Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Protector of Holy Thread (Yagyopaveet) : Ram

Protector of Holy Thread (Yagyopaveet) : Ram

While explaining this most holy, Lord Ram told Laxman that O Laxman! This
one to which we are wearing in our throat, you should have this knowledge today why we left our prosperity? Today a person may say that we protected the order of Mother Kaikei. Other is saying another words. But we left our nation for we must protect the most holy, yagyopaveet. We need to be free from our debts. Our Rishis have told that it is the duty of human beings and real Aryans to protect the boundaries, limits after leaving the prosperity. Today we have left the land of nation, prosperity, made bed to the mountains. It’s reason is to protect the holy thread. Here the demons like Ravana have taken existence who have become away from the limits. After being the scholar of Vedas, a demon, in fact. We need to give them education and need to protect the most holy yagyopaveet.

Mother Sita asked, “Surely it is most holy but tell me the science behind it. Why it is necessary to protect it?” Ram said, “See! This is an ornament of our Aryans.  This is the ornament for which the souls from Moons and Suns come here to wear it. For the protection of it, they come here. We can protect it by science, surrendering and penance. When there is no surrender, penance, no duty, we can not protect it. Who protect the most holy becomes most holy himself.

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Anubhav Sharma

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