Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Real Story of Prison

My Real Story of Prison

I have been there in Bijnor (U.P., India) jail for eight long days fro 9-7-2012 evening till 17-7-2012 noon. Now you may be keen to know the reason of being captive. Actually I have been a truth speaker as a general since 1998. So what I write is absolutely correct you must know. The reason of being a captive was nothing special. My father in law as well as my own wife blamed me as a live supporter of dowry system and under acts 498 A, 456 and 506 he started a case on me in which he made a false story against me in the court case. What a great misuse of Dowry Act! The judge allowed warrants against me as to make me captive. Although from Allahabad high court the order was given to Bijnor judicial to give me bail of the same day. But the judge under an unknown secretary’s effect send me the jail where previous one and half an hour and the next day morning when head of captives of my barrack-5 gave us order to sweep and to clean garbage from gutter, passed with a lot of insulting manner. After that my mother, relatives came to meet me and I received 2400 rs. from them. I gave 1100+50+20+50 rs. to different authorities, the reason to cut my counting  from common captives.  Remaining seven days I passed in barrack 8 where approximately all captives did not do any work of jail. They remain all day free. So they performed prayers of God. I used to perform prayers at dawn and dusk. Everyday I performed Yoga(Asanas and pranayams) in the morning. Arrangement of breakfast, lunch and dinner was very accurate if we think in the sense of time. There is a library too which is called/used as school. Both Hindus and Muslims used to do prayers by heart.

I think everything happens according to the rules of world-creation of God. I think possibly I have performed any fault in my past life/lives whether It may be of previous birth.

My father in law has occupied the perfection of lies in past birth that is why with the help of bundle of lies-court case he made me captive to fulfill his self conceit.  Money of my parent is going in vain to save me by any great harm that might happen by these cases. I think this is a great misuse of being girl-side. Although girl-side is powerful but there is a person (means god) with me that is why I never fear with these cases.

One more fault of police station Chandpur (Bijnor, U.P.). When in year 2007 last inquiry came to it, our then-appointed inspector send a charge sheet to Bijnor Judicial Deptt. Of that incident that never happened.

One more thing, Doctor of Chandpur Govt. Hospital  made a false medical certificate for my wife which was not ever touched or beaten by stick. Oh yaar! What a great corruption it is!

What will happen when Doctor, Inspector, Judge, Father-in-law as well as Wife will get the punishment from the side of Supreme Power, God himself. Ok. They do not know that ‘Avashyamev Bhoktavyam Kritam Karmah Shubhaashubham’ (everyone has to get the fruit of their ill or good actions.

Thanks god mujhe to pata hai (I know it).

Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhawanand’

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