Monday, February 3, 2014

The Nature

The nature has three properties Sat, Raj, Tam. I have written it's English many times in my blogs. Although those were also true but Now I have got new definition for defining these three properties.
Satogun is that part of the nature which has enlighting and inspiring property.
Rajogun is that part of the nature which has action property.
Tamogun is that part of the nature which has Stithi (Ignorance and is the origin of birth and death).
This definition is taken from - Patianali Yogdarshan by Swami Ramdev|Sadhan Pad|18.

I have defined the properties before like-
Satogun (Full of Knowledge and pleasure)
Rajogun (Having feeling of discipline and fighting)
Tamogun (Ignorance and the origin of creation and demolishing) 

So O Dear readers please read it in the past posts with this update.

Thanks for giving you trouble, if you feel.

Bhavanand Arya "Anubhav"

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