Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jai Sri Krishna


I want to say about Sri Krishna Ji. Surdas did well to write devotee songs about him as to save our religion which is called Hindu now. The same did Tulsidas Ji by explaining Ram Ji to save our Hindu religion.

Actually we Hindus are Aryans in fact. Ram, Krishna, Shankaracharya, Dayanand and Vivekanand etc. all were actual Aryans and we Hindus are Aryans. These all are role model of Aryans. Aryan means the best and ideal person.

In the Geeta at many places it seems that Lord Krishna is the Supreme Power while he uses word ‘I’ as –

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata
Abhutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham.

This world ‘Main’ or I the Aryans use to say to explain something to their pupils. As Krishna Ji used to explain his pupil Arjun. So he did well to do it. But in fact he was not the supreme power god.

Actually Krishna was a great personality who was just near to salvation. He was not an incarnation of Supreme Power but a personality who has a lot of quality of supreme power god which he got by the devotion of supreme power in several births.

Krishna, in his life span never performed a sin, and his actions were so great that he is known as ‘Bhagwan’. But its meaning is that this kind of pious souls are generally called Bhagwan but here this ‘Bhagwan’ is a designaion. It does not mean the supreme power Bhagwan who is omnipotent, omniscient etc. Krishna Ji was many potent not omni. He was many scient not omni.

And meaning of the verse Geeta|4|7 can be understood that he of course had the desire to take birth in the world and in every birth would work to raise the grace of Dharma ( religion) that is why he told it.

He was a superb yogi as in ‘Miracle of Yoga by Lord Krishna’ I conveyed you that he knew yoga with Bhrashta yog too. Because in many births he had been yogi and had earned these ‘Siddhis’ that is why he, in his childhood killed many Rakshas, devils.

In actual, the god can not take birth ever because by the omnipotency he can kill Ravan, Kans etc. easily without taking birth from uterus of any one then why does he need to take birth as human being. His works never go in vain.

“Chitram Devanamudgadneekam..” Yajurved|7|42
“Na tasya pratimasti..” Yajurved|34|3

These two lines are taken from Vedas. The god is called ‘Aneekam’ because he can not be seen as a sight from eyes. And we can not make his idol too. These words from Vedas prove that the god can not come under sight. He can be felt only as space and air can be felt. Then how can we make his image or idol? He is known by meditation. The wisdom of meditation can feel him well.

Incarnation of Vishnu: Now the question arises why Lord Ram and Lord Krishna are called the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Vinshnu is called that soul  that stay on the snake of five mouths of desire, anger, greed, affection and self conceit. These five are mouths of that snake, Sheshnag. If to a yogi any one of these five effects, they work as a bite of the death. Ram and Krishna had full control against these five that is why they are called incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Both had taken sounds of Vedic hymns, one Vedic culture, good and polite behavior, punishment for rascals, these four with them. These four relates with conch shell, wheel, Lotus and Club respectively. Both became King of having these four in their reign so they were called incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

After this proof a way is now opened for us too. Come dear readers, Let us take determination to become a Maha Yogi like Krishna Ji. A patron of boundaries like Ram Ji. We too can become like Ram and Krishna. O god I take the oath that I shall become a maha yogi like Krishna whether I will have to take millions of births in this harsh world but o god I shall become that one. Please help me to complete this oath.

O readers let us fill this earth of god i.e. Bharat by 125 crore Krishnas and Rams We all should take this oath. Is there any one negative?

Truly Yours

Bhavanand Arya

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