Saturday, December 11, 2010


There is an illusion in our religious book related to Gautam, Indra and Ahilya. Let us see what it says.
Brahma made Ahilya and when Indra, the king of god saw her beauty, he told to give her to him. The Brahma promised it and after some years when she became young, he gave her to Rishi Gautam, a saint to give her to Indra. But because of marvelous beauty, he made her his wife. When Indra came to know this incident, that his Ahilya is with Gautam, he, with moon, came to Gauitam's cottage and at night he made artificial sound of a cock and then he ordered the moon, to keep and have an eye on Gautam so that if Gautam returns, it may inform Indra. Now he made himself a false copy of Gautam and went inside the cottage and there he met Ahilya . . . . .
On other side, after listening sound of cock, Gautam thought it morning and went to Ganga, pious river, and filled his pot for bathing; The Ganga said, "What are you doing here at this time?"
"O mother Ganga! I use to come here for bathing everyday early in the morning. Why are you asking like it?"
"Gautam! it is midnight now, return back to your cottage because Indra is misleading your wife."
Now, he returned to his house hurriedly. When he went there, he saw moon in the form of a guard, he gave his wet clothes to moon, that is why the moon losses its light on some particular places. Now he moved inside the cottage, he, first, cursed Ahilya that your body would become of stone and cursed the Indra to have thousands of 'Bhagas'.
Now, O noble friends, we should think about this story. The real thought secreted in it is that Gautam means moon, Indra means Sun, Ahilya means this night. In the moon-night, the moon takes away the darkness from the world and gives the earth light. He use the night as a husband use her wife, and the moon(Gautam) gives the plants juicy material. When in the morning the Sun comes, he use the darkness and give it light and from plants, it takes away the juicy material. Through this process of taking and giving juice, the plant products use to ripe. The sun has thousands of rays, that is why it is called to have thousands of Bhagas. Now, I am stopping my pen. You should think about every illusion like it. And the true fact that story say is clear to you now. I shall join you again with some more interesting illusions and stories.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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