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Establishment of Ram-Rajya after Being Vishnu Part-2

Establishment of Ram-Rajya(Utopia) after Being Vishnu Part-2

Thirdly there must be Rotating Wheel(Chakra, Ring). Rotating Wheel is the name of Culture. There exists culture in reign of which king, his nation has Wheel. Culture is that precious voice that gives nobleness and politeness. Which voice is called Culture? In which culture, the knowledge, starting from nation till agriculture, business, archary and inventing several machines, politeness, protecting celibacy and developing own soul till reaching to the supreme power, god; in which voice, mingled, that voice is called culture in our Vedic Literature. O Ram! you need to think about it. If you will make the nation Ram-Rajya, spread the Rotating Wheel in the world.

After all Ram Asked a question, "Bhagwan! Now give me the decision of Conch Shell please. I want to know this Conch Shell." Rishi answered, "Conch Shell is the name of sounds of Vedas. In the reign of which king there is sounds of Vedas and where it is sung in Jata Paath, Mala Paath, Ghan Paath, Visarg Paath, Visharad Paath and in many other sounds, wherever it is sung, the space of that nation becomes covered with these sounds too. In nation of which king education of nobleness, education of Vedas are given, environment too is found superb, feelings of human being are found the best, politeness and nobleness there is found. O Ram! Conch Shell sound is the name of Vedic sound. It is the name of knowledge. O Ram! In the nation of which king, Yajnas are performed and Vedic hymns are recited in Yajnas, working gods too remain happy there and after getting pleasure gives the fruit according to the desire of mind (man) of the people of nation. O Ram! If you want to uplift your nation, you will have to become Vishnu."

Bhagwaan Ram when became Vishnu according to the sayings of Vashishtha Muni Maharaj, he thought about getting victory, triumph. After getting order of his mother, went to dense forests. How much peculiar dignitary he was! In the brain of whom, a great revolution uses to come. He said to Maharishi Bharadwaj ,"Maharaj! How can I get victory?" Maharishi said, " O Ram! If you want to conquer, be Vishnu and make an attempt to accept Jai-Vijay both, be statesman, politician so that you may get victory. Devil who is attacking must be destroyed." This thought of Bharadwaj, made the space in heart of Ram too much that the statement made hold in his heart permanently and then after making hold he joined both, when joining fininshed, he hold the form of Vishnu and killed the devil.

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