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There are four types of voices that are explained in Vedas. 1. Bahkhari 2. Madhyama 3. Pashyanti and 4. Para. Bahkhari is common voice by which generally we use to perform conversation. Madhyama is the voice through which we gets inspiration from Devine souls yogis use to conversate through which voice. Inspirations are received in Pashyanti voice in Yog Samadhi. The god himself gave knowledge of four Vedas to Maharishi Agni, Maharishi Vayu, Maharishi Aditya and Maharishi Angira in Para voice in the beginning of the life on the earth before 1,96,08,53,114 years.

In Vedas four types of speeches are described. 1.Ida 2. Mahi and 3. Saraswati. Ida is the speech through which prayers of any human being, god or goddesses are performed. Mahi is the speech which is full of scientific knowledge and Saraswati is the speech full of knowledge and Devine knowledge.

Now after giving you introduction to voices and speeches I want to say that our brain has three different tasks to be performed 1. Decision making 2. thinking and 3. Memorizing. Decision Making power of the brain is called Mind(Buddhi). Thinking power of the brain too is called mind (man) and memorizing capacity of the brain is called Memory. Decision making power are found to be of four types 1. Buddhi 2. Medha 3. Ritambhara and 4. Pragya. This subject will be explained you later. Just now I am introducing you only thinking capacity. As I have mentioned it in a previous post "Aboout Thinking" that mind is the smallest particle of nature and according to science a vibrating body generates waves, when we think, mind vibrates and produces waves. The waves moves towards the person for which it is produced means, for which person we think, the waves proceeds towards him/her. When we think about our loved one, he/she gets our waves but in reality, it effects his/her conscience indirectly. Strange! But true.

A yogi can talk by this thinking and questioning within his mind (man) to anyone. And then this voice of only thinking can be called Madhyama.

Now I am opening a strange, unbelievable but in fact true observation of mine own to you. Once, (I can give you detail of date and time too) when I was writing a new post directly on my computer, some one voice seemed to me guiding in writing. When I got that unseen person voice I started writing what he was speaking. I wrote one paragraph spoken by him. Now I stopped writing, the voice also stopped and when I checked that paragraph with the sense of grammar and meaning, I found no mistake. Only once I got so long this inspiration in English. In Hindi, I generally get it. On your demand I can publish it because it is saved as draft in my blog. It has a secret foretell about me that is why I did not publish it.

Once this voice said to me to write the material of Yajna and I wrote it. I performed Yajna with that material as obligation material. Two those materials were Sabudana and Adu.

Ok, in this post I wrote about my own experience too. Hope, it will be helpful for you.

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