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Sacrificer Life

Sacrificer Life of Mother Kaushalya

I (Pujyapad Gurudev, Br. Krishna Dutta Ji in Trance) generally have remembered when Putreshti Yag was performed at the palace of king Dashrath. In the canopy of sacrifice of Putreshti yag, the three queens resolved to perform scrifice(yag) that 'their life is a yag' but mother Kaushalya especially made a resolve. To his adorable obligative gurudev when she was giving offering, she told for the offering that "Prabhu! My life must be sacrificer, I want to make me obligative, the acharya (teacher) blessed her. When a holy soul like Ram entered to her uterus, she would perform yag. She worshipped the fire. To make the fire alive, started penance because the mother's wish was to born an obligative son from her uterus. Mother Kaushalya started penance, she started making her life actful. Early in the morning, taking wooden fue,. when she lit fire, she would say, "O fire! You are light, you are light of my sub conscience. O agne (fire)! your flame moves upward. O agne! you have seven flames (seven tongues: Saot Jivhayen : Kali, Karali, Sulohita, Sudhumravarna etc.). You make welfare of the world by every flame." Mother Kaushalya used to adore that fire. In the mean time she would do some craft and acts. What material, wealth came for that work, she would fill her stomach by that. The king thought a lot so that the queen might use the royal food. But she said, "O Rajan! I can not take the food of royality. I, beside teachers, wises took oath in witness of fire and the oath was that I shall made my life full of penance and the child of my uterus who will born must be a hermit", sage. The single speech of the king he did not hear.

When that period comes to my memory, generally it seems as hermit is present in the canopy of sacrifice. She perfromed morning lit. With rays of sun she would intake light of it to her eyes. When the baby departed from uterus, she started morning sacrifice with obligation material. She would feed the child while she used to recite 'varchosi'. Soul is varchosi, like fire, see fire is litten. Fire is chosen with small wooden sticks. Who is chosen that fire? The fire is chosen by mother, the child is viewing O my innocent mother! How simple you are! How skillful, active you can make your life! How dignified you can make! Stream of your life can become great. Mother Kaushalya had explained the whole content of yag to child Ram of three years and that child of three years used to recite the hymns of Vedas means performed yag, used to lit fire with wooden sticks.

[From 'Ramayan ke Rahasya' of Br. Krishn Dutta Ji's Literature]

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