Friday, February 21, 2014

Anxiety about Beloved

When we move outside from house we meet a lot of human beings who become the cause of affection but if we say that we love only a particular beloved then this saying is not just true.

Real love as ideal we can say of Sita-Ram Ji as well as of Rukmini-Krishna Ji. If we want to get our wife similar to Mother Rukmini or Mother Sita then we ourselves must become like Lord Krishna or Lord Ram then we will get the desired beloved.

We, generally all, do not have the real love for a particular beloved cause when we think about our past a lot of girls have stayed to our mind, speech and in acts. Now suppose you love a particular girl or woman then how can you say that your love is pious like Ram-Sita or Rukmini (Satyabhama)- Krishna who loved only one wife in whole of their life span. Although I can say that at this particular time you love her as Ram loved mother Sita but how can you say that she, after some months or years will love you like the same. Is it not possible with her that she may love any other too like you besides you? So I think that the love is done in fraction not in continuity for infinity or very much long.

Suppose your beloved is moving in a bus then how can you stop her to think affectionately about her companions?

So O dear readers, I think about it positively and I say that all of us are just sons and daughters of the god himself and we all are getting honey of desire, anger, greed, affection and self conceit and to all of us let us pass the route of salvation, where no worldly sorrow exists.

In this harsh world, full of sorrow, besides pleasure, let us become a yogi and let us fulfill the desires of our beloved. Let us become a faithful servant of our beloved. It is possible only when we shall become a yogi. This is the time of Yogic Revolution. So let us follow the path of  Yoga. We should have in mind that if we protect any one we will be protected else no one shall help us in our need.

We should also think that the body which we have given by the god himself is like a cloth that is to be ended surely. So Love is not last long of course. But the love of god remains the same always.

Yoga means ‘to get Unseen’ as defined in Geeta
Bhavanand Arya “Anubhav”

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