Friday, January 31, 2014


Celibacy (Brahmacharya)

Dear blog readers I want to share my own experiance what I felt, with you. You must know that I use to perform Yoga early in the morning. With the help of Yoga - Pranayams, Meditation, I became able to control my sense and working organs some bit. I want to tell you about controlling our sense and working organs. I have controlled my sight organ, hearing organ, reproductive organ as well. What I felt I am opening in front of you. With these controlling I felt Divya Sight, Divya Hearing and Divya Love, health, body strength, strength of soul as well. I have got adhyatm prasad too. But we must have in mind that these Divya feelings and prasad when comes we should take the work with spirituality. The materialism may destroy our feelings and achievements for long. Actually our goal is to move towards spirituality with the help of materialism.

If we control our sense and working  organs, we get pleasure. If we have full control on the organs, we may get whatever we want in the world. Especially controlling our reproductive organ, makes us cheer up. If we have semen digested in our body we feel over pleasure, attraction for ladies, affection, power, wisdom, health and then all of our worldly desires may be fulfilled.

If we want to become a celibacy observer, brahmchari, we should put us away from the sight, touch and thinking of ladies. A celibacy observer can win the death even and he can move beyond death means he then become able to know about the mysteries of beyond death.

Mother Madalsa has told her sons – shuddhoasi, buddhoasi, ajoasi, niranjano asi means O dear you are pure, wise, you never take birth or die, you are always full with pleasure. Because of this teaching four of five sons of her became saint and made penance since the age of five years and became Rishi named as Shilak, Pravhan and Dalabhya etc.

Mother Gargi has told very high about celibacy. She told that a celibacy observer may win the death.

Lomash Rishi was a celibacy observer. Lions used to touch his feet in dense forests.

Mahanand Muni Ji became life-free soul because of this celibacy.

When we eat food, after digestion, ras is changed to blood, blood to flesh, flesh to Med, Med to bone, bone to Majja and  Majja to semen. This semen, if stored, changes to oj. This  Oj makes us attractive, wise, strengthy and healthy. So you can now simply think how important its storage is. This seventh metal which is made from eaten food has miraculous effect on our body.

Without semen, if we loss it, we are called insect of gutter.

So we all must become a celibacy observer or brahmchari.
Bhavanand Arya

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