Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Experience

One who applies Saam(Praising), Daam(Gifting), Dand(Punishing) and Bhed (Dividing) methods with a bad thinking, assuredly his demolishion is near. With a respectful feeling who perform it, will get the peace in his/her soul else through it go to Hell.

Hell: Aasuri Planets (Planets of Devils), where the light of knowledge is a little, where sins and corruption is in excess. And even our sisters as well as daughters are not safe in spite of all our positive efforts.

Heaven: Heaven are planets, where everyone performs their actions even in the presence of sorrows. And a human being gets success in being free from Adhidaivik(Sickness), Adhibhotik(Pains of Body) and Adhyatmik(Spiritual or mental) sorrows.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih.

Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhawananad'

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