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Education and Marriage of Kaushaliya

Mother Kaushaliya


Name of teacher of mother Kaushaliya was Tatv Muni Maharaj. Age of Tatv Muni Maharaj was 284 years. He was indestructable celibacy observer. Once while studying philosophy
, to Kaushaliya, a thought struct that ," O Gurudev! I do not want to enter married life." Rishi replied, "Daughter! As you wish." But when she studied more, once at night she reached to the door of her teacher and after touching his feet she urged, "Prabhu! It is my desire that I want to give birth to an uplifted and great son from my womb." Thence, the teacher ordered again, "As you wish."


It was the determination, resolve of Kaushaliya that she would give birth of such great child, who would flutter the flag of religion after destroying the devils. This became the subject of conversation among Rishis, Munis. This conversation Maharaja Ravan also heard. So Ravan said to the king of Kaushal country, "Give your daughter to me. I shall not marry her but I shall make the girl captive. King of Kaushal gave him daughter to Ravan and Ravan caught her in machines and put it in a continent between the oceans after making a fort there.

King Dashrath too came to know this secret. So when he as well as Kaikeyi were returning having defeated Kubair in battle, in the way, reached to that fort which was located between ocean where Kaushaliya was made captive, brought that machine. So, she became free by the jail of Ravan and after some time Kaushaliya's marriage became with Dashrath and after marriage she entered to Royal house. It was the custom of Raghu, accordingly she reached to Royal House.

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