessness).

Our Bahan, Betiyan as well as Matayen gets inspiration from all 'Roops' of Durga Maan so this Custom of thinking about Maan Durga is Good for our Nation too. As Roop Brahmacharini is a roop of Durga ji they all get inspiration of being brahmacharini from this figure of Maan Durga. So I think to pray Maan durga is not a bad custom.

Durga roop of Supreme power is worshipped from the beginning for 1,96,08,53,113 years and this custom is alive becuase of Sanatan Dharma. Here a song of Swami Ramdev ji sung by himself is coming to my mind and I am singing it in my mind. It is written here ..  

Chandan hai is desh ki maati, Tapobhumi har gram hai. Har bala devi kee pratima bachcha bachcha Raam hai...... Har Manav Upkari hai....

We can call back our forgotten image of Bharat Mata with the help of these types of thinking otherwise it is not possible to make our dignity as it was in the past at the time of Ram and Krishna.

Now Eight hands of Maa Durga are being explained.. (Special attention of Arya Samaji Bhai/bahan is required here.).....

Shankh in first hand : means: Sound of Vaidic Hymns must be there in nation

Second blessing hand : means: We all must get the inspirations from God and blessing from him too

Club in third hand : means: The system of giving punishment to Rascals must be there in nation

Sword in fourth hand: means: (Dudhari Talwaar) mean both Spiritual and Material Science must be there in our nation

Chakra in fifth hand: means: There must be a single, Vaidic Culture in whole world

Lotus in sixth hand: means: Polite and Good behavior as well as Sadachaar must be there in our nation

Trishul in seventh hand: means: We all should work to get rid of all three type of sorrows - Adhidaivik(Sorrows given by sickness), Adhibhotic (Sorrows of Body) and Adhyatmic(Mental Sorrows)

Bow and Arrow in Eighth hand: means: Invention of Material Science must be there so that instruments must be made this one means "Scientific Invetions for instruments, weapons etc.".

A person who worship Durga in real must have all these qualities only then he may be called the Bhakt of her.

My openion about Maan Durga is given here. As I have told you that I too have thought about Durga ji in the sense of Arya Samaji Feeling because I have Arya Samaji thinking by birth. My Arya Samaji Bhai/Bahan will also think this one explaination just with the same sense. So we should not fight with Sanatanis in our Speeches it may hurt their true sense.


Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhawananad"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Divine and Devil Natures

We all generally have both Divine as well as Devil natures within us. Once while I was in the state of Meditation, I came to know a fact which I am disclosing in front of you. Please don't forget to comment how you think about it. The feeling is as follows to which I think the feeling given by god himself.
We all have five divine things- Antahkaran Chatushtaya : 1. Chitta, 2. Buddhi(decision making power of brain, mind), 3. Ahankaar(Self conceit) and 4. Man(thinking power of brain, mind) as well as Soul as fifth.

Five devil things which we have are - 

Kaam(Worldly Desire), Krodh(anger), Lobh(greed), Moh(Love, not divine love which is called 'Sneh' in Hindi) and Ahankaar(Abhimaan, Main, Proud) which make us dipped in this ocean like world and works as bite of snake if we are progressing like a Yogi.

In next post I will write about Ashtbhuji Durga and Navdurge Vrits. I shall write about Lord Ganesha also which is defined by Pujyapaad Gurudev Br. Krishna dutta ji in trance too. You will find some interesting facts about Ganesha and Durga then. See, I have an Arya Samaj back ground but I believe about it like what I shall explain you in future posts. If any one want to criticize me about it I bet that I will win in conversation. I can prove my words with the help of arguments. So don't forget to contact me if any Arya Samaji bhai/bahan has any confusion in my explanation. I will be keen to listen what he/she says.

See U in next post.

Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavaanand'