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Establishment of Ram-Rajya after Being Vishnu

Establishment of Ram-Rajya(Utopia) after being Vishnu

Lord Ram said to Mahraja Vashistha one sentence that “Maharaj! I know how
my feared nation by the tyranny of Ravan will become Ram-Rajya.” Thence Vashishtha said, “O Ram! Before making this nation Ram-Rajya you need to become Vishnu. Until you become Vishnu, your Ram-Rajya can not be built at any means.” Ram said, “Prabhu! Please explain me how I will become Vishnu?” Vashistha spoke, “Hear

First of all your arms must have a Lotus. Lotus is the name of nobleness and polite behavior. The King who has nobleness and politeness, nation of that  one is called holy. The king who does not have nobleness, no honor for one another, See! That nation will end tomorrow if not now. O Ram,! If you want to make your nation holy, pious then your one arm must have a lotus. The king must have real Learning. If the learning has the waves of nobleness and politeness that one is called superb. That learning make successful the reign. O Ram! This lotus can make you higher of highers. You can reign the world. If there is no nobleness and politeness, your nation can not be Ram-Rajya ever.

Secondly you must have club. Club is the name of Kshtriyas (who protect the nation like soldiers etc.). Kshatriyas in the nation of a King must be strong, powerful. They must have knowledge of their souls. Celibacy, they must have restorative, hard. In the nation of which king, punishment to victims is given that nation becomes Ram-Rajya for always and in which nation punishment to victims is not given, nation of that king shall demolish tomorrow if not today. O Ram! You need to make club stable. The victims must be punished. There should be no villainy, misconduct. Only then your reign will be called Ram Rajya. O Ram! Your reign must have lotus and club mainly. If any news of your nation moves to any other nation means Kshatriya of your nation are not high. Nation in which there is club, the nation is pious, holy.

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Anubhav Sharma

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