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Proclaimer of Vedic Culture

Proclaimer of Vedic Culture

This single thing Lord Ram said to Vashishtha Muni that to my culture, my humanism I want to spread in the whole world. Vashishtha said to Ram, “O Ram! You can; because Ravana’s reign has seized, owned this place. How can you uplift it?” Ram said, “Maharaj! Give me order, with your kindness, I can organize, perform this work.” Then that Brahman Guru (teacher) instructed with his full of genius and full of vitality voice. To which Bheels, Dravidas and disables, Dashrath had left, those one Lord Ram owned, accepted and made an army of them. Owned Hanumaan, son of King Pawan. Spreaded his culture in the reign of Bali. By owning Sugriv, fighted with Ravana.

Lord Ram when left the land of his nation and made his bed to mountains, at first he went to the nation of Nishad. He spreaded his culture in the reign. Moving forth he went on killing with his Learning of Archery to devils and wickeds. After that he killed Bali who was scholar of all four Vedas but forgot his Vedic Culture.

Bali had owned wife of his younger brother as his own. Ram killed him and spreaded his high culture there.

He made Sugreev King there. Moved forth, killed Ravana who was scholar of four Vedas, his guru was Brahma (Tatv Muni Maharaj), who had attained celibacy for 48 years  and was very high wise but has lost his own culture. He gave reign of Ravana to his brother Vibheeshan, having given reign, he spreaded his culture there. He killed Naraintak, Ravana’s son who ruled in a nation named as Sombhum. And gave the reign to the king Adyut and spreaded his culture there. Went to Patalpuri (America in modern age) where Ravana’s son Ahiravan ruled. Killed Ahiravan, gave reign to Hanuman’s son Makardhvaj, spreaded his culture and returned to Ayodhya.

I (Br. Krishna Dutta Ji Maharaj) pray to the god, “O Parampita!  In modern age, there is need of those, scientists, who invented large, big instruments, machines and spreaded culture in the whole world.”

Lord Ram was real Aryan, noble whose nobility is clearly seen in the world. Till when there is Earth, Space, till when there is world of the supreme power, god, the world will recite the history of Lord Ram.

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