Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kalp Vriksha

Kalp Vriksha Tree
[A tree below which all desires may be fulfilled]

[Story from 'Alankaar Vyakhya' of Br. Krishna Dutta Ji's Literature]

Once devine sage Narad was wandering on Earth. While walking, he saw a sad man. He was sad because his wife was of very quarreling nature. She regularly would punish her husband. In stead of service she used to punish. For the fear of his wife, once he was praying the god in a solitary place, "O God! Just now I am in great sorrow. Please bring me with you from here." Meanwhile devine sage Maharishi Narad reached there. Narad Muni said, "Bhai! Come. Let me bring you to Heaven." With pleasure that man said, "Yes please my Lord."

Narad said to him, "Hey! This is the gate of Heaven." In front of that gate, there was a Kalp Vriksh. Narad Muni said to him, "Stay below the Kalp Vriksh and I am going to Lord Vishnu to get order whether there is any place of you in Heaven or not." Now Narad Ji went to the hermitage of Vishnu and that human stayed below the Kalp Vriksha. Slow fragrant wind was flowing. In his heart arose an imagination that here so much cool slow fragrant air, which makes pleasing, is flowing, here should be a beautiful carpet. Children! The carpet spread at once. When he sat on carpet, his strength of imagination arose that here shold be a bed. That one was Kalp Vriksha 'Here as the imagination is made, the things use to come at once.' The bed also appeared there. Now in his mind the imagination came, O here must be a lot of nymphs, young girls. So a lot of girls too came and started serving. At the time, in the mind of the human came the remambrance of his earthly wife, saying, "If that one wife had been here, there might be a thick stick for me." Now Children! See that one wife of earth too came there. Now there is stick on his head and he is moving forth and the wife is behind him bringing the stick.

Meanwhile divine sage Narad Ji reached and exclaimed with surprise. Narad Muni spoke loudly "Hey! Leave the imagination." When he left the imagination, he saw, there is no wife, no nymph, no mat, no bed. There is only a Kalp Vriksha. With surprise sage Narad said to him, "O great sinner! You made the imagination of worldly enjoyment below this Kalpvriksha too! If you had imagination of Heaven, you might get the Heaven. If you had imagination of being a sage, you might become a sage. If you had imagination of meeting Vishnu, you might meet Vishnu." See! If we resolve, do that one resolve so that you may become igneous and may not become an athiest. You may go to Heaven.

When Supreme Soul made this universe, the souls as well as gods said, "O God! Which type of this world you made?" Thence the God replied, "The world what I made is a type of Kalpa Vriksha. Whatever imagination the soul will do, will become the same, Whatever imagination you will do today shall become that one and that one thing you shall get. But the determination must be accurate, the determination must have discretion, wisdom. So that the human life may become holy, pious"

Truly Yours
Anubhav Sharma 'Bhawanand'

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