Sunday, December 2, 2012

Divine and Devil Natures

We all generally have both Divine as well as Devil natures within us. Once while I was in the state of Meditation, I came to know a fact which I am disclosing in front of you. Please don't forget to comment how you think about it. The feeling is as follows to which I think the feeling given by god himself.
We all have five divine things- Antahkaran Chatushtaya : 1. Chitta, 2. Buddhi(decision making power of brain, mind), 3. Ahankaar(Self conceit) and 4. Man(thinking power of brain, mind) as well as Soul as fifth.

Five devil things which we have are - 

Kaam(Worldly Desire), Krodh(anger), Lobh(greed), Moh(Love, not divine love which is called 'Sneh' in Hindi) and Ahankaar(Abhimaan, Main, Proud) which make us dipped in this ocean like world and works as bite of snake if we are progressing like a Yogi.

In next post I will write about Ashtbhuji Durga and Navdurge Vrits. I shall write about Lord Ganesha also which is defined by Pujyapaad Gurudev Br. Krishna dutta ji in trance too. You will find some interesting facts about Ganesha and Durga then. See, I have an Arya Samaj back ground but I believe about it like what I shall explain you in future posts. If any one want to criticize me about it I bet that I will win in conversation. I can prove my words with the help of arguments. So don't forget to contact me if any Arya Samaji bhai/bahan has any confusion in my explanation. I will be keen to listen what he/she says.

See U in next post.

Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavaanand'

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