Friday, May 24, 2013

Rishi Plan of Killing Ravan : Part-3

King Ravan too knew the meeting a little. He was known that the meeting was held in the supervision of Maharaja Shiva. King Ravan reached to the door of Shiva in Himalayas and intermixing with his feet he said, “Is there any meeting of yours held? To listen that conversation of the meeting I came here.” King Shiva replied, “The meeting which was held I shall not introduce you the conversation, thoughts of that meeting because that meeting was held to kill the rascals of this much kinds. If you are of good conduct why do you become suspicious? This suspicion should not have by you and if you are a rascal you shall be killed. Your demolition will be there.” Having spoken these statements he became silent. Now king Ravan thought to destroy the Dhanuryag of Vishwamitra.

I remember, it was confirmed to Vishwamitra that he will have to perform Dhanuryag. He brought Ram and Laxman to Dandak forest to perform Dhanuryag where there was a canopy of sacrifice (yagya shala) of Dhanuryag. There are several kinds of yags. There is Dhanuryag, Bajpai Yag, Agnishtom Yag and Brahm Yag. Maharishi Yagyavalkya wrote about several kinds of yagas. Maharishi Vishwamitra made appointed Ram and Laxman to protect Dhanuryag and they had been protecting. Dhanuryag kept on running and it took period of six months. After six months, on completing yag, Maharishi Vishvamitra departed to the hermitage of Bharadwaj and reached to the Ashram of Maharishi Bharadwaj.

Sage Maharishi Bharadwaj welcomed Maharishi Vishvamitra. Raja Ravan too reached here and said, “Prabhu! What conspiracy is being made?” Bharadwaj Muni Maharaj said, “This is not any creation, this one is science. Anybody may study science. Dhanuryag too is a flight of science and what flight of science is being made in your Lanka that one too is great. Science is not a property of a single one. If he with neutralized thought reflects and thinks, can give possessed form to it. That is why Vishwamitra as well as Ram and Laxman came here. They want to ask some questions on Dhanuryag.

What is the exchange of thoughts? Every human who talks about nation makes flight to science, can make flight of science. This kind of discrete human beings must be there as Bharadwaj, Vishwamitra and Vashishtha who had divine knowledge too. Scientists may uplift the nations. Because the nation does not uplift by luck only. A nation is uplifted by good moral character human beings who would be discrete. They, taking voice of Vedas what they spread in world, If the nation runs according to them, the nation becomes great and holy. Lord Ram, Laxman and Vishwamitra stayed there three years, attempted to know different kinds of weapons, machines. Made several weapons too. Wha is the result of Dhanuryag which was performed by Vishwamitra? Because a person who protects; he can do it only when to make the society uplifted, the impartiality and respect, he may give.

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Anubhav Sharma

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