Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Own Story

Dear readers I want to write about myself what has happened with me and what I write is absolutely true.

Once when I was working on a computer center named Brilliant Computer Education, Chandpur (Bijnor) as a computer instructer I faced problem about fees of students. The director of Centre told me that if the students will not submit fees on time all feeses will be cut from my salary. The students were of the habit to submit amount late that is why at that time my salary would not be given by the director as per rule when the forth saying incident occurred.

There was no hope of getting amount from Computer Centre and my scooter needed petrol and myself does not have any amount in my purse. In frustration I did not reach the Centre. The director next day went to my home with car and I reached there but because of this problem (money problem) I came back to my home on foot. I have heared about Hastinapur forest that it exists just across Ganga river from Khanpur. Once while teaching in Vidya Mandir Inter College I have gone to Hastinapur forests in our school tour but by different route. Then it was more than 25 kilometer from Chandpur. And as I heared Khanpur was only 7 kilometers away from Chandpur. And just behind Khanpur Ganga means it is less than 10 km. I was on the thought that Knowledge, Action and Devotion, the three should be followed to achieve success. That is why for the sake of Knowledge gaining I decided to go to Khanpur so that my precious time should not be wasted. And I was thinking that by this way I will be able to know the new and easy route to Hastinapur Forests.

O.k. I rode on my scooter and through Chandpur I reached Khanpur from where I reached Nannaur where the river Ganga passes. On crossing Nannaur the field of Ganga begins and a Black Water Canal stops my way. I deride from Scooter and after locking it I crossed the canal and reached to the shore of the Ganga river. There I rode on the Boat and asked the boatman about the Forest of Hastinapur. He told that after some distance you will get the bus for Hastinapur. I was thinking that the Jungle exists just on the other bank and I was familiar to the jungle so easily I might get back just with in one hour but now I shocked. When I asked the distance of Hastinapur by bus the boatman told 8 k.m. route for bus on the road. But I had started the journey so I thought that I shall return after seeing the Jungle. I crossed the river and it was 2 k.m. route for on foot. I payed the boatman. After moving on foot I reached the road where I got bus. And I reached the jungle. There I walked. I was familiar to that jungle as I had come here as a tourist before. Near Pandav Qila I saw a she-monkey and his baby. On seeing them I missed my wife and daughter so hastily I returned back for the bus. I got the bus and reached to the destination from where on foot-way was to be started. It was the time of evening and the dark was to be started just. The route was 2 k.m. long and I had to move on foot. O.k. It was getting dark and I started moving on foot hastily as I had suspected that after dark I could not get the boat to cross the river and my scooter was across. But instead of hurry it got dark and there was no boat on this bank. Now I became anxious because of the memory of my daughter, wife and mother. I stayed on that side. There was no one till far away places and in fact it was too a forest area. No one was there except trees, solitary field and the sand.

There I sat near the river bank for a while and made a plan to make a temporary hut. With the help of Daab Ghas’s bundles I make a temporary hut and spread some bundles below and there I took rest. I was afraid of Mahes and wild animals. But after some time I thought about crossing the river by swimming. I arose and went near the bank and thought that by the grace of the god I may cross the river and leaving everything I thought about god and I requested the god by praying him. I spoke all eight hymns of Ishwar Stuti Prarthna upasna prakaranam – Om Vishvani Dev Savitarduritani parasuva….
Now after reciting these eight hymns I jumped into the river. You should have in mind that the water from near the bank was 18 ft. deep. I many times tried to swim before in the past but I did not know how to swim well. So I went into the water straight. Because of upthrust force I first time came up and my mouth came outside from the river label, I took in breath and again moved deep to the river water. Now when I second time came up I shrieked ‘O Mata Bacha le’. Here my meaning for saying Mata was Jagat Janni maa Adyashakti Paramatma. And I went deep into the river water and when third time I came up and shrieked ‘Maa…’ I went into the water and then my feet felt the field below my legs. I was astonished and myself felt safe from the mouth of Death. As you know the water was 18 ft. deeper just near the bank there was no chance of this type of earth below the feet. Now I ascend to the bank on the earth. It was like a highland shape. And now I was safe. I slept the whole night with wet cloths in the hut. Early in the morning when the sun was about to arise, I performed morning prayers near the bank and after the prayer I felt a boatman near the shore. I went to him and asked if he would go other side. He asked me what I was doing here in wet cloths. I told her that I was there whole night. He complained that he should call him because he was on the other shore in the night and said that you might call him with his loud voice. But because I was new there so I think how it was possible because I was unknown to that fact. Thanks god now I came to another side by boat and reached the place where my scooter was placed. I started the scooter and came back to my home well. This was the occasion when I felt the god just near me. And now I was solid theist. It was really grace of the god that he saved my life at that time while I was in the condition of bare mind.


  1. There are indeed many incidents in our life that strengthens our belief in God. Whatsoever happens we should always have faith in the almighty. :)
    Thanks for sharing the story! :)

  2. Thank you rahul for reading the story and commenting. Actually while i started writing the story i left my self conceit that is why the story is written so beautifully. Thanks again.