Sunday, January 27, 2013

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One who applies Saam(Praising), Daam(Gifting), Dand(Punishing) and Bhed (Dividing) methods with a bad thinking, assuredly his demolishion is near. With a respectful feeling who perform it, will get the peace in his/her soul else through it go to Hell.

Hell: Aasuri Planets (Planets of Devils), where the light of knowledge is a little, where sins and corruption is in excess. And even our sisters as well as daughters are not safe in spite of all our positive efforts.

Heaven: Heaven are planets, where everyone performs their actions even in the presence of sorrows. And a human being gets success in being free from Adhidaivik(Sickness), Adhibhotik(Pains of Body) and Adhyatmik(Spiritual or mental) sorrows.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih.

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Anubhav Sharma 'Bhawananad'

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mother Gargi

Mother Gargi

It is 28th Kalyug of 7th Manvantar named as Vaiswat going on. Today is, 8th date , Krishna Paksha of 10th Month Paush, Vikrami 2069, Kalpabd 1,97,29,49,113 Varsh, Srityabd 1,96,08,53,113 Varsh. New Year will be held on 11th April of 2013 A.D.

Let us talk about our second great lady of India whose name is alive in the world till now. She had been a celibacy observer till the departure fro her body.

She was studying in an Ashram of a Rishi, in dense forests. Once when Gurudev observed her in his Ashram he found her nowhere. He thought “Where she may go?” She was only four years old then. He became too anxious about her that he left the Ashram in search of her. When he went to a place in dense forests near a big tree, he found her singing Vaidic Mantras so sweetly and skillfully and with so much depth that a lot of violent creatures like lion, snakes and wolves etc. were gathered near her in a queue to listen to song of Vaidic Hymns, the poetry of God and forgot the violent nature of theirself by listening the non violent sound of the poetric stanzas.  Actually Vedic Mantras are the stanzas of poetry created by the supreme power god himself that is why they are full of the waves of non violence. And every creature has a soul within itself that is why it uses to be thirsty of the hymns, which are made by his own father. And Gargi was singing so sweetly with the deep feelings of her heart that it made a non violent effect on violent creatures that is why they all were gathered there to listen the pronounciation of the Learning of their own father God from her mouth.

When Rishi saw this scene he amazed, “How much great soul this daughter Gargi has!”

Meet you with second story of Mother Gargi soon in just next post.

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Anubhav Sharam ‘Bhawanand’

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mother Madalsa : Part - 3

Mother Madalsa : 3

When that fifth son of Madalsa was not taught by her, with the help of growing in only the thoughts of Nation, he became a person of national feelings. Now when he became twelve years old, she gathered the king as well as him. She said to the king, “O king! I am about to leave this body of mine now as I have told you before because now the heir of yours will become a king as you desired from me and he is 12 years old now.” She prepared a will for his son and with the help of a thread she put it in his neck as necklace. And then, she by talking deep breath left the body forever with the help of pranayaam.
This son of Madalasa became king of Ayodhya. When his grandsons too took birth he did not leave to forests as the custom of Manu dynasty to become sanyasi.
Three elder brothers of the king Maharishi Shilak, Maharishi Dalabhya  and Maharishi Pravhan etc. came to him and said to him, “O king! As the custom of our dynasty, you must take sanyas after giving your throne to your son.” But he forbade to do it. The three sanyasis went to neighboring king and ordered him to attack Ayodhya. That king attacked on him and make him prisoner. In the jail, he when became very much frustrated and depressed he thought and then his memory made him thinking about the necklace given by his mother Madalsa. He opened the letter in which he read the teaching of his mother that “O dear son! This world is moving like the same as a custom from the beginning. There is no conclusion behind worldly desires of this world.”
He thought abut these words deeply and his influence of previous births started arising forth. He realized that he must take Sanyas. So he called the King and other courtiers. Then in front of them he accepted the Sanyaas and went to forests to perform penance after offering the reign of Ayodhya to his elder son.

After finishing this story I want to tell you about what happened in Delhi recently with that girl. If our mothers/sisters will make their role model to the Indian ladies of the past like Madalsa, Savitri, Sita, Apaala, Gargi etc., there will be no cause that any vulgar man may touch them even with his thoughts, feelings. Because this type of offense is increased in our India because we are following the culture of west not of our own Vedic Culture. Our ruler too is giving honor to several religions not to Vedicism. He is Secular that is why he has no religion I must think. You know 'Yatha Raja Tatha Praja' a lot of persons who are influenced by only national feelings (not spiritual) are follower of no-relegion concept. Without right religion a person is nothing. O sisters/mothers if we will have some mothers like these ladies of ancient India in modern India, we may get Dalabhya, Shilak, Dhruv, Lav-Kush, Bharat like sons of Bharat in furture then.
So please make your role model (Ideals) to them not to ‘Madhubala’, ‘Hema Malini’, ‘Madhuri Dixit’ or ‘Katarina’ etc.

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Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhawanand’

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mother Madalsa : Part - 2

Mother Madalsa : 2
When Madalsa became pregnant second time, the king was thinking that this one will become king of Ayodhya but he said nothing to Madalsa because of the promise he had given to her. On the day of birth of the second son, a lot of pleasure was spread to the whole reign of king of Ayodhya.
Now according to her determination Madalsa started educating her second one too as a Guru. So in the age of 5 years he was convinced that these earthly pleasures of organs are no longer stay that is why he too, requested her mother, “O mother! I want to go to forests for penance.” She, with pleasure replied, “O Dear Son! Surely you may go.” And the second son too went to the dense forests to become a sanyasi and a rishi.
The same happened third time too and Madalsa taught her third son all that she had taught to the previous sons. When he requested Madalsa, “O mother! I too want to go to dense forests.” She asked, “Why do you want to perform penance?” He replied, “Mother! I am coming from several other life periods and want to get the obligation of god that is why with celibacy I want to make my organs full of penance and so for the penance I want to move there so that I may clear the path of salvation.” Madalsa permitted him too, “O dear son! You may perform your penance.”
When Madalsa became pregnant fifth time, the king said to her, “O Devi! Who will rule the capital? All the sons till now have become sanyasi. There must be a son who may become the prince of my reign.” She with anger, exclaimed, “O king! I have already told you before not to maddle with my determination but you now want it so I shall have to break my decision. You tried to break your own promise. It’s o.k. now you shall get an heir of your kingdom. But as I have told at the time of marriage, I shall leave my body when your heir will become 12 years old.” The king thought, “Of what peculiar type this Devi is?”
She gave no education to the child since the time of his presence in her uterus. When he was born she did not teach him even a single teaching. The baby started growing in the thoughts of the Nation only.

Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharma “Bhawanand”

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mother Madalsa : Part - 1

Mother Madalsa : 1
As I have promised you in the beginning, I am introducing you one great daughter of Aaryavart(Bharat, India) named as Madalsa.
She was studying in the Ashram of a Rishi when she said to her guru, “Gurudev! I do not want to enter Grahastha Ashram (married life) ever.” By nature Rishis use to be very polite so he said, “Daughter! As you wish.”
After some years when she became young she again requested her guru after studying about a chapter of Veda which was related to birth of great sons, “O Gurudev! I wish that I shall enter Grahastha Ashram to give birth to great babies.” Rishi replied, “As you wish daughter!”
Once a prince of Manu Dynasty, came to this Ashram when he was wandering in the forests. The prince saw Madalsa and he thought about her that  a Devi of this kind must be there in his kingdom as his wife. He, at once reached to the Rishi and requested him, “Bhagwan! A devi like that girl of your Ashram must be there in my palace, who may increase the dignity of my kingdom so I want to marry her.” The Rishi replied, “Ask it from her yourself.” The prince went to her and said to her, “O Devi! I want that a Devi like you must live in my capital, Ayodhya to be dignified in my palace as well as kingdom as my wife. I request you to move to my palace after marriage with me.” Madalsa said , “O Dev! I can marry you but I have one determination and you will have to give me promise that I shall teach my children till the age of five years myself. In case, you break your promise, I will leave my body within twelve years from that time.” The price accepted the words of her. After conversation with Rishi, he married with her and Madalsa went to the Manu Dynasty to become queen of Ayodhya.
When she became pregnant, she used to talk the soul of the baby of her uterus with the help of process of “Praan Vidya”. By entering praan to apaan and then apaan to vyaan, vyaan udaan and udaan to samaan. By this process of the ‘Vital Air Learning’ she used to talk to her baby and used to teach him even in the period of pregnancy. According to Vedas, she took herbs what she had studied in the Ashram of her Gurudev. In separate months she used the required herbal medicines.
When the baby was born she herself became his teacher and taught the learning of ‘Brahm’ according to Vedas. When the son became five years old, he told her mother, “ O Mother! I want to go to forests for penance please give me order.” Madalsa said, “O Dear son! You surely can go.” So he went to forests for performing penance to improve his sense and working organs etc. and became a Sanyasi Rishi.

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Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhawanand’