Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Social Reformer : Ram

Social Reformer : Ram

Politeness and humanity that Lord Ram had in his life when we see that one, nationalism starts memorizing, socialism starts memorizing love, affection starts recollecting. The kings who lived in mountains, who were kicked away saying that you are trivial, mean, shudra, Lord Ram owned. Without owning them nation as well as society can not become uplifted. To whom poor is called and kicked away, left, the polite king until own them, there may not be welfare, nation and society may not have great prosperity.

Lord Ram had not brought any type of upliftment and parallelism from Ayodhya and fought with so great a reign, sovereignty. He owned, accepted the person of mountains who were called shudra, mean like Nishad, he owned and other mean (shudras) persons he embarrassed.

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