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Meeting With Parents and Departure

Conversation With Father

Ram reached the door of his father. He says to his father, “O father! It is a duty of a son to obey his mother. Why are you bringing me away from my duties? Why are you being full of sorrow, coming to affection? Heart of my mother is more affectionate. O father! How your heart became so polite? It is not coming to my mind. Within your mind, do not accept that Ram is of Kaushalya only. If I were taken birth from the uterus of Kaikeyi, mother Kaikeyi might make me go forcefully, helplessly. He might leave me in the arms of Rishi and Munis that this one is Ram. She is my loving mother even today. In my heart I do not have second place for her.”

When king Dashrath was hearing these statements, affection of son was making him anxious. Ram says, “Do not become prey of affection. A part of world will become happy from me only on going to forests and the other part will become unhappy. If I keep on acting on the orders of dignitaries, my life will become a little bit useful else it will be of no use. First of all only mother of me is great-mother. After it there comes other several Rishis.

Ram was speaking these polite words but the king was under affection. While embarrassing Ram he said, “O Son! My heart does not have desire that you should go to forest. Instead my heart desires that ‘Look after the nation, undergo through the nation, there is everything in undergoing.’” On hearing the speech of the king, his heart was not possessed by affection. He was a great soul of being same in every situation, soul of monotony. So a human must do the penance. If calamity comes, harshness comes if they do not feel hard, if happiness comes then if do not bring a great pleasure in their minds, in reality that one are called dignitary.

Consent of mother Kaushalya

Saying something to Kaushalya, Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj returned back to his Ashram, hermitage. Now when day came, after sun rise touching the feet of mother Kaykeyi etc., Ram reached to the door of Kaushalya. He touched the feet of Kaushalya. Kaushaly was being very much pleased (over pleased) because she did not want that he should live in royal thoughts. She knew the royal meetings. She had knowledge of politics in her heart. She knew the king Dashrath has destroyed the Vedic traditions for his selfishness and that her husband has done this one falsity that he married to three queens. This one is not correct according Vedic Traditions. Being very much  pleased, she said, “O Ram! You are going to forest today.” He replied, “Yes mother, give me order.”

Kaushalya says, “Your welcome my son. Go. Obey the order of mother for fourteen years. I have fed you for the day of today. You know O Ram! While you were growing in my uterus, Maharishi Shringi told not to take royal food. I attempted to fill my stomach by craft and actions. I made you growing by the food of penance, fed you. The day of today is ornamented for me. My son has no woe today, he is happy, he is showing monotony.

Just then Sita came and said, “Give me order, I want to serve Ram with him. I want to stay in service. A wife is because of either husband or almighty. As the livelihood of soul is because of god, a wife gets the skill of actions by husband.” Hearing these sentences of Sita, Mother Kaushalya replied, “Daughter! I do not want to suppress you. I don’t want to bring you in disguise. If you wish and are able to pass your time in forests, then go and live in forests. Live with your husband, serve him and obey your husband.

Departure for forests

Then Laxman too spoke the same. All the three where used to wear royal attire, leave Ayodhya wearing clothes of hermits. You may know the result, their resolve was of 14 years. You know the meaning of forest. Forest is called where no help of any kind is provided. Where the forest of their hearts may become so great that every living organism may become their friends. This type of forest makes high a friend like Ram. He became a person of making bed of mountains in dense forests, after getting several problems and crossing the river Saryu.

Lord Ram made a sequence of killing attacking human beings. Maharishi Lomash Muni Maharaj, Maharishi Atri and mother Anusuya educated Ram while he was staying in Dandak forest with Sita. When Lord Ram reached to the Ashram of Atri Muni, he gave him a machine. What was that machine? He had told that, “I made it in my research center. It’s property is that 152 thousands of army may be destroyed with this dangerous instrument. The machine was accepted by Ram.

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