Sunday, January 19, 2014

Qualities of Women

As in previous post it is said that man gets Oj from seventh metal of the body, because of Oj they use to be strong and powerful. But in ladies while they use to be weak in the sense of body power, they have a very peculiar quality that a man does not have.

It is the quality of the sisters/mothers/daughters that they use to be beautiful, pleasing by heart, sensitive, bearing and attractive. This is because of a special quality that they have Tej which is produced by fat, in ladies. A man lacks it. Because of Tej they are very amusing by heart and sensitive. Because of this Tej they have bearing quality and that is why they can easily look after a baby. This one practice a man can not do. Capturing/observing capacity of ladies is also very high because of this Tej.


Yatr naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devtah.’ - Means Where sisters are adored the gods live there. 

This one is aptly said about sisters by our Rishis. If we respect them we can make Heaven to our home. In the lack of them no system of food distribution may exist. The sisters use to be pious, jewel of house, respectable and they can make a house home.

So we all should pray the women. We should respect them. We should make them please by offering them something everyday. This one is called their prayer not only bading them Good Morning or by bowing before them with pair of palms but we should respect them and should give them some special offerings such as dresses, jewelleries, eatables etc. All these are prayers as well.


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