Friday, April 12, 2013

Merits/Demerits of Using Tobacco Products and Vine

Merits and Demerits of Using Tobacco Products and Vine

A story related to snakes is said by a rishi that a female snake uses to give birth to hundred baby snakes in her full life span and she uses to gubble 99 up from them all. This is because she has poison in her body and because of that poison she has no love, affection for her children even. Because she also has a soul, in reality, she has, but a little. And this is a peculiar nature of snake made by god himself. For, this nature controls the quantity of snakes on earth.

All poisonous creatures such as lizards, snakes, wasps etc. use to take in the poisonous gases from atmosphere and are helpful to maintain our environment. As a conclusion, in brief we came to know that poison controls excess nature of affection.

Merits: Generally legally we should be cautious about smoking, using tobacco products, Vine etc. that have a slow poison- nicotine and alcohol etc. Government has just banned gutkha too. But I can not deny to explain you merits of these products. If a human being uses it, he makes his  nature less affectionate and then he becomes able to do his work with concentration what his duty is. Because if a person has love, delusion and affection in his mind, he can never perform his given duty with perfection, concentration. But it should be taken casually. It must not be part of our habit.

Demerits: Excess use of it causes cancer too. We know it very well that all tobacco products and Vine etc. work in our body as a slow poison. On using it regularly excites the cells of cancer and it results death at last. It damages our teeth too.

So O dear readers! It is your choice whether you use it or not.

See you in next post the soonest.

Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhawanand’

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