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Rishi Plan of Killing Ravan

Rishi Plan of Killing Ravan

[The matter is taken from the speeches of Br. Krishna Dutta Ji, from book named as 'Ramayan ke Rahasya']

Lord Ram as well as Ravan is described and both were called having same sign of Zodiac. When nation of Ravan became widespread, he was not without wealth too but there was misconduct in the reign of Ravan. Thence Rishis, Sages thought that the terror of King Ravan or the misconduct of him would terrify the human beings. How to make an end of it? In the reign of King Ravan the sun never arose nor set, never hides.

A meeting was held in the forests of Ayodhya. It was the hermitage of Maharishi Vibhandak Muni Maharaj where the meeting was held. The meeting was held in the supervision of Maharaja Shiv and Maharishi Vibhandak Muni Maharaj. Several Rishis like sage Narad, Maharishi Vashishtha, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaj, Brahmchari(Celibacy Observer) Kavandhi, Brahmchari Gargepathya, Chakrani Gargi, Maharaja Ashwal and Yagyavalkya Muni, Shvetashvettar of lineage Uddalak, Sambhuti Rishi Maharaj, Maharishi Somkriti Bhanu, Maharishi Kukkut and many more took part there.The conversation was to be held how the misconduct of Ravan should come to an end from this society. The reign of King Ravan was built so widespread, he conquered the king like king Indra. He had his reign in Tripuri (Tibbat now) too where his son Narayantak reigned, in Patalpuri (America now) Ahiravan and many more nations he had possessed. So never sun set not arose in his nation. When this thought stuck there, Rishis, sages made discussion what to do them. It generally comes to my memory, Maharishi Shiv was asked “You are adorable teacher of his family, dynasty because you have given them education of weapons.” Maharaj Shiv replied, “Yes, this one happened.” Bharadwaj Muni too was asked, “What contribution you can give?” They replied whatever contribution you need we shall contribute but this misconduct must be ended.

When there conversation started all the rishis as well as sages said to Vishwamitra, “You will perform a Dhanur Yag and to the princess of Ayodhya, Ram and Laxman , make great. They must be made strong and powerful. They should have weapons. When this thought came, Maharishi, sage Bharadwaj said, “The whole dynasty of Ravan I generally educated them. Because his brother Kumbharan, returned back after getting education of science for 12 years many times. His science is very wide. He is there too great researcher that he uses to stay in Himalayas for six months and gives education to the scientists in Lanka six months.

To be continued….

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