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A Bit of Knowledge

Sixteen Kalas of Lord Krishna

Lord Ram was known to have twelve Kalas and whereas Lord Krishna for sixteen which are as follows:
1. Prachi                                     East
2. Dakshin                                  South
3. Prateechi                                West
4. Udeechi                                  North
5. Samudra                                 Ocean
6. Antariksha                              Space
7. Prithvi                                    Earth
8. Vayu                                      Air
9. Surya                                     Sun
10. Chandra                                Moon
11. Agni                                     Fire
12. Vidyut                                  Electricity
13. Man                                     Mind
14. Shrot                                   Ear
15. Netra                                   Eye
16. Ghran                                  Nose

Why Ravana was called Dashanan

There are ten directions to which Ravana knew well that is why he was called ‘Dashanan’. He did not have ten heads in reality.
(Information: Name of Ravana’s father was Manichand Ketu. His grandpa was Pulastya Rishi. Name of his childhood was Varun Ketu. Meaning of word ‘Ravana’ is ‘Great Donator’. This name is not curse. He was a great Scholar of Vedas.)

The directions are as follows:

Direction(English)     Direction(Hindi)          It’s Devta (Deity)
1. East                       Prachi (Purv)            Agni(Fire)
2. South                     Dakshin                   Indra (Deity of Prosperity)
3. West                      Prateechi (Pashchim) Varun(Deity of Food)
4. North                     Udeechi (Uttar)         Som (Deity of Knowledge)
5. Down                     Dhruva                     Vishnu (Deity of nurse)
6. Up                         Urdhva                     Brihaspati (Teacher of Gods)
7. East angle              Eishan                      Surya, Dyu
8. South angle            Agney                       Shachi and Aditi
9. West angle              Vayavya                   Megh (Cloud)
10. North angle           Narriti                       Gyan (Knowledge)


Once teacher of gods, Brahsapati, teacher of human beings and teacher of Devils, Shukracharya, all the three went to Prajapati, the teacher of all, to learn more. When they all asked Prajapati to teach something for the sake of their pupils, he commanded them ‘Da’.

After getting the teaching of ‘Da’ Shukracharya thought himself “We, demons, never show pity for anyone. We are very cruel for others. So Prajapati has taught us Da means Daya (Pity)”. He returned and started teaching for being pitiful to all.

The teacher of human beings thought, “All human beings collect a lot and they never donate so Prajapati told ‘Da’ means Daan (Donation). After returning he started teaching to donate.

Now the teacher of gods, Brahaspati thought Da for Daman. He thought that gods use their sense and working organs a lot. So he taught, them to control their sense and working organs means Daman.

So by the letter ‘Da’ he gave teaching of Daya, Daan and Daman to Devils, Human Beings and Gods respectively.

In this story it is taught that a single teaching worked for all kinds of persons severally.

Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharma

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