Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Story of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna used to perform Yag everyday. Once upon a time Lord Krishna was performing a Yag. After performing the Yag he was sitting near the alter and thinking about what effect that Yag made. Meanwhile his wife Rukmini came to him and asked him, "O Dev! What are you doing before this alter?" Lord Krishna replied, "O Devi! I am thinking about what effect this Yag made on the atmosphere. I am thinking about the waves, it generated and where these waves effects, I am doing invention about it." Rukmini again made a question, "Have you ever thought about how much  waves are generated by my heart?" Lord Krishna replied, "O Devi! That time will too come but this time I am thinking about it and I can not stop this work. O Devi! Yag is the supermost action of this world. This one is the invention of the Rishis and Munis. What effect it makes on the atmosphere and where it's waves moves, is necessary to know about. It is the action through which we move near to the god and it takes us to the salvation that is why I am busy in this work." Rukmini then became influenced by it and she too started perfroming the yag with Lord Krishna every day.

Bhavanand Arya

Friday, February 21, 2014

Anxiety about Beloved

When we move outside from house we meet a lot of human beings who become the cause of affection but if we say that we love only a particular beloved then this saying is not just true.

Real love as ideal we can say of Sita-Ram Ji as well as of Rukmini-Krishna Ji. If we want to get our wife similar to Mother Rukmini or Mother Sita then we ourselves must become like Lord Krishna or Lord Ram then we will get the desired beloved.

We, generally all, do not have the real love for a particular beloved cause when we think about our past a lot of girls have stayed to our mind, speech and in acts. Now suppose you love a particular girl or woman then how can you say that your love is pious like Ram-Sita or Rukmini (Satyabhama)- Krishna who loved only one wife in whole of their life span. Although I can say that at this particular time you love her as Ram loved mother Sita but how can you say that she, after some months or years will love you like the same. Is it not possible with her that she may love any other too like you besides you? So I think that the love is done in fraction not in continuity for infinity or very much long.

Suppose your beloved is moving in a bus then how can you stop her to think affectionately about her companions?

So O dear readers, I think about it positively and I say that all of us are just sons and daughters of the god himself and we all are getting honey of desire, anger, greed, affection and self conceit and to all of us let us pass the route of salvation, where no worldly sorrow exists.

In this harsh world, full of sorrow, besides pleasure, let us become a yogi and let us fulfill the desires of our beloved. Let us become a faithful servant of our beloved. It is possible only when we shall become a yogi. This is the time of Yogic Revolution. So let us follow the path of  Yoga. We should have in mind that if we protect any one we will be protected else no one shall help us in our need.

We should also think that the body which we have given by the god himself is like a cloth that is to be ended surely. So Love is not last long of course. But the love of god remains the same always.

Yoga means ‘to get Unseen’ as defined in Geeta
Bhavanand Arya “Anubhav”

Wednesday, February 19, 2014



In the world there are five types of things- Desire, Anger, Greed, Affection and Self Conceit that are helpful to pass our life span easily. But who rules on these five becomes a Yogi like Lord Krishna.

It is an awesome experience that I am sharing with you. We know that feelings are generated from our heart. Actually we have two thinking powers (man, mind) within our body. One in brain and other in heart. The man is the smallest particle of the nature and it is called eleventh organ after five sense and five working organs. It is a special gift of god, given to human beings. When it vibrates, waves are generated. About whom we think the waves move towards that one. So if we have affection for any one, that one will feel its effect indeed. We must have in mind that this precious gift to the creatures is given by the god because of his generousness. The god is omnipresent, omniscient but we, human beings are not so. Our capacity and place is fixed. But with the help of this man, we may connect us to far away peoples and places. This is the reason, that a Yogi uses to move to planets and may introduce the task of far away places at once with the help of this one man

Now I am disclosing my own feeling about it because the before said things are taken from the sayings of great scholars. My feeling about it is that the affection for any one is felt by the other too if we have for that one. But this affection results a lot sorrow in future as the fruit of this one affection.

So dear readers let us take the pleasure of affection but dont forget that you too will get its fruit as sorrow.

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Truly Yours
Bhavanand Arya "Anubhav"

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Letter to God

Dear and Respected Supreme Power God,

See O God! I do not have the accurate knowledge about you but what else I have known about you from the books of the scholars that your main name is OM.

Hi God!

Now a days I am suffering problems so please give me three boons and a blessing that
1. My earnings must be 20000 per month so that I may teach my daughter Shruti myself.
2. Let me get rid of the court cases bundle of lies, started by my trivial past-wife Radha, brothers-in-law and the pig father-in law.(This desire should be fulfilled the soonest)
3. Myself must have my own loveable lady who may live in my heart whole of the life and must have the behavior as well as other things just like me.(No need to fulfill this desire now)
O God give me blessing that I may get the developments in both material science and spiritual science and may get development in Yog and knowledge both that I may become successful to know the soul whose name is Vishnu too.

And O God give me curse too because I am not too much good that much the world thinks about me. But you know everything o god! I have frailties besides the qualities too much that it sometimes seems to me to disclose all that secrets in front of the world. O god please think a lot this writing of mine.

Thank you god
Please have a little pity for me that I may get your love.

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Your own
Anubhav Sharma or Bhavanand

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Death of Death

When we perform Yag, the obligation material is gobbled up by fire, the fire is gobbled up by water, water by air and air by the space and then it stay within the supreme power. The god accepts our Yag as well as the faith that we have about the god while performing the Yag. We should have a very deep faith for the god and about his creations of the world. Because the god eats the feelings as the food of him.

In the world we become anxious about 'What is the death of death?' It is said by a Rishi in past that the death of death is the supreme power. Any 'Brahmvetta' who knows about this fact that the Brahm is the death of death may not afraid of the death ever. The death is nothing for him. Actually the death is the word of ignorance.

(The thoughts are taken from the sermons of Pujyapad Br. Krishna Dutta Ji)

Bhavanand Arya

Friday, February 7, 2014

O Supreme Power God!


The god is always unseen. 
He exists but in invisible mode.
Any microscope can not view the soul even.
Then how is it possible to view the god?

He is like the space, like wind.
To which we feel and can't view.
He is known by meditated wisdom. 
It is the fact according to my view.

No idol is possible of Him.
He never takes birth as man
He can complete all works of him,

Like killing Ravan or Kans,
Without taking birth and coming to death,
Because he is omnipotent.

I Love you my respected.
You are Maan Durga.
You are Maan Kali.
You are Father Ram.
You are Father Krishna.
You are Father Shiva.
You are Father Brahm.

Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva 
And my guru were very high but
You are Ram cause you live everywhere (rameti).
You are Krishna cause you are Maha Yogi.
You are Brahma cause You made the world.
Your main name is om cause you do everything for us.

O dear Father I love you
I want to get some properties of you
And I shall surely get
If you want
Else nobody can help me
If you don't want.
No one else is there of mine
Cause you don't like it.

But the earth is mine.
The fire is mine.
The air is mine.
The space is mine.
The water is mine.
I can get whatever I wish from you, I know.

O dear father!
O Greatest Poet You made the greatest poetry as Vedas.
I want to become a little poet.
I know you understand everything what I want.

So please grant me those things,
What I need.
But make me like,
That I may not get the chance 
To do evil deed. 

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Bhavanand Arya 'Anubhav'

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Away From Hearts..

In our regular life we love our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, daughters, sons, beloved and others but I want to make you familiar about how we loss the love and make away our hearts from others. In the modern age of materialism the progress of instruments is increased. Several scientists invented the vehicles, mobiles, internet, pagers, telephones etc. These machines, mediums are helpful in many ways but this is not my subject of discussion how much they served the society by inventions of these devices, mediums or whatever else.

If we think about our past, we can easily understand how much near we were there by hearts with one another when progress of materialistic mediums was not too much. But these devices made us away from hearts, is the fact. The material progress is not negotiable but we should use material devices to improve our spiritual behaviors, is the advice from the side of Rishis. Br. Krishna Dutta Ji in Trance said that "We should make progress in both Spiritual and Material Science. Then we can get quick progress. The route of spiritual science(Adhyatmic Vigyan) goes through material science. We should not misuse material science( Bhotik Vigyan)"

Now I am disclosing the fact about it-

"When we come near with instruments physically, we become away with hearts."
"When we become away, in lack of instruments, we live near by hearts."

This is the invention of a Rishi and is aptly, exactly true.

So think about these words which are full of facts, strange and hidden. And don't forget to comment about what you think about it.

Not writing about my own feelings I am leaving it on you to think and say about your own feelings in regard of it what you observed in your life.

You are invited to Comment. Please.
Bhavanand Arya "Anubhav"

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Nature

The nature has three properties Sat, Raj, Tam. I have written it's English many times in my blogs. Although those were also true but Now I have got new definition for defining these three properties.
Satogun is that part of the nature which has enlighting and inspiring property.
Rajogun is that part of the nature which has action property.
Tamogun is that part of the nature which has Stithi (Ignorance and is the origin of birth and death).
This definition is taken from - Patianali Yogdarshan by Swami Ramdev|Sadhan Pad|18.

I have defined the properties before like-
Satogun (Full of Knowledge and pleasure)
Rajogun (Having feeling of discipline and fighting)
Tamogun (Ignorance and the origin of creation and demolishing) 

So O Dear readers please read it in the past posts with this update.

Thanks for giving you trouble, if you feel.

Bhavanand Arya "Anubhav"