Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time period of Universe

Now, I wanna tell you about the beginning of this world. Let me explain the life period of the Universe first. As you know 28th Kalyug of 7th Manvantar is going on and 1,96,08,53,110 years passed since the beginning of life and 1,97,29,49,110 years from the beginning of Universe passed. Beginning of this Kalyug is just after Mahabharata. Approximately 5500 years passed to this event.

Time period for Kalyug is 4,32,000 years and for Dwapar it is 2xPeriod of Kalyug, for Treta it is 3x Period of Kalyug and for Satyug it is 4xPeriod of Kalyug. So we can say that there are four yugas and in every yug (It's a time period) some or more highly illuminated souls like Ram, Krishna, Shankracharya and Dayanand etc. take birth to improve conditions of world. Ram was for Treta, Harishchandra for Satyug, Krishna for Dwapar. There were many more persons in these yugas who were highly illuminated and miraculous in their behavior but these were well known to everyone that is why I named them. Combination of all these four Yugas makes Tetrayug which lasts after (1+2+3+4) x Period of Kalyug or 43,20,000 years. There are 14 manvantras in which 14 Manus take birth and make the system of ruling. A Manu for every manvantra. And 71 Tetrayug make one manvantra. This is seventh 'Vaivaswat' manvantra going on and more than 1 arab 97 core years have been passed for the beginning of present Universe or you may say one billion, 970 million years.
So we can say approximately 1000 Tetrayugs is the period for the existence of Universe. After it, it is destroyed by the God himself.

There was darkness in this whole space where now we see the Universe in present form. The God thought that now I shall make the Universe again so that I will become popular there in many peoples and he determined to make it. A grand element came from the God, to this darkness of nature where very-very small particles, which were smaller then electrons, were moving. A thrilling storm began in this Universe which was nothing but a darkness with fundamental nature particles. And a Nebula was made. Which was many times illuminus than a Sun. Now further he thought and meditate himself and with this meditation, Nebula broke and the Universe, slowly-slowly came to the existence. So we can say the period for the Universe is 10x4,32,000x1000 years or 4,320,000,000 years or 4 billion and three hundred twenty million years.
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Anubhav Sharma
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  1. If gods exist befor Demon? how it is possible that the Rakshak are king of Bharat and gods defeat them , As Ram Period was Treta Yug how Rawan was more educated than him became Demon. we had not explained that what was happen in rest other world or our world is limited up to Indian territory only.