Monday, December 3, 2012

Mother Durga

Durgunon ka hanan karne wali durga maan (A link between Sanatani and Arya Samaji Brothers/Sisters)

 (Especially written for my Arya Samaji Brothers/Sisters)

According to 'Sanatan Dharma' Maa durga has a special meaning as a Devi Maan. But when we think about 'Arya Samaji' or Arya thinking, it may be a useful and an important symbol which shows the qualities of that one Om. As in 'Satyartha Prakash' 100 names of supreme power are explained in first Samullas, We should think that this one also must be a name of The God himself in the form of Mother. As you know Maa Durga has Eight hands and she rides on Lion; all that she has in her hands has a special Significance which is very important to have by every true religious person. Actually The Supreme Power 'God' is called Durga becuase he removes evils from our life.In real, Sandhya is Durga because there are eight directions exists except up and down directions and in Sandhya we think about six much directions - prachi, dakshina, prateechi, udichi, urdhva and dhruva too. So Sandhya has a connection with directions too. And ten directions may said to be connected to sandhya by these mantras such as -
Om prachi digagniradhipatirasito rakshitaditya ishvah, tebhyo namo adhipatibhyo namo rakshitribhyo namah ishubhyo namah ebhyo astu yoasmaan dveshti yam vayam dvishmastam vo jambhe dadhmah etc.

So Sandhya can be called Durga and as a person well known to Learning does his work without fear, we can say that Learning rides on Lion (A symbol of fearlessness).

Our Bahan, Betiyan as well as Matayen gets inspiration from all 'Roops' of Durga Maan so this Custom of thinking about Maan Durga is Good for our Nation too. As Roop Brahmacharini is a roop of Durga ji they all get inspiration of being brahmacharini from this figure of Maan Durga. So I think to pray Maan durga is not a bad custom.

Durga roop of Supreme power is worshipped from the beginning for 1,96,08,53,113 years and this custom is alive becuase of Sanatan Dharma. Here a song of Swami Ramdev ji sung by himself is coming to my mind and I am singing it in my mind. It is written here ..  

Chandan hai is desh ki maati, Tapobhumi har gram hai. Har bala devi kee pratima bachcha bachcha Raam hai...... Har Manav Upkari hai....

We can call back our forgotten image of Bharat Mata with the help of these types of thinking otherwise it is not possible to make our dignity as it was in the past at the time of Ram and Krishna.

Now Eight hands of Maa Durga are being explained.. (Special attention of Arya Samaji Bhai/bahan is required here.).....

Shankh in first hand : means: Sound of Vaidic Hymns must be there in nation

Second blessing hand : means: We all must get the inspirations from God and blessing from him too

Club in third hand : means: The system of giving punishment to Rascals must be there in nation

Sword in fourth hand: means: (Dudhari Talwaar) mean both Spiritual and Material Science must be there in our nation

Chakra in fifth hand: means: There must be a single, Vaidic Culture in whole world

Lotus in sixth hand: means: Polite and Good behavior as well as Sadachaar must be there in our nation

Trishul in seventh hand: means: We all should work to get rid of all three type of sorrows - Adhidaivik(Sorrows given by sickness), Adhibhotic (Sorrows of Body) and Adhyatmic(Mental Sorrows)

Bow and Arrow in Eighth hand: means: Invention of Material Science must be there so that instruments must be made this one means "Scientific Invetions for instruments, weapons etc.".

A person who worship Durga in real must have all these qualities only then he may be called the Bhakt of her.

My openion about Maan Durga is given here. As I have told you that I too have thought about Durga ji in the sense of Arya Samaji Feeling because I have Arya Samaji thinking by birth. My Arya Samaji Bhai/Bahan will also think this one explaination just with the same sense. So we should not fight with Sanatanis in our Speeches it may hurt their true sense.


Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhawananad"


  1. nice post! during navratri puja me along with my mother used to visit Maa Durga Temple in our village and offer her prayers by chanting durga mantra and be on fasting for 9 days.

  2. Thanks Shravya Reddy Ji, I am pleased to hear from you and your faith in Maan Durga. Thanks again.