Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mother Gargi

Mother Gargi

It is 28th Kalyug of 7th Manvantar named as Vaiswat going on. Today is, 8th date , Krishna Paksha of 10th Month Paush, Vikrami 2069, Kalpabd 1,97,29,49,113 Varsh, Srityabd 1,96,08,53,113 Varsh. New Year will be held on 11th April of 2013 A.D.

Let us talk about our second great lady of India whose name is alive in the world till now. She had been a celibacy observer till the departure fro her body.

She was studying in an Ashram of a Rishi, in dense forests. Once when Gurudev observed her in his Ashram he found her nowhere. He thought “Where she may go?” She was only four years old then. He became too anxious about her that he left the Ashram in search of her. When he went to a place in dense forests near a big tree, he found her singing Vaidic Mantras so sweetly and skillfully and with so much depth that a lot of violent creatures like lion, snakes and wolves etc. were gathered near her in a queue to listen to song of Vaidic Hymns, the poetry of God and forgot the violent nature of theirself by listening the non violent sound of the poetric stanzas.  Actually Vedic Mantras are the stanzas of poetry created by the supreme power god himself that is why they are full of the waves of non violence. And every creature has a soul within itself that is why it uses to be thirsty of the hymns, which are made by his own father. And Gargi was singing so sweetly with the deep feelings of her heart that it made a non violent effect on violent creatures that is why they all were gathered there to listen the pronounciation of the Learning of their own father God from her mouth.

When Rishi saw this scene he amazed, “How much great soul this daughter Gargi has!”

Meet you with second story of Mother Gargi soon in just next post.

Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharam ‘Bhawanand’

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