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Birth of Sita

Birth of Sita 

Sita was daughter of King Janak. Once there became a femine in his nation.
Several Rishis were called, invited. Yagyavalkya, Mother Gargi, Maharishi Lomash etc. and many more came to his palace. Raja Janak said, "My subjetcs, dependents are unhappy for lack of grains. Make any attempt to end this femine. They saw and according to mathematics' knowledge they said, "Bhagwan! Take two new oxen and move to your garden to plough with a golden that the place may become elegent for Yajna of rain. King Janak did the same the rain was to pour. Occassionally as the king ploughed , rain started, and in his house a girl baby born thence.

When the king listen the news of birth of daughter, he became pleased. He requested Rishis as well as Munis for the ceremony of naming. They said to call her name as Sita. Because with the eye of grammar 'Si' means point of a plough and 'ta' means rain. With the movement of plough, it rained and with being rain the daughter born.  She took birth on joining of both so at the time her name was fixed Sita.

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