Sunday, January 19, 2014

How and Why become a Celibacy Observer?

If we want to perform Yoga we must be a celibacy observer. Our celibacy will become the fuel of thinking capacity then. Actually the celibacy has two motions – upward and downward. With the help of yoga we make the motion of it upward. There are many types of pranayams such as – Kapal bhati, Surya Bhedi, Chandra Bhedi, Nadi Shodhan, Bhastrica, Bahya Vishaya, Abhyantar Vishaya, Ujjai, Anulom vilom, Bhramari, Udgeeth, Seetkari, Chandraketu in Khechri Mudra, Rechak, Purak, Kumbhak, Stambhvritti, Bahyabhyantarkshepi and Pranav etc.

Suppose we perform eight prayams as defined by Baba Ramdev Ji as a regular practice, we should have in mind while we perform kapal bhati that we are regulating our engine and while performing anulom-vilom we should think that we are regulating our driver of this body. As is said by Baba Ji too. Actually while performing pranayam we should have in mind the effects which are becoming on the body related to it. Then the exercise will become more effective and solid. As we know Surya Bhedipranayam heats up our body but if we perform it without this thought we generally don’t see this effect of heating up but when we think that our pingla (hot vein) is vibrating by taking in breath from right hole of nose (surya swar) while performing surya bhedi, we of course, see that our body heats up by this pranayam.

So with pranayams, related thinking is necessary and we can not think deep without our seventh metal (dhatu, semen). Without semen we live like insect of gutter in this world. So if you want to become a yogi, be a celibacy observer first. A celibacy observer can win the death. He is everything great in this world. If we stay in Grahasth Ashram we should become a Brahmchari of only and only one wife. While we eat, the jatharagni makes seven metals in our body – ras, blood, flesh, med, bones, Majja and semen. Semen is seventh dhatu in our body. This seventh one gives Oj to our body by which our body remain healthy.

A celibacy observer means a person of the best thinking whether of science or of god and a semen protector with it too.

Let us become a true celibacy observer and let us move beyond death. Come friends your welcome.

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Bhavanand Arya

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